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Fat Heads - Hop JuJu Imperial IPA

Discussion in 'Beer Releases' started by BottleCaps80, Nov 15, 2013.

  1. Wow, wasn't expecting it to be that much. Oh well.
  2. Dan_Bowman

    Dan_Bowman Savant (320) Ohio Apr 11, 2010 Beer Trader

    $12.99 per 4 pack 12 oz bottles. That makes it $0.25 more than Hopslam per 12 oz bottle.
  3. MikeCactusGordon

    MikeCactusGordon Advocate (710) Ohio Feb 20, 2011 Beer Trader

    I think it's fairly priced FWIW. There's a boat load of hops in that beer. Not exactly cheap to make.
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  4. Jackie O's Mandala Citra, Fatheads IBUsive, Hoppin Frog's Mean Manlishi, etc. Just to name a few more. Its funny because you're right, I've always preached how most ohioans don't realize how lucky we are to have the quality of easily accessible beer that we have access to. Also, for those of you in Ohio I strongly suggest you take a trip to hoppin frog's tap room and try their IPAs fresh on tap. I was blown away by how good they are, especially since i never was a big fan of any of their beers when I've tried em. Me and my friend came to the conclusion that its because their vast production and semi-limited reputation results in their beers sitting on shelves for too long. Don't get me wrong they're popular and produce amazing beers along with the owner Fred being a very cool guy. But I feel like at all my regular beer spots most of the Hoppin Frog beers collect more dust than they deserve to.
  5. MikeCactusGordon

    MikeCactusGordon Advocate (710) Ohio Feb 20, 2011 Beer Trader

    HF Gangster Frog. Keeps it real.
  6. superstars11

    superstars11 Aficionado (185) Ohio Nov 21, 2008

    This beer was released at the Fat Heads Tap Room at their production brewery last night. It was a pretty cool place. It will be distributed next week to the public, but from what i'm hearing, it wont make it that far from the Cleveland area.

  7. I should have said in relation to Head Hunter. I will gladly pay it but for some reason I expected it to be priced similar to HH.
  8. KJ2013

    KJ2013 Savant (480) Pennsylvania Apr 14, 2013

    I sent a guy a box of beer for a trade almost a month ago now and the guy never sent me what he promised either. I'm fairly new to this myself and have had nothing but great experiences with BA, but i'm really starting to wonder if I am getting cheated now too. I hope not, but Ace_of_Suds is not answering messages these past few weeks and sending nothing. Message me if something is up man. Otherwise i'll be letting everyone know to avoid you too
  9. jampics2

    jampics2 Champion (850) Ohio Dec 19, 2008 Beer Trader

    And it's about ten thousand times better than Hopslam, so worth the quarter!
  10. Shmuffalo

    Shmuffalo Savant (420) Pennsylvania Feb 26, 2012 Beer Trader

    This stuff is absolutely incredible. One of the best IPAs that I've ever had the pleasure of drinking.
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  11. Torch_Lake

    Torch_Lake Aficionado (175) Ohio Aug 4, 2013

    The weird thing is that even though Ohio beer has been pretty good for some time now, the last five years or so have seen a tremendous spike in the quality of the state's IPAs. I'd add to the list Rhinegeist out of Cincinnati, which has any number of good hop-forward ales as well.
  12. Matthew1788

    Matthew1788 Savant (440) Ohio Feb 23, 2013

    While I hate the 12%abv law here in ohio, we do have some damn good IPA's. Looking forward very much to this one, Fat Heads is first class stuff.
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  13. Shmuffalo

    Shmuffalo Savant (420) Pennsylvania Feb 26, 2012 Beer Trader

    Definitely! But then again, popularity of IPAs have spiked over the past 5 years.
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  14. Schultz

    Schultz Aficionado (225) Maryland Jan 19, 2008 Beer Trader

    Where in West Virginia can I get Fat Heads beer? Love to know so when I visit my son at Fairmont I could avoid the 2 hour detour to Pittsburgh.
  15. You can't, have to get it in PA.
  16. PA-Michigander

    PA-Michigander Poobah (1,210) Pennsylvania Nov 10, 2013 Beer Trader

    Appreciate it but I'm over the loss of beer but not over the POS himself.

