Decent size shipment of various Cantillons just arrived in Vancouver

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  1. A bunch of interesting Cantillon is being delivered around Vancouver today. Brewery Creek posted on twitter recently and I just got off the phone with them - multiple crates of each of the following:

    St Lamvinus
    Grand Cru Bruscella
    Rose de Gambrinus

    Big whoop for all you albertans, I know, but we don't usually see as much as you guys. No word on whether they'll be limiting the amount you can buy yet (my guess: definitely going to happen) or prices beyond a rough estimate of expecting to pay maybe up to $27 a bottle for the rarer bottles. Legacy is expecting a shipment sometime today too, but doesn't know what they'll be getting yet (ought to by this evening).

    Also, first post. Hello!
  2. sssshhhhhhhhh!

    p.s. it's generally $25 a bottle. Still waiting for the Lou Pepes to show up :D
  3. What Lou Pepes are coming? LP-Gueuze by chance?
  4. No Lou Pepe's this time :(
  5. I've been seeing much more limited access to Lou Pepes coming into Quebec as well. I fear the "Golden Days of Cantillon" in Canada may be drawing to a close...:(
  6. I've been curious about the Cantillon going into Quebec. It's coming in from Bieropholie, correct?
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  7. Correct, although with # of members (and demand) going up it's getting harder to get orders filled.

  8. Sheesh. I do hope you're wrong about that... but it wouldn't come as a huge shock.

    Do you happen to know whether we actually get more of it up here? Or is it just a case of perception with a similar amount going south of the border and just selling out much faster?
  9. Much much more goes to the US and yes, it just sells faster.
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    NOOOOOO!!!!! That means my supply shipped into San Diego from Canada will also be drying up!!!! :eek::(:mad:
  11. Not for a couple of years at least, I stocked up...:p
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  12. Having just got back from brewery creek I think things still look pretty good for us. This particular shipment is the largest that Brewery Creek's ever had of it apparently - around 90 cases - amounting to a literal wall of Cantillon in the back. 2 each of Lamvinus, Vigneronne and St Lamvinus came to $130-something all in (counting tax & CAMRA discount). Never tried any of them... will be cracking an Iris very shortly indeed!
  13. Wouldn't mind some Lamvinus and Vigneronne if you know what I'm saying. ;)
  14. 540 bottles, nice! Do you know what the Vig/Lam portions were by chance? So far from what I'm seeing Kriek/Classic/RdG/Iris/Grand Cru are fairly abundant in shipments, with Vig/Lam much smaller, and then Lou Pepes in very small amounts, and Fou'Foune/Mamouche nearly non-existant for the most part.
  15. I'm afraid not - but they didn't have any bottle limits either the Vigs or Lams, and they are usually quite strict on limits for anything that... well, people like us usually want more than one of :) Adam from Copper & Theory would be the chap to get in touch with for specific questions.

    And yeah. I know a few people here have gotten their hands on LPs in the past, but I'm unaware of anything rarer than that coming into BC.
  16. And that's why y'alls gotta start making beers...
  17. Make lambic? :cool:
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  18. Me gots 1.5+ year old lambic downstairs...

    Now I have to convince Cara to brew a new one yearly...
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  19. I hope some of it lasts until end of July when I will be in Vancouver for a few days. Otherwise I guess I will have to post up some IP trades ;)
  20. hmmm what do we have here?
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  21. You soooo need to post this in the hauls thread with the heading "grabbed a few boxes for the weekend BBQ / grass-cutting, lots left though." I predict it will definately endear us with our southern neighbours...;)
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  22. LOL so very tempted
  23. TxUltraRunner

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    I'll be in Vancouver next weekend...where is this at so that I may indulge?
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    Why do they get more in Alberta?
  25. Does Toronto area ever see Cantillon in places other than restaurants and bars?
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    The importer is Belgian and I am not sure it is even more that what your BC importer gets. BC has had a few more shipments to my knowledge Alberta has only had two shipments.
  27. hoser

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    Talk to the guys at Keepsix Imports they are the new importer and you might be able to get whole cases from them as a private order.
  28. No we do not
  29. I can't tell from the boxes, did you get any 375ml bottles of classic gueuze in? Ironically that's the only beer I'm low on...


  30. Yep, brewery creek got both size bottles of the geuze, kriek and rose (everything else 750 only).
  31. As did 16th Street Liquor in West Vancouver. The pic above is at 16th.
  32. You coming up for the Knee Knacker 30 miler?
  33. TxUltraRunner

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    Yes, I last training race before Squamish 50 next month. Really excited.
  34. Sweet! The Squamish 50 is one of the few local ultras that I haven't run but have heard it's really nice.

    You're in for a treat with the Knee Knacker, such a great course. Pretty much all single track and lots of steep climbs and fast descents. Fun stuff man. I only did that one once but it's one of the two races I'm most proud of.

    Let me know how it goes!!

  35. Cool! I know where to get 750's (in Alberta) but not 375ml's sadly, and 750ml is a bit much with a meal! :p

    Would someone be able to pick me up 12 bottles if I send a styroshipper? I can fill it with Half Pints 12oz'ers as a "thank you". I'd basically paypal you the $, send the styroshipper box, you fill it with Classic Gueuze (375ml), slap on the FedEx label I email you and drop it off...
  36. I've yet to see any 375ml bottles in Alberta, at least in the Edmonton area. We just get the 750ml format.
  37. I called Brewery Creek today to order some Cantillons and pay by Visa so a friend could scoot by and pick it up on route to Kelowna. No dice! They wouldn't process the order and have no online ordering system. I spoke to the manager and still way around it. In this day and age I find this very poor business looks like I'm going to be out of luck on this shipment :(
  38. Why not have your friend buy it and you just pay him back? Better yet e-transfer him the $ first. In this day and age really... ;)
  39. He's currently up North at a diamond mine till Weds by which time most of the stock would be gone. Thanks for the good suggestion! I have worked out a solution and I hope to have the beer purchased later today.
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    I'll be in Vancouver July 24-27th if anyone wants to work out some IP trades for MN beers. Could always use a long term trading partner too =)