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Decanting Beer?

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by SweetWaterIPA, Dec 19, 2012.

  1. SweetWaterIPA

    SweetWaterIPA Zealot (80) Georgia Jan 26, 2009

    Has anyone ever decanted a beer? If so what are the advantages? Does it make sense to decant a beer a possibly loose that carbonation?
  2. SweetWaterIPA

    SweetWaterIPA Zealot (80) Georgia Jan 26, 2009

    Can anyone agree that decanting does not make sense since you loose the carbonation from the beer?
  3. SupremePie

    SupremePie Savant (320) Vermont Sep 30, 2012

    Yeah, I wouldn't really decant due to the loss of carbonation...
  4. Put it in a blender to aerate it.
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  5. ncaudle

    ncaudle Advocate (610) Virginia May 28, 2010

    the only beer I decant is my homebrew BA Imp Stout, but that's because I over-primed it when bottling...
  6. CellarGimp

    CellarGimp Savant (475) Missouri Sep 14, 2011

    Decanting has different meanings. Beers with sediment should be decanted, meaning that they should be poured slowly into an alternate vessel so as not to disturb the sediment and leave the sediment behind in the first vessel. The alternate vessel could be the glass you intend to drink it from. You could also pour bottles or draft into serving vessels such as pitchers. Their will definitely be some loss of carbonation in decanting, but just pouring a beer into a glass also loses carbonation. So yes, decanting is appropriate for some beer service. It also will cause loss of carbonation.
  7. Creetoper

    Creetoper Aficionado (180) Ohio Jul 7, 2011

    I bought a wine carafe for this very reason. I doubt that, with a gentle pour into the alternate vessel, a noticeable loss of carbonation would occur. I tend to do this for any beer that has sediment and I've never had a bad experience.
  8. i like this idea a lot, especially with a thicker stout with more viscosity or a barleywine. Definitely worth an experiment.
  9. podunkparte

    podunkparte Initiate (0) Washington Nov 14, 2009

    Seems like you all like cleaning extra glasses. Why not just pour into your favorite glass and let it sit if you're looking for a higher temp or less carbonation?
  10. cmmcdonn

    cmmcdonn Savant (355) Virginia Jun 21, 2009

    because it's not as fancy!!!
  11. Morakaton

    Morakaton Savant (330) Michigan May 6, 2013

    I iust tried decanting a barleywine, took down most of the carbonation and made the beer alot more smooth and creamy. It's worth a try, especially since I got the beer on clearance =D
  12. it is popular among gueze and lambic. as stated a few posts up, it allows for less sediment when pouring.
  13. Works very well for Mamouche I have learned, really changes it for the better.

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