Driving through CA hunting for BA Bigfoot

Discussion in 'US - Pacific' started by pattermj, Jan 19, 2013.

  1. pattermj

    pattermj Aficionado (245) Virginia May 31, 2008

    So I am driving from Galveston TX to Seattle via the south route taking us through Vegas and Sacramento. The car is packed (insanely so) so I wasn't specifically expecting to bring anything back but I got thinking hey maybe I can grab some BA Bigfoot on the way, just a few bottles, and leave with the GF until a later date. Sadly I wont hit the SN brewery until Monday afternoon and after calling them they said they can't do over-the-phone purchases for later pickup sadly and I don't trust my luck in their stock lasting until I get there.

    As such, I am looking for other options. Do any of the beer stores along the I-5 route currently have BA Bigfoot whom I could call ahead and buy or would be worth stopping at? Or anyone in the Chico area willing to do a prepurchase where I can meet up and pay you back on our way up? Sadly I don't have anything on me to trade to make up for your time but if you are a consistent trader I can give a few options in thanks including getting my hands on some TX beers. I am looking for 4 bottles.

    thanks and I will be continuing my search online. Long live tether with my phone for internet in the middle of TX :)
  2. Still havent seen it here in Sacramento.
  3. SHODriver

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    Chico isn't too far off of I-5 and they should have it available at their gift shop. the food at the brewery is fairly priced and pretty good too if you manage to make it there around lunch or dinner time.
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  4. pattermj

    pattermj Aficionado (245) Virginia May 31, 2008

    Yea I'm hoping to grab it directly from them but won't be there until Monday afternoon. Currently in east new Mexico:)
  5. pattermj

    pattermj Aficionado (245) Virginia May 31, 2008

    Also looking for suggestions, are there any amazing beer shops to stop at? I grew up in the Rocklin area so I have had lots of access to the Totalwine/Bevmo/Nugget/Whole foods selection there and have hit Davis Beer Shoppe but otherwise am somewhat out of it for other CA places. I would love to hit something either below or above with an amazing selection. The current plan is heading up 99 before Bakersfield, hit Rocklin, head up to Chico on 70 then hit over to 5 for heading up. thanks
  6. badb_rad

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    Just found it at Whole Foods in Los Altos.. $14.99ea
  7. walterfredo

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    FYI, SN taproom/restaurant is closed on Mondays. Not sure about the gift shop, might want to check that out.
  8. drewone

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    Check out final gravity in Roseville.
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  9. If you're still in New Mexico, you should pass by Jubilation in ABQ and pick up some La Cumbre's Elevated IPA and beers from Marble Brewery.
  10. MLucky

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    SN's one of the great breweries to visit: they do one of the better tours, have a first-class restaurant, lots of good stuff in the gift shop, and several beers on tap only to sample. *Definitely* stop in there if you have half a chance. But a couple caveats for those who don't know: 1) Chico is pretty out of the way. It's almost two hours from Sacramento, and I'd say that if you're traveling on I-5 and want to cut across on Highway 32, it's about a half hour each way. 2) The brewpub is almost always mobbed at dinner time, with waits of 30 minutes or more not uncommon on the weekends. Lunch is much easier.
  11. pattermj

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    Well i was able to grab 3 bottles at Fresno whole foods. They had a few more in back and limit2 per person. Might still stop at the brewery on the way up but a lot less stressed about finding it now. Now for abyss to finally release in Texas. And luckily I'm coming from rocklin so cutting up works slight better. Thanks for all the posts.
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