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  1. I was originally going to post a thread asking if anyone has any issues with the 'new wave' of keg beers doing the rounds these days until I realised that in all likelihood it was a pointless question.

    Am curious to hear of UK BA's favouite 'craft' keg beer as well as an idea of your/our experience with this recent development of this method of dispension.

    And for the record, and at least for the moment, Magic Rock's Cannonball is my keg to beg.
  2. I can't fit a fag paper between Thornbridge Chiron, Magic Rock High Wire and Summer Wine Oregon. Beers all the better for being a little bit colder and crisper than cask.
  3. Watney's red barrel :p
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  4. Of the three mentioned I've only had the Chiron (last Saturday and thanks for taking me to a source) but it was mighty fine. And the slightly colder serving temp really does make the difference. Keg Hardcore IPA is a prime example of this. Crispness is a factor as is the tendancy of keg beers to seemingly have a more consistent structure. With cask its a hit and a miss. Love cask but I'm increasingly pulled to these new fangled 'craft' kegs. Its like the Bordeaux vs Burgundy paradigm.

    Should CAMRA be worried by these new craft keg warriors? Even slightly?
  5. Due to the fact that the last couple of times I had Robinson's Old Tom on cask it tasted like it would be better sprinkled on chips than drank and when we were all out in Sheffield Thornbridge's General Sherman on keg was rather tasty, I would say that rather than worry or be divided that Camra should accept that keg does sometimes have it's place.
    Of course bearing in mind that Thornbridge White Swan on the same night with the benefit of a secondary fermentation and perfect serving made the bottle and therefore keg comparable version seem an almost different and vastly inferior beer I think we all should be far more worried about cask becoming a thing of the past.
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    Perhaps it's the avocation of cellaring that we should be worried about?
  7. I was just thinking about that the other day. Generally the quality of cellarmanship has increased greatly over the years but even the best places stumble at times. For example, one of my locals, which has wons awards in the past, has a tendancy to serve cask at a teeth rattling coldness. And there are other niggling problems which can be offputting as well.
    There is also the age old problem with perception. On my recent jaunt through central Sheffield I was encouraged to find a wide range of age groups frequenting cask pubs. Up in Scotland its a different story. The contrast between 'the young folk' in BrewDog and the more seasoned veteran in more estabhished cask emporium (ie The Three Judges in Glasgow, Prince of Wales in Aberdeen or Bow Bar in Edinburgh) is pretty stark. And so are the attitudes towards what these two groups will drink.
  8. Only keg UK beer i've ever had was Brains Dark on nitro-tap. Was a bit like Guinness from pubs with the exception of having some taste. Still too cold and smooth though for a mild.