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Extreme Beer Fest: Beer, Food & App Update

Discussion in 'BeerAdvocate Fests' started by Todd, Feb 16, 2013.

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  1. Todd

    Todd Founder (1,685) Colorado Aug 23, 1996 Staff Member Verified

    Jason and I have been working hard to secure previous brewers and new ones to ensure the rescheduled Extreme Beer Fest is a kick-ass one. It's unfortunate that some can't rejoin us, but we understand that's it's simply not feasible for some. Regardless, all previous and new EBF brewers deserve a big ass HELL YEAH! for their support.

    Night of the Barrels (Friday, March 15)
    For those wondering about Night of the Barrels, Jason is working with distributors to secure as much of the previous NotB as we can. We also have plenty of time to secure more now too.

    Extreme Beer Fest: Brewers (Saturday, March 16)
    As of this post ...
    • 4 Hands Brewing Co.
    • Allagash Brewing Co.
    • Avery Brewing Co.
    • Boston Beer Co.
    • Boulevard Brewing Co.
    • Burley Oak Brewing Co.
    • Cambridge Brewing Co.
    • Captain Lawrence Brewing Co.
    • Dogfish Head Brewery
    • Evil Twin Brewing
    • Firestone-Walker Brewing Co.
    • Founders Brewing Co.
    • Harpoon Brewery
    • Jack's Abby Brewing
    • Mystic Brewery
    • Shmaltz Brewing Co.
    • Short's Brewing Co.
    • Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.
    • Sixpoint Brewery
    • Smuttynose Brewing Co.
    • Stone Brewing Co.
    • The Bruery
    • The Lost Abbey
    • Throwback Brewery
    • Tröegs Brewing Co
    • Trophy Brewing Co.
    • Uncommon Brewers
    • Weyerbacher Brewing Co.
    ... are in. We'll be confirming and adding more brewers shortly. Jason is working with distributors to hold beer for any previous brewers listed above. Beers from those who can't make it were returned/sold into various market; as we can't have our volunteers acting as brewery representatives/pour for brewers without representation.

    All previous food vendors are coming back. Show your thanks buy eating their tasty eats.
    • KO Catering and Pies
    • The Cellars at Jasper Hill
    • Vermont Smoke and Cure
    • Waffle Cabin
    Beer Lists
    We plan on posting beers for both days as soon as we confirm brewers. New guides will also be available at the fest.

    Web App
    The beta fest app was ready to go, but not useable due to the fest being postponed. In the meantime, Mike is working on new features/improvements. We'll have it loaded with the new EBF brewers/beers and ready to go for the fest. We'll also post a separate update on the web app later.

    Thanks for hanging in their with us. We'll miss those of you who can't join us, but appreciate your understanding and hope to see you at another BA Fest or elsewhere soon.

    Much more to follow ...

  2. Gonna be a great fest regardless of adversity...looking forward to it! Maybe Founders brings KBS, CBS, or perhaps DOOM this time??!! Time for everyone to come together and make this one special! See ya there!
  3. Woodrow

    Woodrow Savant (315) North Carolina Jun 17, 2007 Verified

    Can't wait!
  4. Auror

    Auror Advocate (695) Massachusetts Jan 1, 2010 Verified

    Any hints on where the Funky Buddha stuff was sold...
  5. Todd

    Todd Founder (1,685) Colorado Aug 23, 1996 Staff Member Verified

    Bella Vista in PA grabbed it as soon as the fest was postponed, otherwise we would have helped find their beers a home in the Boston area. They wanted it consumed immediately due to freshness concerns; understandable.

    Funky Buddha will be back next year.
  6. oh snap. thank you, philly. the funky booty loves us more.
  7. Just out of curiousity more than anything, is this a MA State law or a logistical issue that brewery reps have to pour their beer? I know that volunteers pour for Night of the Barrels.

    List is looking great. Can't wait for mid march!
  8. Todd

    Todd Founder (1,685) Colorado Aug 23, 1996 Staff Member Verified

    It's more of a liability thing on the Saturdays as we have brewery booths, paired with our wanting the breweries/beers to be properly represented. There are other factors too.
  9. No Cigar City, Short's or Funky Buddha?
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  10. madmanjf

    madmanjf Savant (425) New York Sep 18, 2005 Verified

    Yes, Please try your best with these three
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  11. Or push for some sort of Hill Farmstead hail mary!
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  12. Franch

    Franch Advocate (575) New York Mar 22, 2011

    yeah, are these three for sure out?! sad!

    and shit, tired hands!? come on y'all, show some love for #EBF2
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  13. MenardMa

    MenardMa Savant (490) Connecticut Feb 6, 2011 Verified

    Aw booo...man, 3 of the 5 or so I was REALLY looking forward to because they always bring super interesting beers. Sad. Stupid ass life ruining blizzard!

