Firestone XVI in MA

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  1. Parabola/Abacus have never been less than $15. It's entirely possible you got a deal somewhere, but they pretty much came in with a $15-$17 street price in MA from day 1, and have held there. FW14 also hit stores at $20-$22, with the dirt cheapest I ever saw it for was $18 at a generally really cheap store.

    As for the lack of supply, this is more concerning than a buck or two anyway. Not sure what the deal is - FW makes a huge number of these beers, and they sit on shelves for a very long time out west. (As such, super easy to trade for) Dunno why we're seeing such low allocation for the last couple of releases.
  2. I'm not going to argue with you over what you've paid but I know what I've paid. Take it or leave it. Again, the issue is with the low distribution numbers. Apparently, the greater Boston area will enjoy 100 cases of Sucaba while everyone north can go sit on it with 7 cases. This is coming directly from their rep. I won't be going and chasing this stuff down. Not worth a 2 hour drive both ways to score a few bottles. It can collect dust in Boston.
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    That's been mostly been my experience as well including last year's vintage of each, give or take $1. And I buy at several stores in western Mass. Not sure where people are getting the "prices are going up" mentality from.
  4. Dope

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    So I totally missed out on FW16 this year, didn't even realize it had shown up anywhere. Has anyone seen it on the shelves anywhere at all? I know it's probably a reach at this point (even though I've seen FW15 on shelves in the last month, which is crazy), but I figured it can't hurt to ask.

  5. Unfortunately, it seems safe at this point to say you did. I think a lot of people are in the same boat.
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    FW16 is still available at multiple locations in southern RI depending on where in Mass you are. Hell, Wyoming Package still has XV.
  7. Yeah, they completely effed MA with 16 and now the latest with Sucaba. I had to trade for another bottle of 16. Depending on if/when I can get down to RI again, I may keep my eyes open for another 16 but probably won't happen.
  8. Is it that they effed us, or that 15 is still sitting on shelves, and 14 took over a year to clear out? (Honest question - they've been sending us way too much of the anniversary ales for the last two years)
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    Wyoming package had a couple 16s and a ton of 15 last i checked. Wakefield liquors had a few 15s and pier liquors in Narragansett has a bunch of 16s that nobody seems to be touching.
  10. I'm gonna go with effed because of the response I got from the rep. They said they cut the distro to MA by about 20% but stores that got 4-5 cases last year were lucky to get 2-3 bottles or MAYBE 1 case. That's a cut TO 20% not BY 20%. Maybe he was just really bad with math. Either way, I'm not digging the way they're handling their distro. Shops that normally had some sitting around for a few weeks (not years or even months) sold out before they put them on shelves or didn't get it at all. Just seems like piss poor planning.
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    Not looking in the right places? I grabbed an Abacus at Pemberton Farms today and they had another half dozen or so. $14.99.
  12. Pemberton is Boston Craft. It's Seaboard that got screwed. Nothing north of boston saw any significant allocation of Sucaba. Just not worth a 2 hour round trip to grab this stuff. There are plenty of craft accounts around me. If they don't want to ship up here, I don't need to buy their beer.
  13. Seaboard got screwed over in terms of Sucaba? I had no idea, I managed to get 3 bottles easy, but from 2 different stores in Boston, so now that makes sense. I missed Parabola, but managed to grab one XVI.
  14. Boston Craft received 100 cases while Seaboard received 7. So if you got it in or around Boston, that was Boston Craft, not Seaboard. The whole Parabola thing sucked and XVI wasn't much better.
  15. Holy shit. That sucks. Didn't FW fuck up our initial Parabola distro and accidentally send it somewhere else? Or was that last year?
  16. That was the 2012 Parabola. The entire MA shipment was supposedly shipped somewhere else.
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    Gotcha...that sucks, man.
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    Try the Groton Market for both Sucaba and XVI. You have to ask for it from the owner though.
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  19. Nonni's in Saugus got some.
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  20. Dope

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    Thanks, will have to check them out. Both are about 25 mins from my work (in opposite directions, unfortunately).

  21. Also, just for future reference, if your going to buy any other beer there be sure to check dates. I almost grabbed a Port Brewing Hop-15 before I realized it was bottled over a year ago.
  22. Some past date MBC lunch and DFH 120. The store must not get much craft traffic
  23. Yea they make most of they're sales through wine but they do get some really good beer in there. I'd just stay clear of anything in the fridge (box usually feels like they are ready to fall apart from sitting in they're so long)
  24. I've gone a few times, my brother in law lives down the road in melrose. Nonni himself is really nice and a few of their guys really know their beer. Look closely and you can find some good stuff. I got abacus '12 and Killer penguin '11 a couple weeks ago
  25. xanok

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    I'd to know where this FW15 can be found.
  26. Dope

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    Last time I saw it, it was at Burlington Wine and Spirits, near the Burlington Mall. Can't guarantee it's still there.

  27. xanok

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    Thanks. I'm going to be near that in a week for the EBF. Gonna take a look.
  28. Just a heads up for everyone. The BS continues. This is the update from the rep on Parabola:

    Just a heads up that Parabola isn't getting here until Wednesday...that being said it should hit shelves on Friday for some stores then the following week.

    Craft Beer Cellars in Belmont receives the most out of any account (2-3 cases)

    You could also try - Urban Grape in Chestnut Hill.

    Blanchards in JP or West Roxbury.

    North Shore gets little to no cases since the bulk of my business is in boston.

    Let me know if you have any more questions.

    Lauren Emery

    I won't be looking but in case any of you guys are in or around Boston and will be looking for Parabola.
  29. man, sounds like a veritable flood of bottles!

  30. willbm3

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    By Wednesday do you mean tomorrow or next week?
  31. I'm guessing tomorrow, but I'd call first. This was the exact e-mail so I don't have a date, just "Wednesday."
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    FYI Posted by CBC on Facebook: "Parabola: 1 per customer, $15, no holds, no calls, 24 bottles. If you're on our list, you're golden...we'll be calling soon!"
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    3 or 4 left about an hour ago.
  34. Back to FW XV and XVI, any recent sightings in MA or RI?
  35. XV is still likely floating around on a dusty shelf if you peek into dark corners, but I think it's finally mostly gone after 1.5 years. XVI came and went in very short supply this year.