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  1. Stopped at my favorite bottle shop today, Norm's Keg & Bottle in the cozy little town of Lk. Stevens, Wash. Grabbed a mix-a-six of (mostly) IPA's. Here's what I got: Firestone Double Jack, Mad River Jamaica IPA, Bison Brewing IPA, Goose Is. IPA, Lagunitas Sucks, and a 16 oz. can of 7 Seas Rude Parrot. I felt like drinking one on the spot so I parked next to the lake and ....what to do? I've got no glass to pour it into. Well, I've had the Sucks and the Double Jack before, the others are new to me. So I go with the Sucks, straight from the bottle. Pretty darn good. Is this acceptable? ;) Or should I keep a snifter (or a red solo cup) under my seat for the next time?
  2. I feel like aroma is an essential part of beer tasting. Serving it in a glass allows me to smell and taste it better than from a bottle. If I've had the beer before and I'm feeling lazy I just drink it straight from the bottle. Keep in mind that some bottle-conditioned beers will have yeast slurries at the bottom that can also affect the taste if you don't pour them into a glass.
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    Enjoy drinking your own beer however you want to drink it! As long as you aren't driving home impaired. o_O
  4. Since many craft beers have sediment in the bottom of the bottle/can then there is a much higher opportunity for it to become disturbed because of the frequent upending of the container while taking swigs. So if you don't mind this sediment having a potential effect on the taste of your beer, by all means, drink it. I personally don't mind doing it, but I try to use care to minimize the effect.
  5. No harm, no foul. Drink it how you see fit.
  6. I can't imagine anyone finding it acceptable that you drank a beer in the manner that you saw fit.
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  7. chuckstout

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    I do not mind drinking pilsners or lagers straight from the bottle.
  8. Swik

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    Like you said man you've had it before, if there's an option go with the glass, but when I'm around the pool or doing whatever in the summer there's nothing wrong with the bottle.
  9. I don't think anyone is going to revoke your BA membership for drinking the occasional IPA directly from the bottle. In point of fact, if brewers hadn't considered this possibility they wouldn't have gone through the trouble of selecting bottles with a smooth and comfortable lip, almost as if they were designed to be drunk from.
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    Live and Let Live, do what you want with your beer. Just no drunk driving, dialing, or texting.
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    Or posting ;)

    I do believe your beer drinking privileges have been revoked in 37 states, though. First for the out of the bottle transgression, then for asking if it was OK. It's beer...and while glassware preferable, but just drink the stuff.

    And I would suggest trying the search feature. I think this falls into the "beating a dead horse category".
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    Try a paper cup, the type used for hot beverages. Once I was pre-gaming at a concert. Stopped off at the beer store.
    No glass, and took a paper cup from the store( it was a convenience store that sold beer).

    The beer was Cadillac Mountain stout. Excellent.
  13. phooky

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    I enjoyed a Gubna from the can yesterday.

    It was delicious.
  14. a good beer, overlooking a lake, and relaxing? I see not one ounce of anything wrong with that. Drink it from a damn ziploc bag if you want to, just enjoy the moment and the surroundings, and the beer!
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  15. EyePeeAyBryan

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  16. DHS1029

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    I love drinking certain beers straight from the bottle. Also, for some reason, I love Jai Alai straight from the can. So goddamn refreshing...
  17. afrokaze

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    Put your phone/computer away and enjoy the lake.
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  18. lookrider

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    You were thirsty for a fresh Sucks in a beautiful setting? The wrong thing would have been for you to not drink that delicious beer because you didn't have the proper glassware. And I'm all for using the appropriate glass.
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  19. beerindaglass

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    In my experience, Sucks seems to be quite free of said slurry and well filtered.. Some IPA's, like Jai Alai on the other hand...

