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Fantome beers in London?

Discussion in 'UK & Ireland' started by ImperialStoat, Dec 11, 2012.

  1. Anyone know a shop in-or-around the London area that sells Fantome's saison? Beautiful Beers in Putney has it, but they're a spectacular rip-off.
  2. Sorry, I'm an absolute fucking moron. The place in Putney is called The Beer Boutique, and they sell Fantome saison for £15 a bottle (more expensive than its typical cost in California!). Beautiful Beers is more reasonable but I'm loathe to pay £8 for shipping.
  3. Yeah its a shitter though they do also have struise (though most of those are pretty expensive)
  4. If you're a big fan of De Struise I'd recommend ordering from their webshop. The shipping prices are surprisingly reasonable (I think about £15 for a box of 12), and the beers themselves are very, very, very nicely priced.
  5. Yeah I am planning to actually (and have done a few years ago too). Hopefully Black Albert is still in stock when I do it though, probably my favourite beer in the whole world, unfortunately i paid £10 for my first one though (4 for £40 from cracked kettle inc. shipping). In case you hadn't seen it you can get Westvleteren 8 for about 5 euros a pop.
  6. Yeah, I just saw that actually, though to be honest I'd rather have a bottle of Pannepot than any of the Westvleterens.

  7. I concur, probably the best quad i've had. Got some aging too. What's Pannepeut like?
  8. Eh, not as good, I thought. It's been a while but I remember being underwhelmed.
  9. They are the same beer !

    Might just be variation on age that made you feel underwhelmed?
  10. They're spiced differently, aren't they? I had Pannepeut before Pannepot and I remember being confused about all the fuss.
  11. I'm going by a certain other website who's European database is superior to this one

    They suggest there isn't enough variance in the recipe to warrant 'put' being added as a seperate beer to 'pot'
  12. Only way to settle it is to get a bottle of each and drink them side by side really.
  13. I like the sound of that.
  14. Should we do a Pannepot variation night? Give everyone a fortnight's notice and have a live tasting on a Sunday night maybe?
  15. Sounds good, though we'd have to all be drinking the same vintages, no?
  16. Well that's the sort of thing we need to decide on. I reckon we could cover most of the variants/vintages between us depending on the numbers. One vintage/variant as a 'must have' and another of your choice or a free for all?
  17. Yeah, if it's actually feasible this sounds like a funidea. I imagine there's only three or four of us here who'd be willing to do it.
  18. I could do it as I was planning on getting some struise in the new year. Though push comes to shove I have at least one bottle of 2011 tucked away. Not the pannepeut though.
  19. danieelol

    danieelol Advocate (550) Australia Jun 15, 2010

    Pannepeut is totally different...lighter colour too, looks more like a Barleywine

    Both good though
  20. Not exactly the London area, but if you're ever around Oxford, 'Classic Wines and Beers' on the Cowley Road has Fantome Saison, Black Ghost and Pissenlit. It seems to sell off a lot of leftover stock from James Clay, so you have to watch out for the expiry dates - not too sure about the others, but the Saisons 'expire' this month - though probably with Fantome it adds character! They're priced at £10 each, but I knocked the owner down to £8 and you could probably do a deal like 3 for £20. They've been sitting there for months and I think I'm the only person to have bought some!
  21. Thanks for the heads-up!
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