Deschutes to start Canning

Discussion in 'Beer News' started by litheum94, Mar 16, 2013.

  1. litheum94

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  2. LambicPentameter

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    This is GREAT news. I'm a little surprised they wouldn't start with their summer seasonal Twilight, but who cares. I love me some canned craft beer.
  3. jesskidden

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    :rolleyes: (I guess "Digital Marketing Managers" aren't what they used to be...)

    The label and TTB COLA (made out by Cold Spring dba as Third St.) sure read like a traditional contract brewing arrangement - even though an AP is more of a legal technicality based on ownership of raw materials and final beer, rather than any implication of "quality" or "who brews it".

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  4. williamjbauer

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    I'd love to know the cost comparision for breweries on canning vs the bottling line approach
  5. jesskidden

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    Well, in this case, the cost of the line itself isn't relevant (since it's Cold Springs') but as for the savings on the actual container, in this newspaper article (third paragraph from bottom) brewmaster Bill Moore of Lancaster Brewing Co., which brews at The Lion says:
    and goes on to note that packaging is also less expensive (simple boxes [or plastic rings] rather than sixpack baskets, trays rather than closed cases, etc).
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  6. As a fan of both Deschutes and Third Street I am excited for both parties. Can't wait for these and other DB lables to roll out in cans.
  7. Bitterbill

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  8. Stevedore

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    Awesome. I want some canned Black Butte to take on a nice spring/fall backpacking trip. I'd usually prefer a nice porter/stout at the campfire. Especially if I was camping out in a place like Bend.
  9. chimneyjim

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    I'd prefer that Deschutes do their canning in-house. Not impressed by 21st Amendment's brews coming from Cold Springs.
  10. BlackDragon

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    Not impressed by cans at all ether bottle or keg it too many bad chemicals with cans look all the bad stuff they use for liners those of you who don't believe me I don't buy cans anymore not worth it
  11. CurtFromHershey

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    I see you have taken to avoiding punctuation in addition to BPA.
  12. litheum94

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    He drank beer from a can one time and it completely destroyed his ability to use commas and periods. Sad tale.
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    I have a hard time believing the eco-friendly Sierra Nevada/ New Belgium would knowingly give us harmful products just to increase profit.

    having said this, It tastes the same out of both packages, and cans are much lighter and more portable: win.
  15. sukwonee

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    If they can Abyss, I will be buying a case of it next year!
  16. DelMontiac

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    They're in good company.