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Discussion in 'Europe' started by Steasy66, Jun 24, 2012.

  1. Steasy66

    Steasy66 Savant (390) Minnesota Feb 23, 2012

    I am travelling to Aalborg on the 7th for a conference and then traveling to Aarhus on the 12th, Copenhagen on the 14th, before returning to the US on the 19th. I was wondering if there are any active BA's in these cities that would like to meet up for a beer, or anyone who could guide me to some good places to buy/drink beer. Specifically I would be interested in a good place to buy sours in Copenhagen.
  2. hurleymanvw

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    I am not in Demark but from the US but i was in Copenhagen last weekend and i would suggest for your sour needs. And stop by the Mikkeller bar great place to have stuff we can't get in the US.
  3. Stop by Kihoskh as well. Close to Ølbutikken, better prices, almost equal selection. A bit less sours though.
  4. I may be coming to Copenhagen for a month in August/September and am glad to have found this thread!
  5. Steasy66

    Steasy66 Savant (390) Minnesota Feb 23, 2012

    I would post over at Ratebeer too. The Copenhagen crew has been incredibly helpful and welcoming.
  6. Good to know, I really hope I get to go out there and thanks for the tip!
  7. If that happens, shoot me a BM :)
  8. So I found out today I'll be in Copenhagen from September 1st to the 15th! I'm going to be extremely busy with work but hope to get some good drinking in too. What's the Cantillon situation like there?
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  9. There is plenty to be found. They have all their regular offerings except fou foune at Ølbutikken. They are not cheap though.
  10. kscaldef

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    Can you be more specific about "not cheap"? I'm not sure I've seen "cheap" Cantillon anywhere except at the brewery.

    Also, I'll be in Copenhagen Sept 13th-17th and would also be happy to meet up with any BAs for a beer.
  11. Steasy66

    Steasy66 Savant (390) Minnesota Feb 23, 2012
    Put Cantillon in the Brygerri column and viola! The Cantillon situation is pretty damn good in Copenhagen in my experience. I was able to drink multiple Blabaers at Olbuttiken, a '05 Fou'Foune at Mikkeller along with a '04 3F OGV. Many bars will have the more standard Cantillon offerings, but Olbuttiken is your best bet for vintages etc.
  12. Between $12 for a fresh Geuze to $25 for an '05 St. Lamvinus. Although compared to the US it's cheap. They also have Blåbær '12 375ml for drink in at the moment.
  13. Yeah that's not bad! I need to haul lots back with me! What's good to bring from the states to share and I've read some bars don't mind if you bring bottles to share, any truth to that?
  14. Yeah, better beer bars won't mind. In Copenhagen I recommend doing it at either Mikkeller Bar or Fermentoren. Share your beer with the bartender and your good. For sharing, bring fresh ipas and imperial stouts. I mean, sours work fine too, the only thing that matters is really if the beer has been released in Europe or not... but still, free beer :p
  15. Awesome. I definitely want to bring some Jacks Abby stuff and probably goose island and founders stouts too to start.
  16. Skip the regular offerings from Founders and GI, they all get to Europe. The more special releases (Bramble, Better Half, KH, etc..), those will probably be very appreciated. Jacks Abby isn't a brewery we've seen in Europe, so that's fun.
  17. Yeah I was thinking the bcbs, coffee and bramble, kbs the backstage series (blushing, better half, CBS perhaps) some parabola and whatnot if I have the room.
  18. Sounds awesome. I personally would've been glad to try those out. :)
  19. If I make it out somewhere come on down to drink!
  20. kscaldef

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    Reviving this thread: has anyone arranged a specific time or place when BAs might be getting together? I'll be in Copenhagen from the 13th-17th. I'm planning to hit up all the places which have been mentioned in this thread, but don't have any particular schedule in mind yet. If there's a day and time when people are gathering, I'd love to meet up.
  21. Shit, I'll have to check if I can make this... probably not though :/ I have visitors during the 14th-16th weekend.
  22. Spent part of a day in Copenhagen last week with a couple of the RateBeer guys (yespr and Ungstrup). Time was the main factor, so we mostly hit brewpubs and a couple bars (was mostly a trip focused on getting new ratings). I went to:

    Apollo Bryghus
    Orsted Olbar
    Vesterbro (Streckers)

    Of those, the best places were definitely Mikkeller, Norrebro, Olbutikken, and Orsted. The other three are just places to get ticks. If you're going to hit Mikkeller, go as soon as you can after they open. It's quite small and gets very crowded. They have a really great bottle list.

    If you've never been to Scandinavia before, be prepared to spend a lot of money. In both Sweden and Denmark (and I'd imagine Norway), a sampler at a brewpub will easily be 80-90 DKK ($15) and even regular beer pours at bars can be the same price. If you're lucky you can get small pours in the 0.25L range for about 30-50 DKK.
  23. Nightfall

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    Nice. You visited the most important Bars/Brewpubs. I guess you also went to the most important stores for your bottle needs. It is true about the prices in Scandinavia (Norway is even worst), they have very high taxes on Alcohol and also the cost of living is quite high (but so are the salaries).
    Since you were with Jesper and Jens I am sure you had a great time ;)
  24. I just wanted to give some love to Belgisk Bryg. Great bottle shop and very great guys running it!
  25. ChrisPro

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    Hey guys, I'm in Copenhagen on work and tonight is my last night in the country. If I have time I plan to stop by Olbutikken (love that store!) and almost definitely hanging out at Mikkeller for a bit. I've got a couple beers to share, so shoot me a message if you're interested and we can try to meet up. Cheers!