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Delivery of BA Mag in Canada.

Discussion in 'BeerAdvocate magazine' started by Electros, Nov 13, 2012.

  1. I live in Ontario, and I have been getting the mag for over four years now. Here and there I have had problems, and I always come to expect a min of 5 weeks from the announcement of release of the mag on the website but this is ridiculous, I have never had it take this long. I am not 3 releases back including the most recent that have not been delivered, meaning I have not gotten a magazine to my mailbox in over 9 weeks... If I didn't like this mag so much I would be gone by now, and I like having the feeling of something real in my hands when reading so I have been hesitant to order the web verson. I have emailed the BA about this issue in the present and past, and the response I got was and apology as per usually, and asking what my address is presumably to send out three magazine replacement post hast I would hope! It is pretty back when on trips to the USA I have visiting breweries that have 50 some odd copies (NYS, Vermont, Penn,) in less than 2 weeks of the release, and then I get mine 5 - 8 weeks later... Canadian BA's how is your luck getting yours delivered?
  2. Been good right up till the last 2 months. Sent Jason a note but haven't received word yet. I'm 2 issues out.
  3. Same issue here as well, 2 issues back. Not sure why it takes so long to get here.
  4. Todd

    Todd Founder (1,625) Colorado Aug 23, 1996 Staff Member

    Sorry for the inconvenience. We're currently looking into this and will follow-up once we hear back from our printer; who handles shipping.

    If anyone else in Canada is experiencing similar issues, please email us with your subscription info.

    On a related note: this is one of the reasons why we stopped accepting non-US subscriptions for the print version.
  5. One thing clear, this is not a bashing of BA, like I said I love this magazine. I just posted this to see if others we having the same problems. I want to get another thing clear, the response from BA mag has always been quick, accommodating, and polite. Please send me my three magazines! :D

    PS: Why is BA not on Facebook?
  6. I am from Calgary and I haven't received the last two issues, it's not the first time this happened. The thing is when I receive the magazine all the events are passed and news are 2 months late.
  7. USPS have always been pretty slow since day 1, but the mag always eventually arrived. In the past year or so mags just haven't turned up at all; light fingered, craft beer loving posties, or the issue of having a clear plastic wrap? Anyway, USPS usually deliver 5 weeks after the announcement on here, but the October release of the magazine still hasn't arrived, which I'm still waiting for, but will give it another few days.

    I'm with Cattersley with regards the response from the Bros; always prompt and a replacement mag is always sent due haste, can't fault them.

    I'm a little wary that when I come to renew my subs next year that I will be denied due to living in Canada. Especially as I'm a founding subscriber! I love having the printed copy and just couldn't imagine going digital and then printing it out on normal, B+W paper :eek:
  8. AGREED!
  9. My cousin lives in East Freetown MA. close to Fall River, He send me a copy of Yankee Brew News every two months, it takes 7 to 8 days from the time it's posted till I received it in Calgary Alberta. so it doesn't take the USPS 2 months for delivery, and we can't blame Canada post either. So somebody in the middle doesn't do their job. I am a founder member and I suscribed for 3 years, and I also like the print version. Thanks to the brothers because they solve the same problems 2 years ago, but it seems never resolved.

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