    Someone beg Hill Farmstead and Lawsons to make the journey down from VT!
  14. We have mad love for EBF, just couldn't handle the second trip with the opening of our production facility. As Todd said, if they will have us, we will be back next year!
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  15. Timmush

    Timmush Savant (350) New Jersey Jan 5, 2008

    You guys can just send me a box of your beers. Thanks .
  16. madmanjf

    madmanjf Savant (425) New York Sep 18, 2005 Verified

    You guys should hire a couple of employees for the day to pour for you
  17. blckout20

    blckout20 Savant (335) Connecticut May 24, 2012

    Any hopes of getting tickets for the new date?
  18. EJLinneman

    EJLinneman Savant (455) New Jersey Mar 2, 2009 Verified

    Sucks that some of them had to back out, but the list is still looking solid and I'm looking forward to it.
  19. Todd

    Todd Founder (1,685) Colorado Aug 23, 1996 Staff Member Verified

    Funky Buddha has an open invite. Despite everything, it was great hanging with you guys last weekend too. (Funky Chicken Love. Never forget.)
  20. Todd

    Todd Founder (1,685) Colorado Aug 23, 1996 Staff Member Verified

  21. Todd

    Todd Founder (1,685) Colorado Aug 23, 1996 Staff Member Verified

    Added The Lost Abbey to the list. Tomme just confirmed.
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  22. Franch

    Franch Advocate (575) New York Mar 22, 2011

    Short's said they will be there on Facebook!
  23. Todd

    Todd Founder (1,685) Colorado Aug 23, 1996 Staff Member Verified

    Confirmed. Short's Brewing Co. has been added.

    They're not able to send out the entire crew, but Scott and his wife will be heading out to Boston.
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  24. aviencko

    aviencko Zealot (90) New Jersey Nov 19, 2007

    I saw Cigar City and Half Acre on Twitter saying that they wouldn't be there personally but their beer would be. Not sure if that means they have any reps coming at all, as I thought they needed representation? I hope they work something out!

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  25. Todd

    Todd Founder (1,685) Colorado Aug 23, 1996 Staff Member Verified

    We've yet to receive confirmation from either. Until we do ...
  26. Todd

    Todd Founder (1,685) Colorado Aug 23, 1996 Staff Member Verified

    Smuttynose Brewing Co. is in.
  27. codasnap52

    codasnap52 Savant (405) Connecticut Jan 24, 2008 Verified

    Is Night Shift out now? Is there any way they can make it back into the fold? They are local and had some really interesting beers I was pumped to try!
  28. anyword of Dark Horse, Cascade, or Tired Hands?
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  29. Hoping that means the BA Baltic Porter will be there. That was/is on the top of my list.
  30. C'mon DH BA Pt5!
  31. I want strawberry short weiss aged in a wine barrel wth fresh berries!

    a boy can dream!
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  32. Given the circumstances hopefully more local breweries will step up, I think we can accept the not so extreme beers this one time.
  33. xnicknj

    xnicknj Advocate (740) Pennsylvania May 25, 2009

    i believe tired hands is a no.
  34. xanok

    xanok Savant (425) Connecticut Aug 13, 2009

    Really bummed about Funky Buddha.
  35. Me too, they brought some awesome beers in 2012 and they were really nice people. Understandably they aren't a huge brewery with a massive travel/marketing budget and can't resend a crew up here a month later. Hopefully we see them in 2014.
  36. UncleJimbo

    UncleJimbo Site Editor (1,000) Massachusetts Sep 11, 2002 Staff Member Verified

    I am really impressed that you can get EBF rescheduled for such a near date. Good job!

    And now the venue has an extra month to get that free wifi up and running! ;)
  37. How/when will we know if new tix go on sale? If there are any sales at all
  38. masterob8

    masterob8 Savant (365) Massachusetts Oct 6, 2009 Verified

    Sadly, the Night Shift crew can't make it for the rescheduled dates. We are all out of town for an annual ski trip. Cheers.
  39. Todd

    Todd Founder (1,685) Colorado Aug 23, 1996 Staff Member Verified

    We'll post an update. Watch the forum and @BeerAdvocate on Twitter.
  40. Todd

    Todd Founder (1,685) Colorado Aug 23, 1996 Staff Member Verified

    Locals Mystic Brewery are joining the EBF fun.
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