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What is your favourite Emerson's beer?

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  1. Pilsner

  2. 1812 Pale Ale

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  1. MrKennedy

    MrKennedy Advocate (690) Australia Dec 29, 2006 Beer Trader

    Following on from AussieOverlord's post, interested in opinions on the takeover of Emerson's (NZL) by Lion.

    The press release is shown here: http://www.emersons.co.nz/news/102/New-chapter-begins-for-Emerson-s

    Will you still buy Emerson's beer as a result? Or will you take the stance of places like Hashigo Zake in Wellington and boycott them?

    Edit: Apologies for the poll, hit enter halfway through instead of tab, and it appears i can't edit the poll question to add more responses so please ignore.
  2. spicelab

    spicelab Savant (485) Australia Nov 6, 2009 Beer Trader

    Pretty gutted about it. Have a tonne of respect for Emerson's track record and incredible consistency.

    The media release has a very familiar ring to it, suitably plump with all the standard Day 1 lines - "business as usual", "we remain committed" etc.

    But if you're a student of history the precedent is not good. The outcome (if not necessarily in the short-term then definitely in the medium-term) is virtually always the same. No amount of favourable spin can obscure the fact that the inherent dynamism and profit maximisation perspective means that sooner or later, large corporations can not resist fucking with things.

    I'm imagining the discussions in the board room - "that Richard Emerson..lovely bloke and all..but he really needs to understand that 90% of the market for his beer can't tell the difference between his Pilsener when it's only lagered for half the time".

    I'm not into full-scale boycotting, but I will no longer include Emerson's in my online and store purchasing, or buy them if they happen to be included on tap at a decent craft beer venue.
  3. barls

    barls Aficionado (185) Australia Nov 15, 2006

    hopefully its like when goose island was bought out.
    it might also mean that we dont pay 15 bucks for a bottle of bookbinder
  4. Lukie

    Lukie Savant (460) Australia Jun 16, 2007

    Who the hell sells Bookbinder for 15 bucks?

    I don't like it. I don't support Lion. Unfortunately with the acquisition of LC, it kind of became a "have-to". I don't think I could sell enough Emerson's to justify that.

    Funny they buy these guys when they just dropped the importation of Mac's into Australia because they didn't feel the brand was living up to expectations compared to James Squire. Hilarious.
  5. Goose Island and Unibroue have not been messed with as they have been bought by others. Think Emerson's and LC will be the same. I think Lion has done it's research on this and realize that Emerson's is a good brand to buy. Better overall range than LC has. What I find odd is how the brewers in NZ have supported Emerson's move. Only Hashigo Zake have been militant about this
  6. danieelol

    danieelol Advocate (585) Australia Jun 15, 2010

    Mac's seemed to decline in quality the last few times I had it. Or else my tastes matured.
  7. mulder1010

    mulder1010 Advocate (615) Australia Aug 29, 2008

    How is the precedent not good?? In Bev and Sopporo bought Goose Island and Unibroue and the product has remained the same. Do you people give Lion any credit for research at all? King Henry was done by the new brewer and and the InBev umbrella. top 5 beer on this site. BY a MACRO BREWER The LC bock still was released and LC still has a strangle hold on the US hops that are coming into the country.
    This is about distribution. GI now makes it's most popular beer in several US breweries and has wider distribution now. BCS will be available in CA shortly. If you draw the line out that means that Emerson's will be available in Auckland and Sydney soon.
    This is about buying the best craft beer in Australia and in NZ and making it more viable in markets.

    Oh yeah, I will be charging $45 for my next tasting in Sydney. Light snacks provided
  8. Can i come? ;)

    C'mon pat drop a cog mate, my guess is that everyone's missed your input and you'll be welcomed back with open arms if you can resist the urge to make cheap shots
  9. flexabull

    flexabull Champion (820) California Mar 9, 2006 Beer Trader

    I have really enjoyed Emerson's beers during my two trips to NZ. I personally would continue to support their product unless I saw a decline in quality.
  10. spicelab

    spicelab Savant (485) Australia Nov 6, 2009 Beer Trader

    Fair cop. My statement was more a general observation in relation to takeovers of small, innovative industries by large corporations generally, and there's not enough history to go off yet to suggest craft beer is especially different.

    It's tempting to be starry-eyed and optimistic in the early days, but empirical evidence suggests a very high likelihood that the circumstances at the time of the takeover will change, whether via one big decision from the top or a series of incremental steps that add up over time.

    With regards to Unibroue you could probably say enough time has elapsed to conclude the product is undiminished.
    It's too early to make definitive statements about Goose Island though. It looks awesome for now - but the proof will be in the coming years.

    I've no doubt Lion had some good people advising them with respect to Emerson's. The risk for the product is if those people move on and either aren't replaced, or are replaced by monkeys with no clue about the craft industry.
  11. foles

    foles Savant (440) Australia Jan 28, 2007

    Its a good concept if you are still a fan of Matilda Bay and James Squire. LC and Emersons "may" (a big may) still end up with decent beer, but you lose the whole romance of the thing. I like to know my beer comes from an small/medium sized brewery with a passion towards beer and brewing (preferably local as well).

    Its no fluke that the worlds best beer in the great brewing nations is produced by such places (and best enjoyed local to them). It just cannot be argued.
  12. Parrotshake

    Parrotshake Savant (375) Australia Nov 29, 2008

    I understand Hashigo Zake's point of view, but I dunno. The important definition of craft beer is as functionally nebulous to me as it is to anyone else who hasn't had post-takeover beers from Unibroue or Goose Island. Proof of the pudding, and so on. I still drink LCPA every other day and it has yet to be terrible, although I understand that these things take time. Emersons is a much less frequent treat, so it is another wait & see situation. They are all nice beers so it would be cool if everyone could have some.