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Dissident 2012

Discussion in 'US - Northwest' started by HuskyinPDX, Aug 29, 2012.

  1. and Olympia
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  2. Dude, let's keep that on the down-low. On the other hand, it's not like the Seattle area folks are going to find the Top Foods around Olympia that still have Dissident and Parabola (and even SN Beer Camp) still on the shelves.
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  3. I saw it in two places today. Plenty around.
  4. PWNtransplant

    PWNtransplant Zealot (95) Ohio Sep 9, 2012

    Anyone know if there is any Dissident still lingering around Seattle? Please shoot me a BM if you have any tips. Thanks.
  5. Jebus

    Jebus Zealot (80) Oregon Aug 31, 2008

    Any still left in Portland at all? If so, please let me know, driving up from socal on Tuesday. I miss living in Portland :(
  6. ellswrth

    ellswrth Savant (355) Oregon Oct 7, 2003

    Bridgetown has some.
  7. bifrost17

    bifrost17 Initiate (0) Washington Dec 16, 2011

    I just went into the Ballard Fred Meyer to get some Abyss and they have lots of cases of the Dissident still hanging around, even a big display of it right when you walk in the front door.
  8. pjdipes

    pjdipes Zealot (90) Washington Nov 18, 2012

    Dissident still available for the Snohomish County peeps (Lynnwood, Edmonds, Mill Creek...) at Rocky's (Lynnwood), PCC (Edmonds)
  9. ggfunk

    ggfunk Savant (290) Oregon Mar 29, 2010

    Beermongers has it right now too.
  10. PWNtransplant

    PWNtransplant Zealot (95) Ohio Sep 9, 2012

    Thanks for the info, everyone.
  11. Spaceloaf

    Spaceloaf Aficionado (225) Oregon Nov 27, 2008

    I saw some in a Whole Foods in PDX as well. It looks like it's pretty easy to get here; there was just a large delay between the brewery release and the distribution.
  12. draheim

    draheim Poobah (1,050) Washington Sep 18, 2010

    Ditto, just got back from there. No Abyss, but I counted 20 cases of Dissident. I hereby retract my previous statement.
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  13. There were bottles in three different locations around the store and cases in two different spots. So that's where the Seattle allotment went!
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  14. draheim

    draheim Poobah (1,050) Washington Sep 18, 2010

    Naturally, to the craft beer mecca that is the Ballard Fred Meyer.
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  15. podunkparte

    podunkparte Initiate (0) Washington Nov 14, 2009

    Just drank a bottle. Nice and sweet, a little tart. None of that harsh medicinal acidity of the 2010. I like 08>12>10
  16. yojimbo1

    yojimbo1 Initiate (0) Kansas Feb 26, 2012

    Oops posted in the wrong thread. Anyway, can't believe this is so abundant, I'd buy a few more if Ballard wasn't so far away.
  17. Aleforme

    Aleforme Savant (390) Washington Nov 26, 2008

    So many wondering where to get it and so many places to find it........wait?.....what?
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  18. Thanks for the info here guys! Picked up a few bottles of Dissident on Saturday at the Ballard Fred Meyer. There were cases left still. Also picked up a bottle of Abyss from both Bottleworks (last one) and the Kirkland Metropolitan Market (had most of the one case they received left).
  19. John_M

    John_M Moderator (1,130) Oregon Oct 25, 2003 Staff Member

    Yep. Saw a display on the floor with cases of it at Pint Defiance last week. I didn't get the impression they would be sellling out of it any time soon (though I guess you never know).

    Was in Beermongers the Monday before Turkey Day, and they still had plenty as well.
  20. pjdipes

    pjdipes Zealot (90) Washington Nov 18, 2012

    Still a case and a half at Rocky's on 196th in Lynnwood. $14.99 per bottle. The case is still sealed and sitting on the floor.
  21. NWer

    NWer Advocate (670) Washington Mar 10, 2009

    Whole Foods Interbay has a display of Dissident as of yesterday - Wednesday. No Abyss though & didn't expect any more in either which doesn't make sense. Book seems to be there will be subsequent deliveries many places that get it.
  22. RedMedicine

    RedMedicine Savant (340) Oregon Jun 3, 2005

    Portland Fremont Wholefoods has a couple of Dissidents in the cooler, a handful of Abyss on display, and plenty of Black Butte XXIV (but who doesn't?)
  23. goodbyeohio

    goodbyeohio Advocate (680) Oregon Jul 13, 2004

    can confirm, just got back from here. in addition, they have fresh hop seizoen from logsdon, mephistopheles from avery, and a couple other hard to find things that have been sitting cool...