Do you give your home brews witty names? Let's hear em

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  1. So just finished bottle my first ever batch today. Pretty pleased with myself and hopefully it turns out alright! Was thinking I need to come up with a name for it though and was wondering if most of you guys name your beers afterwards.

    If so let's hear some of them! (I promise not to steal em)
  2. I got drunk off of a barley wine I made a while ago and said "Warley Bine" instead of barley wine, so that name stuck...
  3. spicoli00

    spicoli00 Champion (770) Indiana Jul 6, 2005

    Named a SMaSH ale cyclops. Other names have included: dragon punch (esb), downtown brown (brown porter), snowball (ipa), impregnator (black ipa), Triticum ipa (wheat ipa), secale stout (rye stout)
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  4. beerbully

    beerbully Savant (275) New Jersey Feb 2, 2009

    Made an Imperial IPA I called "mind eraser"........
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  5. Ol_Johnny_Skippelwicky

    Ol_Johnny_Skippelwicky Advocate (580) Minnesota Feb 13, 2013 Verified

    The nut brown I just racked will undoubtedly be named Browntown.
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  6. kneary13

    kneary13 Savant (320) Massachusetts Jan 30, 2010

    Toaster - english session brown
    I'm thinkin' dunkel - Dunkel
    Brilliant breakfast stout - stout using intelligencia coffee
    red headed mutt - northwest red ale
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  7. hara94

    hara94 Aficionado (245) Minnesota Apr 15, 2012

    My first IIPA was named "donkey punch"
  8. mountsnow1010

    mountsnow1010 Savant (370) Vermont Jan 23, 2009

    I can't claim this as my own as I saw it on HBT, I think, but I used the name Hoof Hearted for my 2 hearted clone.
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  9. wscaffe

    wscaffe Savant (365) Florida May 6, 2011

    Only if they are really good. I recently named a 15 month old sour Dr. Tobias Funke's 100% Natural Good Time Family Band Solution. Why? No reason.
  10. Could probably get a lot of good beer names from Arrested Development actually.
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  11. if you can't tell that's David Cross on there haha.
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  12. wscaffe

    wscaffe Savant (365) Florida May 6, 2011

    I never noticed that....awesome.
  13. tdm168

    tdm168 Advocate (700) Pennsylvania Aug 10, 2010 Verified

    My brew friends and I have a simple hefeweizen named Beat Your Wheat and an IPA named Walking On Broken Glass. Explanation: we just tapped an IPA on the kegerator as we began to brew our first amber. We drank about 2 gallons of the 7% IPA, so when it was time to place the carboys in their place to ferment we were a bit drunk. Upon moving the carboys, my buddy dropped one, it shattered, and we lost 5 gallons of amber. We did a great deal of bleeding while cleaning up to save both his carpet and presumably his marriage. Once cleaned up we had 21 cuts between the two of us. We still love that IPA.
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  14. homebrew311

    homebrew311 Advocate (595) Illinois May 19, 2008 Verified

    Nugget Hoppy Meal (nugget IPA)
    Amarillo Armadillo
    Tropical Trance (citra dipa)
    Sgian Dubh (wee heavy)
    Cookie cutter oatmeal stout
    Black tie barleywine
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  15. afrokaze

    afrokaze Advocate (665) Arizona Jun 12, 2009 Verified

    All Black Everything (black ipa with NZ hops)
    Cali Uncommon (steam beer fermented a bit too hot, had nice fruity esters though)
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  16. My manager found out he was Gluten intolerant (celiacs disease) so I brewed a raw wheat hefe called sweet irony. He loved beer btw.
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  17. Spaceloaf

    Spaceloaf Aficionado (225) Oregon Nov 27, 2008

    I don't know if it's clever, but I brewed a stout called "Winter C.C.Oat."

    It was a Chocolate, Coconut, Oatmeal stout.

    I'm also planning on brewing a "pHoney Ginger Lime" which is a clone of Cascade's "Honey Ginger Lime." It's sort of a double pun because I pronounce it as "Funny Ginger Lime" even though Phoney also works.
  18. TheMonkfish

    TheMonkfish Initiate (0) Chad Jan 8, 2012

    #1, #2, #3 - etc. I've thought about labels and names but never followed through with it.
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  19. Im finding it difficult to come up with a name that goes with Kolsch.....I'm thinking I'll probably end up making some kind of German or Cologne reference. Though we have a local hybrid Kolsch made in Philly called "Kenzinger" my name is Ben I may just call it "Benzinger"
  20. scurvy311

    scurvy311 Savant (465) Louisiana Dec 3, 2005

  21. crawfman

    crawfman Disciple (70) Missouri Feb 27, 2012

    I have a lavender, rose hip, coriander rye saison that's been in the keg for a week now that I call "Hippy Stank Buttcrack" and I took the same beer and bottle conditioned it with a brett blend and call it "Hippy Funk". I like the way the beers smell, I just don't like hippies.
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  22. Once I start to get better at this I'll probably try some brett blends....they will all have Flight of the Conchord related names. (I know his name is Bret but that's part of the joke)
  23. FUNKPhD

