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Flat Earth Brewing

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by Hopstout, Jan 15, 2013.

  1. Hopstout

    Hopstout Savant (380) Minnesota Dec 15, 2011

    Has anyone tried this years batch of Winter Warlock yet?
    Even though it doesn't get very high ratings, I am a fan of it having purchased 2 growlers and 4 or 5 bombers last winter. I think that it's quite tasty.
    However, I drank a bottle of the 2013 and it was drastically different...as in a different style of beer.

    I know my barleywines because its one of my favorite styles that I drink often.
    This was a lager.
    It was light golden in color.
    It had massive head that dissolved fairly quickly.
    Not malty at all.
    It tasted like a lager.

    Was there a mix up at the brewery? Did they fill the wrong bottles? Do I win a prize for finding the secret bottle?
    I am positive that this is what happened or else the recipe has drastically been changed.

    Any ideas are appreciated.

  2. accordselux

    accordselux Savant (320) Minnesota Nov 26, 2007

  3. Overlord

    Overlord Advocate (665) California Jun 28, 2007

    You sure you were drinking winter warlock? Sounds like it might have been Kaiser Gold Premium Beer, sold by Privatbrauerei Eichbaum.