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Epic Beer Festival

Discussion in 'Mountain' started by Boonedoggle, Mar 26, 2013.

  1. Has anyone heard anything about this Epic Beer Festival the last weekend in June?


    Is this a festival put on by a private company that sees GABF as being too big now and is trying to tap the market?
  2. ssteigerwald

    ssteigerwald Savant (410) Colorado Mar 4, 2010 Verified

  3. dauss

    dauss Advocate (655) Colorado Aug 9, 2003 Verified

    They already have a list of breweries so far. Some big ones and even little local ones.

    Colorado already has a ton of beer festivals outside of GABF, I don't know how this would be different than some of the other ones except that it seems to be bigger. I like going to the GABF to watch the awards ceremony. Doesn't look like beers will be judged.
  4. ssteigerwald

    ssteigerwald Savant (410) Colorado Mar 4, 2010 Verified

    They're pretty fast updating their website...that list wasn't there a few hours ago.

    Still, I think I'll wait until after the South Denver Beer Fest to decide...looks like a lot of the same smaller locals, which is what I'm really interested in.
  5. Tolann

    Tolann Savant (370) Colorado Jul 9, 2007

    I am curious to know who is putting this together.

    I'd like to have more unusual pours, rather than the same ole stuff all in the same place at the same time. Firkins, one-offs, seasonals, etc
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  6. HRCam

    HRCam Aficionado (135) Colorado Oct 14, 2008

    I am pretty excited for the south Denver beer fest myself. Hopefully will see some innovation.
  7. I contacted them to get some more information. Sounds like it could be a really fun event :)
  8. denver10

    denver10 Poobah (1,030) New Mexico Nov 17, 2010

    For someone like me who has not had the opportunity to try many of the greater Denver area breweries that don't bottle, this seems like a solid event to hit up.
  9. Steve_0

    Steve_0 Savant (320) Colorado Mar 14, 2012 Verified

    I already signed-up to volunteer and go for free! Why not?
  10. poonamibaxter

    poonamibaxter Savant (365) Colorado Jun 26, 2007

    I was on the fence but then I saw the money raised is going to a good cause, I'm in.
  11. Tolann

    Tolann Savant (370) Colorado Jul 9, 2007

    OK so this is a link of who it is. This was posted in the SD thread

    So these guys run the Mile High Beer Fest, Boulder Brew Fest, and PA Beer fest in Philadelphia.

    MYJELLOMISFIT Initiate (0) Colorado Jan 14, 2007

    I'd go. Avoided GABF this year like the plague. $50 bar tab of all craft beers. All you can drink. Sounds good to me. Slap that Glass.
  13. SalukiAlum

    SalukiAlum Advocate (550) Colorado Dec 19, 2010

    My wife and I went to GABF twice this year, third year in a row! Loved it as much as ever. Moved the awards stage out, added 100+ breweries and kept the crowd numbers the same. Wasn't as crowded as I thought it would be and some of the best beer in the US consumed. Anyways this fest looks interesting!
  14. coreymcafee

    coreymcafee Savant (385) Colorado May 30, 2006

    FYI, for those interested in the South Denver Beerfest...

    Hello Beer Fans,

    Thank you for your participation in past BeerCraving events. We are very appreciative of all our guests and would like to offer a discount to our upcoming event South Denver Beer Fest held outdoors at Littleton's Clement Park on May 4th and 5th. This is a festival you will not want to miss. Use Discount code beerlover5 at checkout to get $5 off your tickets. Feel free to invite friends to use this discount code as well. The code will be valid until March 31st, 2013.

    The festival will feature a ton of breweries, many of which have opened within that past few months or plan to open in the next few weeks. The event will boast a lakeside venue with amazing Rocky Mountain Views in a distance. For more information please visit our website at SouthDenverBeerFest.com.

