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  1. Hey, I'll be in Atlanta at the end of the month for a few days and will be staying downtown. Any good suggestions for food and drink? Should I try to make it to The Porter House? I will not have a car, so MARTA and my feet will be my transportation for the most part...

    Thanks in advance!
  2. gdodd12

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    Brick Store in decatur. Right by marta station.
  3. Wrecking Bar and Porter Beer Bar are also within walking distance from a MARTA stop (Inman Park/Reynoldstown). If you had two nights to do whatever you wanted beer-wise, I'd suggest one night at Brick Store Pub and one night shared between Wrecking Bar and Porter.
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  4. With 10 mins of research and a 10 minute walk you can take Marta between the Brickstore and Wrecking Bar / Porter. Marta terminates service earlier at night than many other cities' public transportation though, so prepare accordingly.
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  5. Heissman

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    Leon's Full Sevice doesn't get much love but its right around the corner from The Brick Store and usually has some awesome taps. Not as awesome as the Brickstore but the brickstore can fill up quick and could be a nice place to check out. The whole Decatur square has awesome food and beer. Twain's is down the street a little bit and has its own character but brews all its own beer. The brewmeister just left though so I don't know who the creative engine is there now.
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    Chase worked with David at Twain's and has taken the lead, along with a new brewer, Brad, from Chicago. David just left, and his last beer, a DIPA, goes on today. I think creatively, it will be different, but still a force. Look forward to seeing what Chase does on his own.
  7. Kmccabe33

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    Also if you want to stay more towards Downtown/Midtown, you could hit Cypress Street Pint & Plate. Very nice spot. The others they mentioned are awesome as well.
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    PM the owners of Brick Store before you go, and they'll maybe give you a tour of their amazing cellar! They are great guys. Their BA handles were in Brick Store's page on here, last I checked. And take a look at their vintage beers list, too!
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  9. Thanks all, I can't wait!
  10. DawgPhan

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    Food at Leon's is better than the food at Brick Store. Hit Brick Store for a beer, dinner at Leon's.
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  11. FATC1TY

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    Ditto on the food at Leons.

    If you want good food and some good local brews 5 Seasons Westside is pretty darn good. Good assortment of beer they brew there too. Head next door to see what GA has to offer for the most part, in craft beers, and 60 taps to take home.
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    Unfortunately, 5 Seasons isn't anywhere near a train station. It's on a bus line, but I don't know how frequent it is. It's far easier to stick to the trains. As has been mentioned, Brick Store, Leon's, and Twain's are right next to the Decatur station. Wrecking Bar is about a 10 minute walk from the Inman Park/Reynaldstown station, and the Porter is just a few more minutes up the street. I would second the idea of spending a night in Decatur and another at Wrecking Bar/Porter. Both the Wrecking Bar and the Porter have really good food, as well. If you're interested in bottles, Ale Yeah is close to the East Lake station.
  13. pghlee

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    Send me a beermail before you come to the pub and i will be glad to give you the tour. lee
  14. pghlee

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    Ps. Walking and buses are bullshit. use the Marta rail and take a cab home both nights.
  15. Thanks Lee!
  16. xxcarpxx

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    Lee is one hell of a dude.. he put an amazing bottle sharing on for me and woodchopper when we come to town..
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  17. dogwood

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    5 Seasons Westside, while not on a rail line, is right downtown. If you plan on stopping by let me know and I'll pull something out of our Cellar for you. (I'm the brewer there.)
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    HOPSHUNTER Zealot (80) Florida May 23, 2009

    and he's like 9 feet tall...true story.
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    xxcarpxx - That was an amazing share. You and woodchopper need to come back for another
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    Woodchopper and I had planned on meeting at Huna Day this year...but it looks like it has fallen we have talked about another Atlanta meeting.... It would be great to meet.up with you guys again....... I actually might be over there this Saturday and hope to swing by for a good beer and a delicious meatloaf sandwich.haha
  21. I hardly ever go downtown... I have been meaning to come there and check yall's pub out. What's a good night to come on? Yall got a few beers I wanna give a whirl because we don't sell them at the store I work at.
  22. DJLamar

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    The Westside Five Seasons is really not so hard to reach by bus from downtown. Bus 1 leaves from Five Points, stops not far from Centennial etc., goes right by Five Seasons, and runs often enough. Also, the Octane (excellent coffee shop) there always seems to have a pretty nice beer selection, though I've never had alcohol there and they close earlier than a bar would (11?). Ormsby's there has a pretty nice beer selection even though people tell me it can get fratty (I didn't notice when I was there). Hop City is a sweet beer store to pore over if you want, too. Plus that area has a lot of the more famed restaurants in the town, so it might be worth a dinner visit (Bacchanalia is pricey but incredible, The Optimist is supposed to be great). But other than Five Seasons (which I haven't been to) those are just good places to eat and drink and not the magical beer destinations that the Porter or Brick Store are.

    The Porter is an absolute must, that's my favorite beer place in Atlanta hands down (and really my favorite beer place anywhere in the U.S.). I also am a huge fan of the Brick Store as has been said. For the Porter and Wrecking Bar, check Google Maps transit directions when you're getting ready to leave, as I think there's a bus (number 3 I think?) that leaves from somewhere downtown and stops in the middle of Little Five Points instead of a 10 minute walk from it like the train station is. Also, the Porter's food is definitely not to be underestimated (I've not eaten at the Wrecking Bar though, only had food). I agree that Leon's is a better spot for dinner than the Brick Store even though the Brick Store has awesome food too -- Leon's is spectacular.

    Other places... Taco Mac (local chain) Midtown is worth mentioning even though their selection isn't consistent (they have a gigantic tap selection, but the percentage of their beers that are excellent is much lower than at the Porter or Briickk Store). Plus the food isn't all that and it has a sort of sports bar feel. Cypress Street Pint and Plate is a nice burger etc. spot with some good beers. Tap at Peachtree and 14th has unimpressive food but a pretty nice tap selection and cool look. Midcity Cafe around W. Peachtree and 6th doesn't have a big selection (they have 6 taps), but they usually have a few very good (but not very obscure) beers -- the draw there is the 4 PM - 7 PM half price draft special every day of the week (except Sunday when they're closed), so if you happen to be passing by and thirsty it's a good place to get a pint of Weihenstephaner or comparable beer for two or three dollars. All of the places I just mentioned are right around the corner from one train station or another.

    One other note, Monday Night Brewing actually just opened their new brewery and bar today (, and they have great beers. Their space is in a weird location but easier to get to than Sweetwater or especially Red Brick -- you could take bus 1 from downtown up Howell Mill and walk 15 minutes or take bus 12 from Midtown Station and walk five minutes. The cab ride would probably only be $15 or $20 from downtown anyway (hell, Midtown to Red Brick was hardly more than $15 when I did it, and Red Brick is effectively on the moon).
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    You probably want to take a cab back to your hotel after a night out at the porter and wreckign bar. I live in that area and swear it seems like someone is getting mugged on daily basis walking through Inman Park. I know it's not that bad, but late at night with a buzz on and you're a target.