Belgium De Heeren or 3F?

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    I'm about to head off to Europe for almost a month - flying into and out of Brussels. My last day/night will be in Brussels and I want to go to either De Heeren or 3F. I'll be staying close to the Midi station. It is a Saturday if that matters.

    Which of these two would be best to go to if I can only pick one? I won't have a car and will have to take trains if that can help decide.
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    A year ago I would have said 3F, just because going there would allow you to buy bottles in the brewery shop, drink crazy vintages at the Lambic Droom, and have an amazing meal alongside a different set of yet more crazy bottles in the restaurant.

    The Lambic Droom is no more, though, so unless the restaurant's bottle list has gotten broader (it couldn't really get better) it might not be enough to keep you going all day. De Heeren has the advantage of having a selection that is both ridiculously deep and broad.

    I would highly recommend doing one or the other instead of Cantillon or Moeder, though, since I found the atmosphere, selection, and prices to be WAY better at both 3F and DHVL than at any place in the city.

    I have to say, though, that this is possibly the best problem any beer geek could ever possibly have. You'll have an incredible time regardless of what you choose. Cheers!
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    Thank you both for the input. My wife and I actually go to Brussels first (get there this Wednesday) so we'll be doing Cantillon and Moeder then. She hasn't been to Brussels before so we'll be mostly hanging around town. We go to Antwerp, Bruges and Paris after that and then she goes home. I head up to Norway to visit some family, then fly to Stockholm. From there I go to Copenhagen, Berlin, Amsterdam and back to Brussels. The last Brussels part is what I'm trying to figure out at the moment.

    I think De Heeren sounds like it might be the best option, especially given the train situation for Beersel.
  5. I also think that de heeren is your best option , they are the second best beerrestaurant in the world !
    That togheter with an awesome selection of beers makes the trip compleet !

    I've you go to Antwerp then don't forget to go to kulminator , it's open every day at 4 pm , closed on sunday
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    What's the first? Eleven Madison Park?
  7. Yeah I am curious on your opinion Beerpirates.

    For me DeHeren is a close 2nd (for food and beer not just beer) with De Bistronoom. Ebenezer's pub is no slouch either especially if you are visiting during the Belgian fest.
  8. DeHeren is not that easy to get to to be honest. A train ride and a 15-20 minute walk. It's absolutely kicks ass though. Actually never been to DF... Next trip:)
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    My buddy and I just got back from Belgium and the vintage list at 3F's cafe did not seem incredibly impressive (not many vintages and prices were high). My buddy who had been there a few years prior was quite disappointed this go around. However, the draft kriek and faro at the cafe are out of this world...

    Their bottle shop was selling Oude Geuze, Golden Blend, Mega Blend, and Doesjel.
  10. Yeah it seems like it flip flops between De Bistronoon De Heren and Ebenezer's. I know all three of these places know each other and work together. Christophe and Stephanie have cooked at Eb's a few times and Chris Lively has cooked at De Bistronoom before. Same with the guys from De Heren and Chris. Not sure if De Bristronoon and De Heren have combined forces however.

    You arn't gonna go wrong with any off the three to be honest. I do have a special place in my heart for Eb's as it is the place the really got me into Belgians. My beer life changed when I tried Black Albert and Pannepot there back in 2006.
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  12. I know !;)
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    Sneaky! I like it. :)
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    I spent 4.5 hours at De Heeren. Can't recommend it highly enough.
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