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    After the sad news of Geoff's passing and the dry economic talk of the budget, I thought we could have a more light hearted discussion.

    What's your best beer drinking experience? It doesn't have to be about the beer per se. My top 3 actually include drinking rubbish beers, but it was the time and place.

    3rd: Drinking a bottle of Stella watching the sun come up with my friend after she and I had had a wonderful coke fuelled night 'playing scrabble' with another girl we worked with.

    2nd: Sharing a hot (not warm) Emu Export can that had been sitting in the car for god knows how long with my best friend, while we waited for the RAC man to get us on some distant highway near the end of our road trip.

    1st: Sitting on the balcony of a Japanese ski resort while everyone else was asleep and drinking an Asahi English Type Dark while myself and my brother toasted his recent wedding and talked about our recently deceased mother (we concluded she was a saint, if anyone is interested).

    So, share your tales and we can all get to know each other a little better.
  2. Lukie

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    A certainly memorable experience was opening a 1983 can of XXXX Gold, and each of us having a sip and feeling ill a few minutes afterwards.
  3. danieelol

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    Drinking KB lager was very memorable

    I didn't know a beverage ostensibly created from the conjunction of malt, hops and yeast could be so vile
  4. I kinda topped it on Thursday. Had been organised to meet Kevin West from Anchor Brewing for a quick look at the plant. We picked the only day of the month to tour the brewery when there were no public tours. We sauntered thru the hop pocket room, open FV's, along the bottle and keg fillers, cellar and back to the bar for flight of all thier beers.

    Included in that was a twiddle of the nobbs and valves in this still manual brewery. A hug of the open FV's ... was an awesome few hours, a brewery which is a living museum and a beer amazingly fresh and drinkable.
  5. Parrotshake

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    In no particular order... also, some of these sound somewhat similar to MordecaiFunk's. Fun is fun, I guess.

    My first ever Little Creatures Pale and some leftover Korean food at sunup on a hotel balcony overlooking Sydney Harbour after seeing Electric Wizard the night before and staying up all night messing around with a lovely girl.

    Sittng on the cape in Cambria, California with a really good friend who's not generally a beer drinker at about 2am splitting a sixer of Stone IPA. 3 days into a moth-long road trip around the Western US and pretty excited about it. Full moon up over the ocean, feet dangling off the cliff, freezing our arses off. Proper bonhomie and pretty Christmas lights on the houses across the inlet. Later on the same trip, a snifter of The Abyss by a fireplace after an almost 9 hour drive through furious snow rates a mention.

    Coming down from tripping on mushrooms with my pal out in the sticks, lying on the bonnet of my huge old Valiant watching the stars and suddenly discovering some warm Coronas and half a bottle of Ouzo in the boot.

    My last beer with my Granddad before he died. Boxing Day about 2 years ago, a St Bernardus Abt 12 after lunch. He was pretty much non-verbal at this point, but he really seemed to enjoy it. Nodded off about halfway through his glass with the cricket on and a smile on his face.
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    They're really nice stories Mr Parrotshake.
  7. nice concept mordeciafunk. mine:

    - PERSONAL: meeting my future wife (also from perth) under a few steins of hofbrau oktoberfest in munich in '05
    - BEER: progressing from "what does everyone see in these stinky lambics" to "ohhh... i suddenly like this stuff!" -- halfway down a glass of girardin black label in cambrinus pub in brugges
    - COMMUNITY: generosity of beerpeople -- being offered quality homebrews by perth homebrewers before i've even met them; being invited to beertastings across the country by people i've only had the odd email convo with
  8. Yes, I too have most of my beers experiences relating to ordinary beer, but here goes….random selection in no particular order.

    The joy of a cold can of Tooheys New when deep in the Kimberley after a long day. We did three weeks away from towns (no takeaway beer for sale anywhere) so the Land Rover had all the nooks and crannies filled with cans. BUT there was only room in the fridge for two cans a day – that’s one for me and one for the wife!!

    Last time I got drunk – very- watching the Chemical Brothers at the Sydney Big Day Out. The queues were so long that a mate and I would always buy two cans each visit to the bar. Scull the first, put the second in my cooler/holder, and drink slower. Worked all right for a few hours then Wallop!! Hit me…… All this on Cans of TED – which were printed with band names – had one with Gerling on I seem to recall somewhere.

    Good beer? Recent weekend at Canberra to the Wig and Pen. Took the wife in for ‘beers before dinner’ at four. Left I recall around 10 or so, after having sampled just about the entire range between us (and some twice). Lovely to have a partner that enjoys something that I do. And yes, I did share my Pliny with her some point after that, can’t say more than that, eh?

    Trying once to finish off a lengthy dinner party evening with a bottle of Tokyo between me and a mate. Very funny:D nearly a Derek and Clive experience.

    Drinking cans of Powers once at the bar at Glen Helen in the Territory. Well, I bought one at the bar, but had a car fridge full of 'em cold, (different trip to the first point I wrote) so I'd just wander off to the car park each time I finished one and grab another. Naughty I know....

    Good post...
  9. MrKennedy

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    My most fun beer experience involved VB. I was at a Mudhoney concert at the Metro and the crowd were getting right into it and a few of the guys in the crowd cracked open cans of VB and swung them around, so the stuff was spraying around sprinkler style. Got covered in it, but loved it...certainly added to the atmosphere of a fun gig!

    Another that springs to mind would be at the World Rowing Championships in England in 2006, going to the bar and finding out they had casks of real ale from Loddon and bottled beer from Hook Norton. First major sporting event i've been to where the beer was actually good. Certainly beats drinking yourself sober at the Sydney Cricket Ground with VB Midstrength!
  10. Three favourite beer drinking adventures would have to be:

    Being 17 and half and drinking middies of tooheys new with the oldman at the dongara pub

    Consuming vast amounts of king brown Lion Reds in my stepmothers aunties back shed that had been converted in a 'club' for local friends and family in South Auckland

    And a recent one would be seeing the reaction of a xxxx drinker friend of mine after I gave him a glass of Mongo IPA