    On topic, I drink a few single IPA's, like 60 min from the bottle.
  20. Saviorself

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    I was cooking dinner a couple nights ago and decided to enjoy a KBS in a glass. It was amazing of course so i decided to open another....well a buddy called so i recapped it, drove over and walked into his house drinking it straight from the bottle. They thought it was an empty bottle. After that we shared a growler of Plead the 5th. Awesome.
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  21. Hanzo

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    I keep an emergency tulip right next to the spare tire and jack just for reasons like this.
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  22. shand

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    In complete honesty, I keep a couple of growlers and a SiliPint (silicone pint glass) in my car at all times. Never know when they'll come in handy.
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  23. chcfan

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    I wrote a limerick about the OP's story:

    There was a BA with a mix pack
    Who drove to the lake to just kick back
    He had not a glass
    Fear not 'cause alas
    Drank it right from the bottle, Jack!
  24. When I first got stationed in Germany a few years ago I use to always order mein Bier in einer Flasche: My beer in a bottle. I use to get the most retarded looks from the bartenders:) One day I suddenly realized how much of a difference the glass made:) But I guess it all depends on one question... Is the satisfaction of enjoying the beer in the bottle at that moment worth the sacrifice of losing the flavor you would get from a proper glass?
  25. powz87

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    I enjoy most of my zombie dust straight from the beer bong. I also like to live life on the edge.
  26. premierpro

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    Sometimes you have to improvise,overcome,and adapt!
  27. zstef99

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    Whatever was lost by drinking it from the bottle was more than made up for by drinking it by a lake.
  28. stealth

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    You're going to hell
  29. Treyliff

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    I keep a snifter in my trunk. I'm not joking.
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  30. Don't drink beer straight out of a bottle. Just don't.
  31. I play ping pong every tuesday night and I always drink from the bottle. At home I usually pour into a glass.
  32. gratefulbeerhead

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    Sometimes I eat pan seared sea scallops with greens and bacon in cream. Other times I'm in the mood for a pizza from the local pizza place and I eat it out of the box. Sometimes I like to drink beer out of a snifter. Today I spent most of the day moving bricks, cement blocks, hauling metal and brush and right now I'm enjoying my Hop Rod Rye right out of the bottle. And if you can believe it, sometimes after mowing the lawn in the summer, I drink a beer right out of the can.
  33. Stugotzo

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    I drink BMC beers straight from the bottle. I wouldn't want to risk contaminating any of my glasses.
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  34. Ruger

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    I personally wouldn't have a problem with it, if I've had it before.
  35. loafinaround

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    I only do the glass thing. there's a very different/muted experience from a bottle.
    that being said, I lack the glassware rituals of many others on this site. my glass goes into the dishwasher, and merely gets a quick rinse w/ water before filling up.
    Whatever floats your boat! if you prefer it in a bottle, it would be a crime to drink it from a glass.
  36. I appreciate all the responses here. As a new member, I just wanted to share a little experience I had of enjoying a beer by the lake. I know its OK to drink from the bottle! I just love beer, always have, I guess. Even when I was 18 or 20 years old and my buds were drinkin' the normals, I would bring Lowenbrau or Michelob, or Raineir Dark, or Henry's Blue Boar Ale, maybe Mickey's Fine Malt Liquor, which had a pull-tab type top, as opposed to the screw on (hey, there wasn't a lot of selection in the early 80's). And now, I am looking forward to expanding the beer drinkin' experience! :)
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  37. 19etz55

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    I almost never drink from a bottle or can anymore. Like to see the beer color, it's head, catch the aroma from the glass. Having said that if there is no other choice drinking it straight is NO problem.
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  38. I have a HUGE problem with this
  39. SpunkyHopslammer

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    Might as well drink a budweiser. Just kidding. I stop at a coffee place and get a coffee cup to use, I hate drinking out of the bottle, it seems like to much flavor is lost.
  40. bozodogbreath

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    Sometimes the glass I drink it my beer from is also the container it came in. I think I will drink a KBS out of the bottle one of these nights just so I don't forget my beer drinking roots. :)