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Double Crooked Tree vs Great Lakes Alchemy Hour

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by alex021224, Feb 27, 2013.

  1. alex021224

    alex021224 Savant (375) Michigan Nov 3, 2012 Beer Trader

    I know, I know another head to head beer thread. I just wanted to see what everyone thinks about these two great Great lakes (area) readily available DIPAs. I cannot get Heady, Pliny the either, Zombie Dust or any other highly regarded DIPA (but if any has any they want to send my way, get a hold of me) from so and so area. I personally think they are both better then THIS YEARS Hopslam. What say you? I give Alchemy the slight edge.
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  2. JDizzle

    JDizzle Savant (455) Indiana Aug 24, 2010

    Not close to being able to compare the two. Double CT is bigger in every way. The abv is too far between the two to make a comparison. ZD is a pale ale, and while epic, is not the same style.

    I tried Alchemy Hour tonight and it is a wonderful beer. I had Dub CT last week on tap and it's one of the best beers I have had. It's really hard to compare the two side by side though. Dub CT takes the cake for me. Both are top notch!

    I agree, Hopslam is not as good this year. Not sure if this is my palate being introduced to many more beers over the year, or it's just not as good.
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  3. YogiBeer

    YogiBeer Savant (485) Illinois May 10, 2012

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  4. Haven't had either, BUT Great Lakes never fails to amaze. I'll give 'em the edge. I'm just really hoping we get this stuff fresh here in NC!
  5. dpjosuns

    dpjosuns Savant (280) Illinois Dec 8, 2009

    double tree is f-ing $ at all times, I know that. I've not seen the great lakes anywhere around here, I'll need to get to searchin'
  6. BB1313

    BB1313 Poobah (1,010) Ohio Jul 16, 2009

    I love Alchemy Hour much more, but it's kinda like comparing apples to oranges. I haven't had this year's Double Crooked Tree yet either..
  7. Shagator

    Shagator Savant (420) Kentucky Mar 17, 2012

    I have not had the double crooked tree, but now I want to try it. I tried the Alchemy Hour last weekend and I thought it was one of the better beers I have had in awhile. I was wondering how it would compare to Lake Eerie Monster and it didnt disappoint.
  8. Docrock

    Docrock Advocate (625) Illinois Jan 21, 2012 Beer Trader

    Had DCT 2 weeks ago at Dark Horse and thought it was really good and was disappointed they didn't have any in bottle. Hoping to get some Alchemy this week but all I hear is positive. Just love how many really good DIPA's are available right now..
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  9. robhbest

    robhbest Aficionado (205) Michigan Apr 16, 2012

    Both are pretty awesome brews.