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Favorite American-brewed Belgian Beer

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by Ricelikesbeer, Jan 22, 2013.

  1. Ri0

    Ri0 Poobah (1,165) Wisconsin Jul 1, 2012 Beer Trader

    Pranqster for me.
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  2. bellce0

    bellce0 Savant (250) Georgia Feb 20, 2010

    PranQster by North Coast Brewing Company was an immediate winner with me.
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  3. COBeerBuff

    COBeerBuff Savant (390) Kansas Jan 4, 2009 Beer Trader

    Boulevard's Sixth Glass is in the top 4 for American-brewed Quads. I'd be enjoying one tonight if it wasn't for this stupid headache.
  4. Sofie. When I walk into the Parrothead Pub in Shelby, they just pour me a bottle in a GI wine glass without asking.

    i gotta post locally (because NC makes great local beer), Fullsteam Beasley's Honey White (with peppercorns)--Wit--, Big Boss Hell's Belle--BPA--, and Pisgah Baptista--Quad--were all great NC Belgians. Mother Earth Wheeping Willow Wit was better than OK.
  5. CoolSuds

    CoolSuds Zealot (90) New York Feb 13, 2008

    Midnight Sun's Panty Peeler is one of my favorite American made Belgian style beers. Unibroue Maudite (Canada) is a world class Dubbel IMHO even though it's made in North America.
  6. CoolSuds

    CoolSuds Zealot (90) New York Feb 13, 2008

    Yes but I believe they started out as an independent and they were good then too. Maybe that's why Duvel purchased them.
  7. sacrelicio

    sacrelicio Advocate (635) Minnesota Feb 15, 2005

    so hard to choose, I'll just say Allagash, Ommegang, Unibroue - all.
  8. Ok I gotta throw out Indigo Imp Jester in there. Theyre a small open fermenting brewery in Cleveland, OH. Fresh, their bottles are meh. With a bit of time (a few months), the beers are tart and sour like a great BPA from Belgium.
  9. SFACRKnight

    SFACRKnight Champion (800) Colorado Jan 20, 2012 Beer Trader

    Funwerks and crooked stave immediately come to mind. Dark truth stout actually is one of my favorite brews and can hold its own with most quads and strong dark ales. Avery has been brewing some great sours lately. I think an odio equum is going to make its way up from the cellar right now actually.
  10. So i can say Duvel Rustica......?
  11. WOLVERINE0611

    WOLVERINE0611 Aficionado (175) Ohio May 28, 2005

    I think that Weyerbacher's Merry Monks is very underrated. The Unibroue and Ommegang offerings are all great. But for me, it's GI's Sofie. Everytime I see it on the shelf I just smile.