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Deschutes Bascamp in Spokane

Discussion in 'Northwest' started by checktherhyme, Feb 27, 2012.

  1. Has anyone heard about this. Deschutes is doing events all week in Spokane at different locations and the head brewmaster will be at some of them! I cant wait. They are releasing the new white ipa too.
  2. leedorham

    leedorham Champion (845) Washington Apr 27, 2006

    I've seen the event listings. Looks cool. Unfortunately, I don't think I'll make any of them.
  3. Damn, I was hoping to meet another BA. I am going to the one at Hills and the one at Enoteca. Hope its worthwhile
  4. harrymel

    harrymel Advocate (650) Washington Dec 15, 2010

    If you want to meet another BA, just message me, and we can drink. That's how it's done! Too bad I didn't know this before, I woulda invited you to a tasting Pixieskid and I did recently before he headed back to Paris.