    We will also be hosting a beer dinner with Prost Brewing Company on April 30th called the "Walpurgis Beer Dinner." It will feature a modern twist on German Cuisine with all course paired with the fantastic craft beers from Prost Brewing. For more info visit ChefnBrewEvents.com
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  15. Domingo

    Domingo Poobah (1,135) Colorado Apr 23, 2005 Verified

    I've had more fun at smaller fests that GABF for years. While I still go to GABF for the spectacle of it, I'd rather go to ANY of the Wynkoop events than GABF. Marty and the guys at the 'Koop are the standard bearers for Denver.
    Mebuzzard likes this.
  16. SalukiAlum

    SalukiAlum Advocate (550) Colorado Dec 19, 2010

    Even the smaller beer fests can get over crowded anymore. Yeah, been to the Parade Of Darks and enjoyed that!
  17. Domingo

    Domingo Poobah (1,135) Colorado Apr 23, 2005 Verified

    I'm definitely looking into this event. If my wife can get the time off, it really could be fun.
  18. SalukiAlum

    SalukiAlum Advocate (550) Colorado Dec 19, 2010

    Wife and I just volunteered to pour Friday night, getting us in the Saturday afternoon session free!
  19. Fitshaced

    Fitshaced Aficionado (230) Colorado Feb 29, 2012

    I will be there Friday:)
    SalukiAlum likes this.
  20. Jasonrm72

    Jasonrm72 Savant (495) Colorado Apr 29, 2012 Verified

    Been looking around for tickets deals and haven't had any luck. Anyone find anything?
  21. Domingo

    Domingo Poobah (1,135) Colorado Apr 23, 2005 Verified

    Me and my wife are doing the Friday session, too.
    There was a deal where you could buy the tickets via Living Social/Facebook and you get access an hour early.
  22. DenverBeerDrinker

    DenverBeerDrinker Savant (440) Colorado Apr 5, 2012 Verified

    One of the coupon sites (probably living social) had the VIP tickets on sale for $55.
  23. Mebuzzard

    Mebuzzard Poobah (1,100) Colorado May 19, 2005 Verified

    I signed up to volunteer, but haven't heard back from them yet. Hmmm...I wonder
  24. Jasonrm72

    Jasonrm72 Savant (495) Colorado Apr 29, 2012 Verified

    I looked up the LivingSocial deal (thanks for the tip), but unfortunately both Sat VIP sessions are sold out.
    We originally weren't going to go, but now friends are coming into town that weekend and they have their eye on this event. The extra hour and T-Shirt would have been nice, but oh well.

    Thanks for the help
  25. Domingo

    Domingo Poobah (1,135) Colorado Apr 23, 2005 Verified

    So - this is now upon us. Anyone else going? Me and my other half will be at the Friday 6-10 session.
    I got our tix via Living Social a couple months ago and haven't really heard much about this since. The line-up is heavy with locals and western regional breweries, so it should be fun to try some stuff you can (hopefully) try again or find at the store.
  26. Me, hiphopj5, and our wives will be there wearing our colors at the Saturday evening session.
  27. Domingo likes this.
  28. Mebuzzard

    Mebuzzard Poobah (1,100) Colorado May 19, 2005 Verified

    I'm pouring on Sat
  29. SalukiAlum

    SalukiAlum Advocate (550) Colorado Dec 19, 2010

    The wife and I are pouring Friday night and going Saturday afternoon, then probably Renegade block party Saturday night!
  30. Steve_0

    Steve_0 Savant (320) Colorado Mar 14, 2012 Verified

    My wife and I are pouring Friday and then going Saturday afternoon, as well.
  31. Domingo