    Luckily someone very gracious has actually agreed to send me some JuJu on their own accord which which is awesome and will be appreciated and paid forward. As always.
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  17. jaltland

    jaltland Savant (425) Pennsylvania Aug 13, 2009

    That is awesome! Speaking of paid forward, your generosity with the ZD and Pliny motivated me to pack a few more extras in a couple boxes I sent out last week. I drank the Pliny and a couple ZD and although the hops faded over the last month or so, they were still great beers. I look forward to trying them fresh. Thanks again man.
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  18. steebo777

    steebo777 Advocate (590) Michigan Jun 30, 2009

    I'd send one last message then put him on the bad trader list and post your experience with him.
  19. BradtheGreat7

    BradtheGreat7 Savant (340) Ohio Jul 22, 2011

    Great brewer!
  20. robgage

    robgage Advocate (730) Pennsylvania Dec 19, 2013 Beer Trader

    this beer is ridiculous. seriously amazing! I hope to get more soon!
  21. steebo777

    steebo777 Advocate (590) Michigan Jun 30, 2009

    Since the bottles are only sold at the Production Facility and they're not open Mondays or Tuesdays, I'm gonna have to get a growler and the Saloon. Is it the exact same brewed batch, it is it brewed at the Production and Saloon separately?
  22. ChrisMon02

    ChrisMon02 Advocate (625) Ohio May 2, 2010

    Finished my growler last night. Heading back to Fathead's praying the still have it. Absolutely amazing beer in every way. Looks great, smells and tastes fantastic. If you can score this brew I promise you it will impress.

    If they don't have JuJu I will "settle" for IBUsive. Hopefully the next IPA they bottle.

  23. mps

    mps Savant (400) Ohio Jul 27, 2013 Beer Trader

    It would be the same I believe but my understanding is that they aren't filling growlers right now at the Saloon only the Productions Facility.
  24. primrose54

    primrose54 Savant (395) Ohio Apr 7, 2009 Beer Trader

    I believe they have some at the production brewery for sale.
  25. SomethingClever

    SomethingClever Champion (955) Ohio Feb 22, 2013

    I'm a Hoppin Frog fan their BA versions of BORIS are amazing. I just want to point out I think they may be overlooked a lot because of price. Most of their Bombers are 10.99 to 15.99 if not more. I've only had one of their IPAs and I'm hoping it was just old because it was awful. It was the Mean Manlishi.
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  26. blacknyellow20

    blacknyellow20 Savant (315) Ohio Dec 28, 2012 Beer Trader

    I picked up a growler at the Saloon last Sunday so unless they changed something during the week you can get growlers there.
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  27. mps

    mps Savant (400) Ohio Jul 27, 2013 Beer Trader

    No you are correct...saw on Facebook they weren't doing growler fills but it's just the Pittsburgh location...thanks for helping clarify!
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  28. Josbor11

    Josbor11 Advocate (625) Ohio Dec 21, 2013 Beer Trader

    You guys are forgetting arguably the best Ohio DIPA there is...Alchemy Hour (or now, Chillwave).
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  29. GOBLIN

    GOBLIN Advocate (580) Ohio Mar 3, 2013 Beer Trader

    Lookin' forward to the Chillwave again. Found out yesterday I should find the JuJu next Friday !
  30. steebo777

    steebo777 Advocate (590) Michigan Jun 30, 2009

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  31. I always thought ohio was just that place with lots of trucks that I have to drive through to get to chicago. who knew they have good beer. I want some. Send it to Mass, so I can stop thinking of ohio as a giant truck stop
  32. JohnnyMc

    JohnnyMc Advocate (605) Ohio Feb 14, 2012 Beer Trader

    Oh don't get me wrong I love love loved Chillwave (formerly Alchemy Hour) last year and drank quite a bit, but Hop JuJu (in my personal opinion and taste) is better. That said, can't wait to pick up some Chillwave in a few weeks!
  33. jampics2

    jampics2 Champion (850) Ohio Dec 19, 2008 Beer Trader

    LOL. Good one!
  34. Haha i couldn't agree more. Yeah man. I had the exact same experience, then I tried Mean Manlishi fresh at the brewery and it absolutely blew me away.
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  35. philikikool

    philikikool Zealot (80) France Mar 24, 2013

    To confirm, I got some juju yesterday (2/16) at the brewery in middleburg heights. They still have plenty it seems and it is incredible. Better than hopslam to be sure. It's incredible. About 14.50 with tax for a 4 pack and 84 for a case.
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  36. Dan_Bowman

    Dan_Bowman Savant (320) Ohio Apr 11, 2010 Beer Trader

  37. Sqratch

    Sqratch Aficionado (210) Massachusetts Feb 16, 2014 Beer Trader

    I am having a hard time reading these posts without wanting this beer more and more. Trying to get a trade going...

    Hope it goes through. Love me a DIPA.
  38. Trautwein09

    Trautwein09 Aficionado (190) Ohio Mar 25, 2013 Beer Trader

    I will be in NE Ohio this Friday for work. Is the JuJu out on the shelves anywhere (other than the brewery)?
  39. JohnnyMc

    JohnnyMc Advocate (605) Ohio Feb 14, 2012 Beer Trader

    By Friday it's supposed to be in stores, but the Production Brewery and Tap House will probably still have some,
  40. Josbor11

    Josbor11 Advocate (625) Ohio Dec 21, 2013 Beer Trader

    Lizardville already has it (Lakewood and Bedford).