Fitchburg, MA Cafe w/ craft bottle selection

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  1. Chaibo in Fitchburg, MA Great limited bottle selection for craft beer in a non-bar atmosphere. To me it's a really satisfying selection for this kind of place. Serpent Stout 22oz, Yeti, DFH 60, 90, & IBA, Blithering Idiot, Stone Ruination & Arrogant Bastard, St. Bernardus Trip, and some sam, woodchuck cider, and Wachusett blueberry thrown in for good measure. Good paninis, great coffee, excellent loose tea selection, excellent deserts(north end imported I think) and a fun open mic on Fridays. It can get crowded during open mic, but any other day you are likely to have the place to yourself. They have outdoor seating in the warmer months and outdoor open mic. Most of the staff doesn't know anything about beer, and is likely unfamiliar with their own selection and they do not use proper glassware, but if you don't mind drinking out of a standard pint glass or pilsner glass it's not a bad place to drink. Any BAs been there lately? I submitted the place to BA, but it hasn't been approved yet. If BAs start showing up in numbers the place could evolve further.
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    Thanks for the tip. I'm always looking for local spots that the kid can get something(chocolate fondue) and the adults can get something (beer). It would be great if they got/had some better stouts to go with some of their chocolate themed desserts. The Yeti is a great start.
  3. Lost Abbey Serpent Stout not your thing? I think it's great with a desert. But ya, I bring my 7 yr old all the time. Family friendly.
  4. Stout tasting on May 11th.
  5. How are the prices?
  6. Typical of any bars bottle selections I think. 5.50 for a founders dirty bastard, 8.50 for a yeti, 6.50 for an old raspy. and there are 22oz lost abbey serpent's stout for 15. and rumor has it there will be some Evil Twin Imperial Biscotti Break available for purchase at the stout tasting next Saturday.