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Do not cook with Ruthless Rye

Discussion in 'Beer & Food' started by Zhiguli, Mar 12, 2013.

  1. Zhiguli

    Zhiguli Aficionado (235) California Jul 12, 2012

    really, that's all that needs to be said :)

    ruined a perfectly good pork dish
  2. smakawhat

    smakawhat Poobah (1,000) Maryland Mar 18, 2008

    Wel the thing is sometimes.... ya never know until ya try ;)
  3. Andygirl

    Andygirl Savant (280) Michigan Jan 3, 2013

    I made bread with it and it was great. Pork, I would think it overpowered.
  4. drgarage

    drgarage Initiate (0) California Aug 19, 2008

    I wouldn't recommend drinking it, either.
  5. skivtjerry

    skivtjerry Advocate (515) Vermont Mar 10, 2006

    So what made you do that???
  6. Sneers

    Sneers Savant (385) New Jersey Dec 27, 2009

    I don't cook with beer often, but even less so with hoppy beers.
  7. Agreed with the Bread Post, done it several times with great results
  8. Yeah, I tried cooking with Deviant Dale's once and got a similar experience. Great beer, not a great cooking beer. I like the bread idea, I may have to try that.
  9. Pinioned

    Pinioned Aficionado (195) Kentucky Dec 16, 2012

    Maybe on a brisket... Don't give up!
  10. hoppy99

    hoppy99 Aficionado (195) Florida Feb 28, 2009

    I've found that when you reduce hoppy beers by cooking down your sauce, it becomes way too bitter. I've splashed them in toward the end, like in mussels, with good results. I, too, learned this the hard way.
  11. Couldn't agree more. Cooking with bitter beers is always a no-no.
  12. IPA braised carnitas is always delicious.

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