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"Extra" IPA? What does it mean?

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by lnashsig, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. lnashsig

    lnashsig Savant (330) Texas Oct 30, 2010

    All- a question popped up during conversation with a friend today: What does "Extra" IPA mean? Is it synonymous with "Imperial" or "Double"? Or, does it imply something different? Your guidance is appreciated!
  2. Bitterbill

    Bitterbill Poobah (1,320) Wyoming Sep 14, 2002

    Torpedo Extra is listed, and rightfully so I think, as an IPA so in this case(are there other Extra IPAs out there?) Extra doesn't equate to DIPA.
  3. I'd generally agree with the above. "Extra" seems to be an amorphous category, bigger than an average IPA, but not necessarily an "Imperial." It's worth noting though that the distinction from "Imperial" and regular IPA is hardly set in stone either.
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  4. Homebrew42

    Homebrew42 Savant (435) New York Dec 20, 2006

    According to Sierra Nevada, Torpedo is somewhere between an IPA and a DIPA, that's why they chose to call it an extra IPA.
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  5. azorie

    azorie Advocate (735) Florida Mar 18, 2006

    Well I would guess is just a silly way to get your attention when looking at 500+ IPA's on the beer isle.:rolleyes:

    I said it before and I say it again, everyone but a small handful of breweries makes IPA(or a over hoped APA), you got to BS the masses to stand out.;) So its now on to extra, next will be extra hoppy IPA, etc etc.:D

    triple XXX IPA, wait its been done, LOL
  6. i may just be a tip of the hat to british beers past and present who use the term "extra" to describe their more bitter beers, as well as a distinction for beers with an abv greater than 4.8%. it's somewhat of a novelty term in my opinion. i like it.
  7. Etan

    Etan Champion (755) Wisconsin Jul 11, 2011

    From an informational perspective, it's a big IPA (not quite DIPA, according to the brewers), so "extra" is a term that denotes that.

    From a marketing perspective, it also separates Torpedo from every either IPA merely labeled as such, every other use of "double" or "imperial," etc... It's memorable.
  8. azorie

    azorie Advocate (735) Florida Mar 18, 2006

    I think SN makes the most "types" of IPA, with DFH a close 2nd? out of the main stream bigger brewers anyway.
  9. Well, there's BBC if you count all their different hop variety-based Lattitude 48's and now the Whitewater, Tasman Red and Third Voyage (both the latter called IPA on their website).
  10. azorie

    azorie Advocate (735) Florida Mar 18, 2006

    You know I don't drink many IPA's, I overlooked them at the stores, but your right. Seems crazy that it works , having overlap in beer styles, time will tell where it all shakes out I guess. I like a well made PA, but most of these are just too much for me.

    I guess those sell the best, I cannot find the SA beers I love anymore down here.:(
  11. Bitterbill

    Bitterbill Poobah (1,320) Wyoming Sep 14, 2002

    And Mikkeller.

  12. Agold

    Agold Advocate (510) Pennsylvania Mar 13, 2010

    It's when someone gives you a bigger bottle of an IPA so you get extra.
  13. summitt brewery makes an extra PA its their flagship brew its an English version but it drinks like an IPA
  14. It, as well as many beer terms, is pretty ambiguous.
  15. It's just like extra pale ale. Wtf is that? The border between an APA and IPA is so thin (see Zombie Dust) that I don't get that term at all. Isn't the typical cutoff for DIPA/IIPA 7.5% alcohol? So Torpedo being extra makes sense because it's bigger in flavor/hoppiness than a typical IPA and close to the Double line, but doesn't cross over 7.5%. That's how I think of "extra" at least.
  16. I don't even understand exactly where to draw the line between IPA and DIPA - 'extra' just makes it even more confusing...
  17. shand

    shand Advocate (670) Florida Jul 13, 2010

    And their Baltic IPA, and their Belgian IPA ... they're all in on the IPA train.
  18. Sometimes it's a very thin line. However, if you have a Hoptimum followed by a Torpedo there's definitely a difference.
  19. Agold

    Agold Advocate (510) Pennsylvania Mar 13, 2010

    So those two beers are pretty different, but if you lined up 5 IPAs and 5 extra IPAs would you be able to sort them?
  20. I'm not sure I know of many other "extra" IPAs, but I think I could pick Torpedo out of a line-up of some of my favorite double IPAs. And just to contradict myself, I wouldn't be surprised if I couldn't.
  21. I agree that if you place two beers side-by-side with a 3.5% alcohol difference it's obvious which one is more "imperial" than the other. The thing is, if I were to blindly slide you a Heady Topper and a Flower Power, what makes one a DIPA and one an IPA? They're both delicious hop bombs with a 0.5% alcohol difference.

    There's a big gray area in that 7.5-8.5% range. Just like there's a Pale Ale / IPA gray area in that 5.5-6.0% or so range.
  22. Right, I completely agree. See my next post after the response to yours. As far as the Pale Ale/IPA gray area, I think there are many IPAs masquerading as APAs. For example Dale's Pale Ale.