Filling a Growler from a keg

Discussion in 'Home Bar' started by jageraholic, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. jageraholic

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    Not sure which forum this belongs under but it sounds like beer talk. I was wondering how long a growler will stay fresh if it's filled from a keg. Just in case i get a keg and it's not finished in a day since I don't have a kegerator (yet) and it will be in a bucket of ice. Is there any tricks to making the growler last longer.

  2. paulys55

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    I'm guessing if you don't have a kegerator, then purging with CO2 is out of the question. Next best thing is filling as high as possible and capping on foam. Obviously, keep out of light and refrigerate asap.
  3. billandsuz

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    depends on alot, but it is not unreasonable to expect a few days, and possibly weeks or months.
    assuming this is not a high gravity beer or very light lager type, you can expect weeks.

    fill the bottle to the very top, with as little head space as possible. oxygen stales beer rapidly, so you want to minimize the presence of oxygen. if you can purge the bottle with CO2 before filling you sould.

    keep it as cold as possible. this also preserves freshness, slows staling and helps to hold CO2. remember too that keg beer is not pasteurized. it must be kept cold.

    the cap needs to be tight, for obvious reasons. some people wrap a bit of electric tape around the cap and bottle gap. honestly don't know how much this helps, but it looks cool anyway.

    don't expect much life from any nitro stouts. the creamy guinness variety won't pour anything like you expect after a very brief time.

    once the growler is open, a few days is all you will have. it will go flat and stale.

    consider buying a 1/4 keg or sixtel if you think you can't finish 15.5 gallons.
  4. jeffthecheff

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    If he taps a keg with a hand pump, wont the beers he puts into the growlers have been exposed to oxygen and have the same shelf life as the keg itself (a day?)?
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  5. billandsuz

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    yep. all bets are off. rent a jockey box or throw away your money.
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  6. dap325

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    If you're not using CO2 to push the beer, you would not see any difference between keg and growler. Drink asap or the quality will suffer greatly.
  7. jageraholic

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    Sounds good. Thanks for the help! Looks like I'll put my rally cap on and make sure the keg is kicked that day.
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  8. Hanzo

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    If you are going to have issues finishing a keg before it goes bad I am sure there are BA members in your area that would be glad to assist.
  9. dcgunman

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    I filled my growler from my kegerator the other day and took it immediately to a party. Filled it straight from the tap. No tube or anything. It filled to about 3/4 full before it started to flow over with foam. I think as long as you drink ASAP it should be fine.
  10. If anyones ever been to NEBC in woodbridge cT they fill growlers straight from the kegerator, no fill tube or anything. SeaHAg and Gandhi-bot taste great. Fill to the top no foam and enjoy. havent had any last more than a day so i cant comment to freshness after that...