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DIPA glassware recommendation

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by AlaskanYoung, Feb 18, 2013.

  1. HokiesandBeer

    HokiesandBeer Savant (390) Pennsylvania Jan 10, 2013 Beer Trader

    Sorry but that DIPA DFH glass is just beyond ugly
  2. manutdfan

    manutdfan Initiate (0) Florida May 25, 2012

    I use my duvel glass for just about every beer i drink at home, just feels right
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  3. I switch more or less randomly between a basic imperial nonic and a Duvel tulip for most all the beers I drink and the difference I notice between them is so minimal that I sometimes wonder if people are allowing their imaginations to run away with them when insisting on "proper" glassware.
  4. "I'd like a single plum, floating in perfume, served in a man's hat."
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  5. I thoroughly enjoy mine as well.
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  6. This makes me sad. The best beer bar in my town serves everything in pint glasses :-/
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  7. sukwonee

    sukwonee Advocate (665) Washington Dec 13, 2011 Beer Trader

    Best glassware for stout? = snifter
    Best glassware for IPA? = snifter
    Best glassware for pilsner? = snifter
    Best glassware for sours? = snifter

    Seriously, I just use my snifter(s) and teku(s) for everything I drink.
  8. That's my favorite glass
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  9. Oh no, please don't hand me that pint of BCBS.

    Said no one ever.
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  10. NHbeerfishing

    NHbeerfishing Savant (490) New Hampshire Dec 31, 2012 Beer Trader

    I like this type of "Belgian" style glass. It gets your nose in there for every sip and forces you to really smell the beer.
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  11. I use my Founders snifter for doubles and bigger beers.
  12. Double IPA is best served at breakfast time in a cereal bowl with barley and hops. And don't let that shit float around long enough to get soggy.
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  13. chanokokoro

    chanokokoro Advocate (600) Illinois Jan 31, 2012

    For DIPA's the only appropriate glassware, in my opinion, is either a short-stemmed tulip/snifter or a teku. Drinking a DIPA out of a pint glass is for those that don't know any better. I haven't tried the IPA glasses from Sierra Nevada/DFH, yet.
  14. HopCraverDave

    HopCraverDave Aficionado (185) Ohio Feb 20, 2013

    Yeah, well, you know, that's just, like, your opinion, man.
  15. hagbergl

    hagbergl Savant (320) Maryland Aug 27, 2009

    Agreed. It's super ugly. But I'm not going to knock its utility without having tried it. Honestly though, on the topic of this thread, I notice a serious difference in aromatics when using a a tulip or goblet or red wine glass when I drink. And it doesn't matter what style of beer–they all smell better!
  16. ShemRahBoo

    ShemRahBoo Advocate (540) New Jersey Jan 28, 2010 Beer Trader

    I thought the glass didnt look too great in pictures online but in person I love it. Don't knock it till you try it and see it for yourself, it doesnt look as awkward in front of you.
  17. Azzy

    Azzy Savant (300) Texas Jul 16, 2012

    Same. I use My Teku for everything, with a snifter on some occasions.
  18. HopCraverDave

    HopCraverDave Aficionado (185) Ohio Feb 20, 2013

    It's a great glass. Don't waste your time trying to educate the pleebs.
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  19. chocosushi

    chocosushi Savant (460) Oklahoma May 1, 2011

    Snifter/Tulip/Blah blah blah
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  20. harperman69

    harperman69 Savant (400) Tennessee Feb 11, 2009 Beer Trader

    To me, glassware shape is about as important as speaker wire in a home theater system. Take that however you want.
  21. Agreed! The nicer the wire, the better I can smell my music.
  22. BKBassist

    BKBassist Advocate (525) New York Jan 24, 2013 Verified

    Cool, so you agree that spending exorbitant amounts of money on high end materials is dumb and makes little to no difference in 99.9% of circumstances?

    But you also probably agree that you won't get much sound at all trying to shove that SPDF into that banana plug.

    You opened the analogy can of worms sir!
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  23. superspak

    superspak Poobah (1,285) Michigan May 5, 2010 Beer Trader

    Pretty much all of the DIPAs I have go in the Maudite tulip, because the glass kicks ass.



