Firestone Walker - Velvet Merkin

Discussion in 'Beer Releases' started by imfrommichigan, Aug 7, 2013.

  1. 3500 cases of velvet merkin are being released the same number as Parabola so good luck to you
    im going to the release at the brewery and pre-paid for my bottles with the ticket WOOHOO no chasing trucks for me
  2. I've got my tix for the release as well! Hope to see some of you BAs there.
  3. Cam1221

    Cam1221 Disciple (65) Illinois Apr 28, 2013

    Glad to see this will be in Chicago. I'm really looking forward to trying this.
  4. All you gotta do is convince Shaun Hill to do a collab and get the brewery approved for the state haha
  5. is it september yet? GIMME VELVET NOWWWWWWWWW :eek:
  6. Glad to say I live in MD right now.
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  7. MCain04

    MCain04 Savant (400) Texas Jan 3, 2013

    Happy birthday, Velvet Merkin! One day closer to you being in my belly. Ironically.
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  8. Nevermore

    Nevermore Aficionado (155) Maryland Feb 14, 2013

    As a fellow Marylander I would agree with you. We are not in any of the big beer mecca states like some others here but occasionally we get something nice(or head up to Philly/down to DC when they do instead).
  9. Haven't I seen you at meetings?
    Who's your sponsor?
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  10. hitter114

    hitter114 Aficionado (215) Colorado Apr 30, 2011

    this sounds amazing, i want some
  11. JTDay

    JTDay Aficionado (135) Georgia Jan 28, 2013

    ISO. FT: Slave services
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  12. I wonder when ny will get it
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  13. bad news: spoke to some firestone guys yesterday and they said this beer would be out in two months rather than mid-sept
  14. Rau71

    Rau71 Initiate (0) California Dec 12, 2011

    I heard they cancelled the release completely, and are never making a barrel aged beer again, so don't seek them out anymore.
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  15. The two month estimate is probably for distro, they will have it available at the brewery and Barrellworks.

  16. Or maybe the person was completely lying about having heard that for self-serving purposes.
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  17. right, because my post has such a high chance of creating additional supply at the two to three bottle shops i visit :)
  18. Rau71

    Rau71 Initiate (0) California Dec 12, 2011

    If they pushed this out tickets for the release wouldn't still be for sale.
  19. Cubatobaco

    Cubatobaco Advocate (660) Virginia Jan 27, 2013

    Glad to see this is on the list for VA.
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  20. Has anyone seen this in ma. I'm guessing early sep?
  21. RWNay

    RWNay Savant (465) Illinois Oct 7, 2010

    I'd say more like October
  22. Rau71

    Rau71 Initiate (0) California Dec 12, 2011

    The Offical release is Sept. 14th. So I don't think anyone has seen it yet.
  23. misterid

    misterid Savant (270) Wisconsin Apr 3, 2009

    you know how i know you don't have a girlfriend/wife?
  24. I'm really glad to see this is going to be such a wide release! Hopefully I'll be able to grab a few.
  25. Any BAs going to this release?
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  26. i really hope merkin won't be as disturbing as the parabola release. a few store owners that i talk to said FW reps were hand delivering 3 bottles to a few stores on LI. shit was insane!
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  27. I picked up one bottle on LI and then realized that all the trouble it took me to get that one I could simply trade and get plenty since its so easy to get in Cali, haha.
  28. JesseLara

    JesseLara Savant (385) California Nov 4, 2012

    Got my ticket the day the went on sale, stoked to go check it out!
  29. Velvet Merlin is the non BA version
  30. Stevedore

    Stevedore Poobah (1,020) Wisconsin Nov 16, 2012

    to those of you who have had it on tap- how does it compare to Parabola?
  31. Not nearly as good. Just my opinion.
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  32. I e-mailed my craft contact at the FW distributor within the last 2 weeks and was told they had no info from FW about Merkin yet (they also had no idea when they'd be getting more Union Jack, which has been selling well lately). So I am glad to see that the amount is the same as Parabola and Sucaba, which means I should get a case at my store. Good to hear, indeed.
  33. I haven't had Parabola but your post has bummed me out a bit. The non BA version (Velvet Merlin) is good stuff

  34. I had some on tap last year at a Firestone Walker tap takeover. I concur that it isn't as good as Parabola, but it isn't a knock on the Merkin. Parabola is simply that good.
  35. Rau71

    Rau71 Initiate (0) California Dec 12, 2011

    I will be there. Looking forward to it. And also saying something isn't as good as parabola isn't that big of a diss. But that being said it is a lot "smaller" than parabola as it is an oatmeal stout, but I like the lighter ABV, but the flavor does lag behind parabola.
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  36. Stevedore

    Stevedore Poobah (1,020) Wisconsin Nov 16, 2012

    I just ask because I had a bunch of Parabola this year, and while I thought it was a very good beer, it wasn't a great one. Its the kind of very good beer I'd get one bottle of each year, but no more. So I'm just trying to get a gauge on where Velvet Merkin stands.
  37. Definitely a different flavor profile than Parabola. I had Merkin on tap last year, and it could be best described as Parabola Light. It has a smooth milk chocolate and coffee flavor that should lend well to some aging.

  38. Agree. I like to consider it a "sessionable" Parabola. For those mid-week days when you come home and ~12% ABV can't do, but you want a Parabola dammit!
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  39. Stevedore

    Stevedore Poobah (1,020) Wisconsin Nov 16, 2012

    That sounds pretty appealing. We'll have to see if I can snag a bottle down in Illinois (no FSW distribution in Wisconsin :()

    Haha thats what bottle stoppers are for. The last Parabola I opened, I used a stopper and drank it over 5 days (Saturday-Wednesday). 4oz a day when I come home from work. On the last day it tasted the same as it did the first day! :) Kind of like sipping on some whiskey on a school night...
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  40. Ain't nobody got time for 4 oz Parabola pours!