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Firestone Invitational the 2nd

Discussion in 'US - Pacific' started by PaulStoneAnchor, Feb 1, 2013.

  1. Who's going? I definitely think 3F and Cigar City will out shine everyone this year. Three Floyds did it right last year with Bourbon Vanilla Dark Lord...so tasty! And not to mention Alesmith with Barrel Aged Brewer's Speedway!
  2. Stayed up until midnight to get some tickets last night. Looking forward to it.
  3. drgarage

    drgarage Initiate (0) California Aug 19, 2008

    Got mine, too. Had to set an alarm. I don't make it to midnight much these days...
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  4. Tickets are there this morning. Probably didn't need to stay up.
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  5. BilbosNuts

    BilbosNuts Savant (355) California Feb 22, 2011

    Yup got mine this morning
  6. drgarage

    drgarage Initiate (0) California Aug 19, 2008

    I just noticed. Oh, well. I jur hope this means they aren't increasing the total number of tickets. It was perfect last year.
  7. Fresh

    Fresh Aficionado (180) California Dec 27, 2012

    I'll be there. Stayed up as well even though I didn't need to!
  8. I'll be there. I don't think Three Floyds is coming this year though.
  9. APreacher

    APreacher Savant (295) California Jun 6, 2012

    I will be there.
  10. Devi0us

    Devi0us Advocate (555) California May 3, 2011

    I'll be there, got my tickets during the pre sale...I really hope all of the brewers step up their game this year since Three Floyds brought their A Game last year...

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  11. bird22

    bird22 Savant (435) California Jan 2, 2011

    Three Floyd's will be there again this year. I believe this is the full list so far:

    Kern river
    Moonlight brewing company
    Fifty fifty
    Tap's fish house and brewery
    The Bruery
    New Belgium
    Three Floyd's
    Russian River
    Lost Abbey
    Ballast Point
    Golden Road
    Yo Ho
    Figueroa Mountain Brewing
    Rahr and Sons
    Southern Tier
    Bear Republic
    Sun King
    Cigar City
    Green Flash
    and of course, Firestone Walker
  12. drgarage

    drgarage Initiate (0) California Aug 19, 2008

    They're on the list from Firestone already...
  13. drgarage

    drgarage Initiate (0) California Aug 19, 2008

    That list is so killer. Crooked Stave or Hill Farmstead would just take it to a heretofore unprecedented level...
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  14. I stand corrected. Looks like a very exciting list.
  15. stupac2

    stupac2 Initiate (0) California Feb 22, 2011

    Got my tickets, my group has a house rented, shit just got real, son.
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  16. bugdoc

    bugdoc Savant (255) California Apr 4, 2011

    I bought in - maybe this year I'll actually go to the fest...
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  17. locked tickets up during pre-sale.
    last year's was the best festival i've ever attended, wouldn't dream if missing it!
  18. So, is it too early to start planning a bottle share on the evening of Friday May 31st;)?

    Went to GABF last year, Firestone Walker Invitational topped it, in my opinion. This year will undoubtedly be no exception!
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  19. drewone

    drewone Champion (750) California Sep 18, 2006

    What is your source for this list, FW website only list who attended last year. Regardless I bought a ticket.
  20. hophead247

    hophead247 Savant (440) California Jan 27, 2008

    The Firestone Invitational Facebook page listed all this year's attendees.1

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  21. Going. Stayed up lat last night figuring tickets would be gone in minutes. We don't do many festivals these days but everyone I know who went last year said it was insane. How were the lines/crowds last year? Can we pool our money to get Hill Farmstead and Lawson's to join?
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  22. drgarage

    drgarage Initiate (0) California Aug 19, 2008

    The only long lines all day were for Vanilla Bean Dark Lord right at opening, and even that was typically no more than 15 minutes -- and wound up lasting for almost two hours. It's seriously amazing how well they put it together.
  23. That's encouraging. I really hope they didn't increase the # of tickets by a lot. I hate the "cow at a stockyard" feel of a lot of festivals.
  24. Got my ticket this morning and room yesterday. I hope both the event and I are a little more laid back this year. Memories(or lack thereof) from last year are still being discussed.
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  25. jtmartino

    jtmartino Savant (480) California Dec 11, 2010

    We're in. Staying with a gal named Adelaide.
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  26. drgarage

    drgarage Initiate (0) California Aug 19, 2008

    We'll be at the Best Western down the street. Might have to swing by and say hello...
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  27. Pecan

    Pecan Savant (445) Arizona Dec 20, 2012

    I'm in! Also stayed up for the tix and saw them still available this morning. Now I just need to be more responsible and book a room somewhere. Any suggestions?
  28. Skuter

    Skuter Savant (270) California Jun 21, 2008

    Got tickets at the pre-sale back in November, rest of our party got tickets last night. Booked two rooms at the Adelaide Inn as well for our party. I think there is a standing bottleshare at the Adelaide every year!
  29. Tried to book the Adelaide but it's full according to the website. We'll be at The Oaks up the street with a fairly large Santa Cruz contingent.
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  30. jtmartino

    jtmartino Savant (480) California Dec 11, 2010

    Any of the surrounding hotels are solid. Best western, Oaks, etc. Use Kayak.com's map feature to see what's near the fairgrounds (within walking distance.)

    I looked at VRBO but by the time you factor in cleaning and everything it's at least $525 (1 bedroom) or $550 (2 bedroom) for 2 nights in a downtown unit.
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  31. DovaliHops

    DovaliHops Savant (480) California Nov 16, 2009

    My girlfriend surprised me this morning! Looks like we're gonna be there! I am very excited for this.
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  32. Retsinis

    Retsinis Advocate (565) California Sep 25, 2009

    I also got tickets Thanksgiving weekend, presale, along with a few others. Quite a number of our other friends got tickets last night, or this morning. Staying at the Adelaide Inn as well. Last year was fantastic!​
  33. OakedCanuck

    OakedCanuck Initiate (0) Washington Jun 23, 2009

    I'm in. Staying at the Black Oak. Will be bringing beers down from Seattle.
  34. In!

    The Adelaide is already booked solid!

    That was crazy fast!
  35. You may want to call them if you want to book there. I booked a room at the Adelaide about 15mins ago. When I checked the website earlier, it showed there was no availablity so I called. They said some rooms were blocked off for festival goers.
  36. Ahhhh. Thanks.

    Is this where my fellow degenerate beer nerds will be sharing bottles before and after?
  37. What are the room rates at the Adelaide looking like?
  38. I think I'll be camping this year.
  39. About $130 a night.
  40. SP23

    SP23 Aficionado (145) California Aug 21, 2008

    $121.00 Friday and Saturday