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De Dolle Still Nacht Reserva 2010

Discussion in 'Beer Releases' started by starrdogg, Dec 13, 2012.

  1. starrdogg

    starrdogg Advocate (650) District of Columbia Jun 21, 2010 Beer Trader

    This beer seems like it's somehow slipped under the radar. Bottles have been showing up in various part of the US over the past week. I believe I read that it was 4000 bottles total, not sure how many of those made it to the States. Apparently it's an attempt to re-create the 2000 version. Very excited to try this one!
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  2. yourefragile

    yourefragile Champion (765) District of Columbia Dec 16, 2006 Beer Trader

    Does it come in a brick? With glasses?
  3. Any idea where in particular in the US this might be showing up? Would pretty much kill for a bottle.
  4. RDMII

    RDMII Savant (485) Georgia Apr 11, 2010

    Atlanta has it. Ale Yeah in Decatur specifically. Six bottles, so it's likely gone, but other places may have some.
  5. starrdogg

    starrdogg Advocate (650) District of Columbia Jun 21, 2010 Beer Trader

    From first-hand knowledge, I only know one store in the whole DC area that got it. They got 6 bottles and they're long gone.
  6. Gobigvt7

    Gobigvt7 Savant (350) Oregon Mar 15, 2008

    Saraveza in Portland has some. Uber jelly.
  7. Knifestyles

    Knifestyles Savant (475) New York Jun 7, 2005

    We dipped into a weird little vertical type tasting last night....


    I'm under the impression that the 2000 Reserva and the 2010 Reserva are ostensibly different beers. If I remember correctly (paging Dr. Jedwards), there was a recipe/yeast change made sometime in the late 90s. This would imply that the base beers would have been different since the 2000 would have been put into barrels sometime in 1998 (for 15 months) while the 2010 would have been put into barrels sometime in 2007/2008 (for 24 months). Unless they somehow re-cultivated the Rodenbach strain responsible for these older vintages (sure didn't get it from Palm)...hopefully Jonah can set me straight if I'm way off here.

    TL;DR - The 2010 Reserva is incredible.

    EDIT: These recently showed up in CT for varying costs (anywhere from $29-$39).
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  8. Whoa! Anysightings in Mass?
  9. John_M

    John_M Moderator (1,215) Oregon Oct 25, 2003 Staff Member Beer Trader

    Good to know. I'll be back out in Portland in a couple of weeks and will definitely stop by Saraveza to pick up a bottle or two of this (if it's still there).

    The 2005 reserva was one of the best beers I've ever had in my life, so I can't wait to try the 2010.
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  10. starrdogg

    starrdogg Advocate (650) District of Columbia Jun 21, 2010 Beer Trader

    Doesn't the year refer to the year the beer went into the barrels, not the year the beer came out? If the yeast change happened in the late 90s, it wouldn't matter because the SNR 2000 went into the barrels in 2000, not 1998.
  11. Knifestyles

    Knifestyles Savant (475) New York Jun 7, 2005

    Ah, that does make sense....figures my math would be wrong.

    So how does this work as a recreation of the 2000?

    EDIT: Seems like the yeast change happened in 1999...off by one year. Dang.
  12. iwantmorehops

    iwantmorehops Savant (440) Vermont Sep 25, 2010 Beer Trader

    Man this is a confusing beer, been wanting to try it after seeing the recipie in Beer Captured. Still at a total loss as to what vintage I should be trying to trade for. Is this new batch a good version of what it used to be? What's it sell for?
  13. stayclean

    stayclean Savant (370) Wisconsin Mar 17, 2012

    Despite seeing (and buying, of course) various De Dolle beers in town, I have never seen a single bottle of Still Nacht, let alone the Reserva. :(
  14. stupac2

    stupac2 Advocate (565) California Feb 22, 2011

    I will have to keep an eye out for this one, got to try some (non-2000) in belgium an they were delicious. The opportunity to buy it stateside would be terrific.
  15. Anyone know which store in CT has them?
  16. woosterbill

    woosterbill Champion (915) Kentucky Apr 6, 2009 Beer Trader

    I don't know who does, but I know that the Wine Thief on Whitney, Amity in Hamden, and Total Wine in Norwalk do not. Looks like it's already been picked pretty darn thin.
  17. Angst

    Angst Savant (270) California Nov 8, 2007 Beer Trader

    Anyone know if this is out in SoCal?
  18. Ok.. I scored a bottle locally. 45$... I could not help myself. Having tasted the glory of previous vintages I bit the bullet on this. 45$ does seem stupid ass expensive though. I think I paid 10 euro at the Kulminator for the 330 ML 2005 bottling a few years back. What are others paying for this? Did tender get gouged?
  19. Knifestyles

    Knifestyles Savant (475) New York Jun 7, 2005

    Sounds like it, but I think it's well worth the price tag.
  20. I don't know how his De Dolle Spidey Sense didn't alert him to this thread yet.
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  21. No doubt. You don't have sell me on the potential succulence of this beer!
  22. John_M