    FUNKPhD Advocate (515) Texas Apr 13, 2010

    Our last batch was a pilsner we decided to name, "Crawfish Boil This Weekend." It needs to get moved to a keg.
  24. geneseohawk

    geneseohawk Savant (465) Illinois Nov 4, 2008

    "Panties Pale Ale" (citra pale) because after my wife drinks a few pints- they usually come off.......
  25. B-Stein

    B-Stein Zealot (90) Massachusetts Feb 21, 2013

    Miss calculated roasted grain in pale ale grist and named the beer "oops black ale"
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  26. weatherdog

    weatherdog Savant (470) Illinois Nov 7, 2007

    "Stupid Sexy Flanders" is the name of my ongoing Flanders Red project. "Woeberon" (naming credits to the witty YeahNateNelson) for an Oberon clone that I did some unflattering things to.
  27. Only my wits...
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  28. mountsnow1010

    mountsnow1010 Savant (370) Vermont Jan 23, 2009

    Nothin' at all!!
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  29. sm0key

    sm0key Savant (325) Michigan Apr 24, 2009

    "All I Smell Is Mole Asses" brown ale that I added too much molasses to. A bit astringent, it was...
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  30. mattbk

    mattbk Savant (425) New York Dec 12, 2011

    Planning an Irish Red base to be wild yeast infected - to be cultured from different spots around the house. The name will be "Where the yeasts have no name".
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  31. harrymel

    harrymel Initiate (0) Washington Dec 15, 2010

    Hasselhoffenbrau - A berliner weisse Here's the picture I used:

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  32. spointon

    spointon Advocate (640) Illinois Nov 25, 2007 Subscriber

    I have used the following names for some of my home brews:

    Belgian Dubbel = Abbey Normal

    Belgian Quad = Donkey Punch

    Scottish 70 shilling ale = Sheaf Tosser

    Scottish 80 shilling ale =Plaid Killer

    Piraat Clone = Piraat Wench

    Old Ale = Olde Fat Guy

    Doppelbock = Tailgator

    Ordinary Bitter = Little Britain

    California Common = Chicago Steamer

    Belgian Kriek - Shit Kriek

    Czech Pils = Lil' Bo Pils

    IIPA = Hop Scholar (brewed for my stepdaughter's college graduation

    RIS = The Big Hurt (Go White Sox!)
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  33. I tend to name those that have a back story. Probably the most memorable was the ten gallon batch I brewed for Big Brew a couple years ago. It was intended to be more or less a HopSlam clone (turned out to be a virtual dead ringer). Unfortunately, I dropped one of the carboys on my way to the car. Thus the name 'The One That Got Away'. Another was brewed to console my son after a workplace mishap. A Gumball Head clone that we named 'Splitfinger Gumball'.
    Otherwise, I simply put the style name on the tap handle.
  34. Drucifer

    Drucifer Advocate (530) Illinois Apr 16, 2012

    Hoptimus Prime. (Guess which style that is)
  35. Hotmetal1

    Hotmetal1 Advocate (650) Mississippi Feb 28, 2012 Verified

    Gravecrawler IPA
    Get Bent=Surly Bender clone
  36. dfess1

    dfess1 Initiate (0) Pennsylvania May 20, 2003

    I don't normally name them, but when coming up with the recipe in Beersmith for a recent brew, the dog was "going to town". Consequently it was titled "I can Lick my Own" Nut Brown Ale.
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  37. RichardMNixon

    RichardMNixon Advocate (590) Pennsylvania Jun 24, 2012 Subscriber

    Birdshot Ale for a Koelsch brewed with peppercorns and juniper berries.
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  38. pweis909

    pweis909 Advocate (740) Wisconsin Aug 13, 2005 Verified

    Not sure if this is witty, but it may be the best name I ever had for a beer. During the brew day, there was a loud thud from my kitchen porch window. When I took the spent grains to the compost bin, I learned why; a starling had committed suicide by smashing into my window. Some internet research could not turn up whether this was a good omen or a bad omen, so I went with Dark Omen, because I used 2#s of D180 candi syrup in this brew. And what future did this omen portend? A blue ribbon at the MN Renaissance Fest.
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  39. rbartow

    rbartow Aficionado (100) New York Sep 16, 2009

    Vicious Otter Pale Ale. Came up with this name after my cousin crashed his snowmobile and banged himself up pretty good. In trying to hide what actually happened from his wife, he told her that while ice fishing he snagged an otter, which came out of the ice hole and chased him up an embankment. While trying to get away he slipped and fell causing the injuries. To commemorate with monumental "I can't tell my wife what actually happened" story, we brewed Vicious Otter.
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