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Dulcis Succubus Private Order

Discussion in 'Canada' started by tbeckett, Mar 5, 2013.

  1. From their site:

    Now Available For Pre-Order!
    Le Trou Du Diable Dulcis Succubus Imperial Sour Saison (8.4%)
    12 x 750mL / Approx. $200.00* / $16.66 per bottle (Very Limited Availability)

    Aged for six months in California white wine oak barrels. This beer has a complex nose of flower honey, vanilla and apricot leather with the addition of wild yeasts. Mouthfeel is full bodied and generous with a finish of American hop flavor. ”Dulcis Succubus” is latin for “Sweet succubus”, a demon in the charming appearance of a woman that is both feared and desired. In 2011 it won a Gold Medal in the Wood and Barrel Aged Sour Beer category at the Canadian Brewing Awards in Toronto.

    Reviews On Ratebeer.com // Reviews On Beeradvocate.com

    Because of its high demand we have decided to offer this beer as a pre-order. It will be available mid March for LCBO store delivery (outside GTA) and pick up at our office in downtown Toronto. If your interested in ordering please e-mail [email protected]. For more information about ordering, check out http://keep6imports.com/howto.

    * Price may fluctuate depending on freight rate

    I'm in for 1-2 bottles if someone in Ottawa wants to get a case.
  2. Damn, it so tough to get this stuff here where it's made! You lucky guys! And it's even cheaper than what we pay here...
  3. hoser

    hoser Savant (420) Alberta (Canada) Feb 17, 2003

    Anyone reading this there is currently some in transit to Alberta and should be in stores late next week, start bugging the beer person at your favourite Alberta store.
  4. Tell me about it. If you go a few days after the delivery, they're cleaned out. I like TDD but can't cross the bridge to Mtl at the drop of the hat to get some. Looking forward to when they'll be widely available (at least for their standard stuff).
  5. Agree. Just a bit worried about the format, i.e. 375ml and 600ml. I was hoping 4 or 6 packs...don't want to spend $6 on a 500ml all the time!
  6. With them being more available soon, i imagine the price will go down but @ 6$ (and more some places) for a 500ml. pale ale, it's a bit much for me. We'll see i guess....
  7. is anyone in toronto getting a case? it' s abit pricey but i'd split one or something along those lines...
  8. I'd be ready to take half a case and figure out a way to get it to me (I'll pay the shipping via beer or $). I tried to get it with tbeckett but he doesn't think he can get 12 bottles together in Ottawa. Sorry man!
  9. hoser

    hoser Savant (420) Alberta (Canada) Feb 17, 2003

    Just special order a case from the AGLC through your board, Alberta is getting 55 cases of this next week. This of course does not apply to Ontario but works for Saskatchewan and BC as well.
  10. As soon as I saw a reply from you I knew what it was going to say. Completely slipped my mind. I'm goin to pull the trigger on this I think.
  11. Hey
    The guy that looks into private orders for me apparently needs to know the distributor... Any insight? :) Thanks.
  12. Luk13

    Luk13 Savant (300) Quebec (Canada) May 25, 2009

    This. It is 20-25% cheaper when you add taxes, even more in some Montreal spots. We can complain about our public owned liquor boards but we have to admit they take low margins compared to the private sector. Of course, it's a totally different organisation size. But at least, they don't inflate prices on rarer products when demand far exceeds supply.
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  13. Let me help you out with that...

  14. Luk13

    Luk13 Savant (300) Quebec (Canada) May 25, 2009

    Haha! You're right on this, thanks for fixing it ;) I'm usually pro market and I'm fully aware of economic theory, I was strictly speaking on a consumer's perspective.

    Someone could argue with me that it isn't optimal because people who really wants it (and willing to pay more) would sometime get none but it doesn't actually have much impact in a situation like this. I know lower prices should theorically mean higher odds to get shut out but these rare products' demand doesn't fluctuate much between 15 and 30$. People will pay if the price is remotely close to decent. It seems to me that it occurs in situation of very low supply as it is the case here.
  15. Is this new batch a higher ABV? Both sites list it as 7%.
  16. I agree, just being a pain. I keep telling Dave at Half Pints that the sole benefit of having no beer culture of significance here in Manitoba is that we can still get bombers of barrel aged beer for under $10! :p
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  17. Luk13

    Luk13 Savant (300) Quebec (Canada) May 25, 2009

    It is and have always been 7% IIRC.

  18. So is the above wrong? Just wondering, as I actually find it more appealing at 7% .vs. 8.4%.
  19. Luk13

    Luk13 Savant (300) Quebec (Canada) May 25, 2009

    Who knows? Didn't noticed the change in abv in the desription at first. I've bought bottles today of the new batch and the label says 7%, maybe they didn't want to make new labels. I've always felt it tasted more than 7%, so it would still make sense.
  20. hoser

    hoser Savant (420) Alberta (Canada) Feb 17, 2003

    This is in stores in Alberta now.
  21. Well if the order is still open, I'd be interested in finding one to join still. Hoser, what is the price in Alberta? The MLCC wants to charge me $29.80 a bottle. That seems unreasonable based on the Ontario price. I was expecting something closer to $22-23 tops...
  22. Low 20's on the shelf here in Alberta, we paid slightly more then the pre-order price and add our 20% to the price tag.
  23. Yikes! That's Cantillon territory...:confused:
  24. Expensive but it was awesome, I’ll be buying a few bottles to see what happens.
  25. It's an amazing beer!
  26. hoser

    hoser Savant (420) Alberta (Canada) Feb 17, 2003

    Some wine guys were telling me last night they were blown away by it.