    John_M Moderator (1,215) Oregon Oct 25, 2003 Staff Member Beer Trader

    That seems awfully high to me, but I confess I haven't purchased a bottle in some time now (last time I got a bottle was in 4/07). I think the bar price back then was in the $10 to $12, which at the time I thought was pretty high. Granted it's been more than 5 years since I last priced this beer, but... $45 for a bottle? Can the price really have gone up that much?
  23. BearsOnAcid

    BearsOnAcid Advocate (745) Massachusetts Mar 17, 2009 Beer Trader

    $45 seems to be the going rate in MA.
  24. seen any places that still have some left? all the usual suspects in the Boston area seem to be gone already (no surprise there). very much ISO...
  25. codasnap52

    codasnap52 Savant (425) Connecticut Jan 24, 2008 Beer Trader

    I scored a bottle from Harry's in Fairfield last week. I believe they are all out now. I emailed B United to find out if anyone nearby also got some in and was told Fairgrounds in Danbury might still have some left. If they are close enough by you give them a buzz. I was fortunate enough to try the 2000 Vintage in September, like that version, the 2010 is PHENOMINAL.

    Edit...I paid $36 for it. Worth the price
  26. BearsOnAcid

    BearsOnAcid Advocate (745) Massachusetts Mar 17, 2009 Beer Trader

    You should make friends with Tender.
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  27. Acton Wine and Spirits had a case the other day that they hadnt even put out yet. When the beer manager said the price will approach $50 I said thanks but no thanks.
  28. Knifestyles

    Knifestyles Savant (475) New York Jun 7, 2005

    Fairgrounds was wiped out the weekend that they received it. They only got a case (6 bottles total). They had it listed for $29.99, apparently. Best price I've heard so far...
  29. starrdogg

    starrdogg Advocate (650) District of Columbia Jun 21, 2010 Beer Trader

    I paid $44 for my bottle here in DC. Hopefully it's worth it. Word is that it's hitting VA this week.
  30. Friends with Tender only goes so far!
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  31. BearsOnAcid

    BearsOnAcid Advocate (745) Massachusetts Mar 17, 2009 Beer Trader

    And may or may not end with someone in a lambic coma.
  32. That last tasting at your house a few months back wrecked my digestive track for 5 days bro.... Worse than a coma.
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  33. Anyone know if this is avail anywhere in PA other than Shangy's (called them this morning and they were sold out)??
  34. Rochefort10nh

    Rochefort10nh Champion (870) New Hampshire Sep 30, 2005 Beer Trader

    Tender got Tenderized;)
  35. stakem

    stakem Poobah (1,025) Pennsylvania Feb 20, 2009 Beer Trader

    good luck. i called them last week and they knew nothing about it. decided to call again today as well since i saw philly BA's offering it up in trades. rumor mill says something crazy like 10 cases (6 bottles per case) in total came to the entire state
  36. jleblanc

    jleblanc Aficionado (145) Massachusetts Feb 23, 2012 Beer Trader

    thats a good amount considering MA only got 4 cases
  37. jedwards

    jedwards Savant (350) California Feb 3, 2009

    Hahah, it's been a busy week. The deal is that the 1999 Stille Nacht is the final vintage with the original Rodenbach yeast; the 2000 Stille Nacht was brewed with an attempted propagation after they supply was cut off which overattenuated the beer and resulted in exploding bottles. The nonexploded bottles were emptied into barrels and matured for 18 months, resulting in the best photo ever taken:


    Then released as SNR2000. The timing of the SNR2010 release doesn't quite work with the math of 25 months in-barrel, does it?

    I should be trying it quite soon. I am very excited.

    Knifestyles... how was the second bottle from the left in that photo? I'm opening one on Christmas Eve.

    Oh, an as regards it being a recreation... in 2005 Peter Bouckaert (former Rodenbach brewer, now at New Belgium) went to De Dolle and helped Kris set up a propagator using some pre-Rodenbach-yeast-cutoff kegs, so what's been going on since then should approximate what was happening before 2000. The 2006 Stille Nacht and Oerbier are definitely maturing very well... but we've got a few years to go yet before we'll know if they have the magic of the pre-99 stuff. Lots more details/crap here: http://jonahedwards.com/beer/dolle
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  38. trevorjk

    trevorjk Savant (365) Netherlands Aug 28, 2009 Beer Trader

    'Hmm, now i will have to pick this up at work tomorrow. I had the extra export stout and the special reserva (which we still have bottles of) Pretty sure we HAD the Still Nacht. Guess i shall find out tomorrow. Would be a nice addition with the Big John that we should be getting tomorrow as well :)
  39. Knifestyles

    Knifestyles Savant (475) New York Jun 7, 2005

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  40. It's $45.99.