Finally! Fresh Mongo Bottles

Discussion in 'US - Pacific' started by OTB, Mar 21, 2012.

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    No. Kegs are force carb'd.
  2. It sounds, then, like this beer has a wide latitude of inconsistency, as the bottles I have had are exactly as I described. There was no compact yeast sediment on the bottom of my bottles. Yeast is very easy to decant off of. Back in my early days of homebrewing, I had some THICK (almost an inch!) cakes of yeast at the bottom of my bottles (sloppy transferring!) and it was still very easy to leave that behind when pouring. The haze "floaties", on the other hand, are very light and easily disturbed, which was my experience with Mongo. So I just poured vigorously and enjoyed a delicious hazy beer. It did not taste like yeast at all.

    I agree that I'd prefer it not look like that, since, as has been said before, we "taste with our eyes first" and it's gross looking.

    Now that there are some fresh bottles out there, I'll have to grab one and see what I get this time.
  3. I haven't witnessed it personally, but I'll bet you $1 that when a keg of mongo kicks, the last pour looks like a glass of milk, since the bottom is where all of the sed would be, force carb'd or not. I suppose it could also depend on which part of the tank the keg was filled from, as closer to the bottom would theoretically have more solids.
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    Also depends on the filtration system that Port uses when filling their kegs.
  5. True. Without thinking about it, I realize that I was assuming it was just filtered (or un- ;)) the same as the bottles.