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DSM in Lambic production

Discussion in 'Homebrewing' started by olympuszymurgus, Mar 7, 2012.

  1. Hi guys.

    I went for a more "American wild" style wort in a batch from December, three carboys full, with different yeast/bacteria blends in each. The wort was 75% pils, 25% wheat. This was my first time using Floor malted Boho pils. I did not do a long boil, in fact I think I cut it short at 45 min because I hit my volume.

    Today I did some smelling and tasting, and there is some ridiculous levels of DSM in all three. this is the first time I have ever had DSM issues in a brew, so I'm a little bedside myself. The cause is obvious, slow cool fermentation, short boil and a shit tons of Pils malt.

    So... is there anything I can do? will time clean it out? will the bacteria help? do I need to dump out 15 gallons of wort?

    Thanks guys.
  2. First, it is DMS :). With a lambic it will be gone so long before the beer is ready to drink, no worries.
  3. Well I feel dumb for my lack of spelling ability.
  4. Dimethyl Sulfide
  5. pweis909

    pweis909 Advocate (715) Wisconsin Aug 13, 2005

    Don't be so hard on him; he probably did too much LDS in the '60s.
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  6. backfat

    backfat Initiate (0) Indiana Dec 28, 2009

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    ryane Savant (380) Washington Nov 21, 2007

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  8. Gueuzedude

    Gueuzedude Advocate (650) Arizona Aug 21, 2003

    My understanding is that during fermentation DMS may be lightly reduced by CO2 scrubbing, but fermentation itself can only increase DMS levels, by reducing DMSO (some yeast does this on a low level, but some wild yeast / bacteria can produce more prodigious amounts under the wrong conditions).
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