  24. harperman69

    harperman69 Savant (400) Tennessee Feb 11, 2009 Beer Trader

    I'd be giving myself away if I said that terminal connectors =\= speaker cables.
  25. That's audio cable, not speaker wire
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  26. Shagator

    Shagator Savant (420) Kentucky Mar 17, 2012

    Thats why I think my wiring cost more than the receiver.
  27. Shagator

    Shagator Savant (420) Kentucky Mar 17, 2012

    I really like the new DFH glasses, but I feel like I am going to break it every time I use it. Used to drink everything out of the bottle/can, but noe everything goes in a glass. I still go to my Piraat Tulip for all of my hoppy beers (or the DFH if I feel like being careful)
  28. Sixam2

    Sixam2 Aficionado (110) Washington Feb 19, 2013

    BMC drinkers might use a coffee cup for their beer....
    why is it that the wine world, have so many different glasses for their varieties ?
    Is it marketing ? does it really make a difference ? to each his own right ? i grew up thinking that a nice deep red wine with heavy legs HAD to be drunken with a big rimmed bowl like goblet.. and white wines, were in the flute like shape glasses.. can you tell the difference in what glass you drink it out of ? what's important is, if it matters to YOU... i can't drink coffee out of a glass coffee mug, and only a ceramic because i have it in my head it tastes different.. lol... same thing with beer and wine... we choose to place importance on things we want to be important in our lives.. I love my IPA's in the new Sierra Nevada glasses... but if i'm drinking it with my dad who loves beer when we fish at 6am, I love it even better out of a thermos.. because i'm in the moment with my beer and circumstance... so in short.. everyone has an opinion, and it doesn't make it wrong or right, but it does make it important to the one drinking it..... respect beer... its that easy...
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  29. BKBassist

    BKBassist Advocate (525) New York Jan 24, 2013 Verified

    [quotit's Shagator, post: 1121377, member: 665602"]Thats why I think my wiring cost more than the receiver.[/quote]

    Bah its late and my Enjoy by bomber and Celebrator have gotten the best of me
  30. jRocco2021

    jRocco2021 Savant (460) Wisconsin Mar 13, 2010 Beer Trader

    People need to stop making these glassware threads Duvel tulip is always the right answer.
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  31. JohnSnowNW

    JohnSnowNW Champion (755) Minnesota Feb 6, 2013 Beer Trader

    I agree completely, and love the analogy.
  32. jmmy3

    jmmy3 Savant (375) Massachusetts Nov 30, 2010

    holy ellipsis. true though.
  33. zachary80

    zachary80 Savant (355) Indiana Nov 29, 2009

    I really like the snifter shape for about everything. The short stem allows you to keep your hands off it or to wrap it if you want to warm it up, and the mouth is wide enough to get your nose into but tightened enough that it seems to concentrate the aroma.
  34. mjtiernan

    mjtiernan Savant (480) New York Feb 15, 2008

    A regular "upright" Belgian style tulip wouldn't be my first choice, but if I were the bartender I certainly wouldn't argue with a paying customer. I usually drink my DIPAs from a short stemmed tulip/snifter similar to what has been shown in previous posts. The New Belgium globe is also an excellent choice and it goes towards charity when you buy a pair of them around the holidays.
  35. Premo88

    Premo88 Champion (855) Texas Jun 6, 2010 Verified

    what the dude said ...

    ... I love the standard tulip that came in my cheap 6-pack of beer glasses from Target. And you can laugh at me if you like, but the pilsener in that set is cool, too. But for DIPAs, the Target tulip or my Triple Karmelit big tulip.
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  36. Stoutish

    Stoutish Zealot (90) California Jan 1, 2013

    Try a glass designed for Wheat beers, I drink all my DIPAS from one.
  37. ufmj

    ufmj Savant (450) Florida Feb 15, 2013 Beer Trader

    In unrelated news, a dive on the LES in NYC served me a bottle of Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout WITHOUT a glass. The bartender had an incredulous look on her face when I politely asked for a glass. In the end, she handed me a Delirium Tremens snifter (which, no, I did not steal).
  38. LMT

    LMT Savant (375) Virginia Oct 15, 2009

    I either use a chalice or a pint glass for almost everything...my nose feels claustrophobic in a tulip glass.

    For DIPAs, I usually go with a Chimay chalice.
  39. beercanman

    beercanman Savant (485) Ohio Dec 17, 2012

    I have a set of 20 oz sniffers I picked up. These are my go to for almost everything.
  40. flayedandskinned

    flayedandskinned Advocate (515) California Jan 1, 2011 Beer Trader