Five-Course Dinner Pairing Suggestions

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  1. BuckeyeOne

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    Here is the menu for a dinner that is being prepared for 6 people. My wife and I and four friends purchased this dinner at our sons' school auction. Let me know your suggested pairings for each course. Feel free to make specific beer suggestions and not just styles if you're so inclined. Thanks in advance.

    First Course - appetizer
    White truffle custard with fresh crab and caviar

    Second Course - salad
    Frisée with crispy soft poached egg and duck confit

    Apple sorbet

    Third Course - main
    Spiced pork civet with root vegetables and gremolata

    Fourth Course - cheese plate
    Selection of French cheeses
    Served with baguette

    Fifth Course - dessert
    Double chocolate roll
  2. BuckeyeOne

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    I ended up drinking what the hosts provided for the first two courses: French champagne for the appetizer course and a French Riesling for the salad course. I had a Rodenbach Grand Cru for the main course and the cheese course and a Deschutes Black Butte XXIV for the dessert.
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    1st Course
    Light lager or witbier... Atlantic Lager flying dog, Witbier... standards... ST. Bernadus , punch it up Namaste.

    2nd Course
    Framboise, New Glarus Raspberry tart, Lindemans... or possibly a sweet angle of an Oud Bruin to pull out the duck fatness... maybe on the sweeter side Petrus... maybe pull of a Jacobins, what about doppelbocks?

    3rd Course
    Mix it up for a break, have some cider... or something accenting sweetness.. mead, or go crazy and have a lambic. or more malt punch.

    4th Course
    Too many options. Ipa's with the hard cheeses... french cheese what? You could serve several things here...

    Go dark and bold, big double Imperial stout, or just Russian Imperial... too many to mention. Double Chocolate roll is kind of generic in its description.

    Either way sounds like you had a good time. Rodenbach I see was offered and it's a great food pairing brew.