    Domingo Poobah (1,135) Colorado Apr 23, 2005 Verified

    Reporting back after the Friday night session - it was a good time. No whale slaying...but as a result no lines either. Much less crowded than GABF. Lots of room, and I didn't notice too many of the "let's get hammered!" types.
    Pretty much every booth had 2 offerings, but a couple had more. A few only had 1.
    In spite of their claim that "nothing will run out," the Rochefort booth was out of beer before the normal 7PM session even began. Not sure how their beer stocks worked, but some of the imports they had were embarassingly old and a few were full-on disgusting. Since there are other Epic events, I wonder if some of those bottles were procured a long long time ago. If I worked for one of those importers, I'd be pretty upset.
    It won't replace GABF or even many of the better local events, but we had a fun time.
  32. SalukiAlum

    SalukiAlum Advocate (550) Colorado Dec 19, 2010

    We poured last night at the Tommyknocker both. Like the festival, volunteered but was still able to get away and sample most other beers. Very little crowding, basically went right about any both. Yes, no 'walez' but for mid summer, just about all I need. Going today but should be real chill since I tried most stuff. Nice trying some of the newer breweries. GABF it isn't but well worth volunteering to get free passes and a cool tshirt for today's session. Enjoy Rickoli's Double IPA (Disturbed Reflection) run through the randall! Gravity had a couple of good beers, the Odyssey Ghost Rider Pale Ale, and Copper Kettle Mexican Chocolate.
  33. Fitshaced

    Fitshaced Aficionado (230) Colorado Feb 29, 2012

    I loved Backcountry pale ale.. It was the first time i had it and very impressed. I need to find some today...
  34. Mebuzzard

    Mebuzzard Poobah (1,100) Colorado May 19, 2005 Verified

    Poured for Green Flash today. Very chill, no lines. Nothing super duper rare, but Rochefort 10, Schneider Nelson Sauvin, and Traquair were nice to see. 30 min before doors opened they let the volunteers sample around, pour themselves and relax. Green Flash people relieved us and made us go drink. Cool peeps.

    Not crowded at all. Cheaper than GABF, of course not as much selection. If you volunteer for just one event, do GABF. If you buy a ticket, do this one. Good to see some new CO breweries: Rickoli, Odyssey, Echo, Lone Tree, Black Bottle....and many ciders
    joshclauss and SalukiAlum like this.
  35. alexipa

    alexipa Savant (465) Colorado Oct 7, 2011

    I went and had a ton of fun. Lots of beers I've never had before which was great. I was really impressed by the amount of foreign breweries who were pouring really nice offerings.

    I went to the last session on Saturday so I was a bit worried about beer running out. Turns out my worries were very justified; half way into my session, I would say 20% of all booths were completely out of beer. 50% had at least one or two beers gone. Despite the fun I had, that alone will cause me to skip this event in the future.
  36. Really enjoyed Elevation's Berliner.
    PDawson, SalukiAlum and Domingo like this.
  37. joshclauss

    joshclauss Savant (355) Colorado Oct 31, 2010 Verified

    That's funny. At the Elite Brands event (an actual INDUSTRY event no less), Schmaltz brought a Session Pale that was clearly completely oxidized. That's what they brought to introduce their product to people who work in the industry. Imports get a bit of a pass, but that's just crazy for a US produced beer.
  38. joshclauss

    joshclauss Savant (355) Colorado Oct 31, 2010 Verified

    Just out of curiosity, what were the most popular brewery tables?
  39. Domingo

    Domingo Poobah (1,135) Colorado Apr 23, 2005 Verified

    Agreed - that's even worse. At Epic, the worst offenders were beers I like (Orkney, Bosteels, Plank, Pinkus, Ayinger, Traquair) so I was especially irritated. On the plus side, most of the English beers seemed to be fresher than usual and reaffirmed my love for their version of the IPA. Fuller's even had Bengal Lancer, which I wasn't aware even made it over here.

    Oh yeah, in terms of popularity, Rochefort took the cake for Friday. They sold out of their supply in an hour. Belgians (in general) tended to have decent crowds. Most of the local stuff was popular with Copper Kettle having quite a crowd for MCS. Rickoli's Randall also seemed to get noticed.