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foam issue

Discussion in 'Home Bar' started by jlordi12, Jan 16, 2013.

  1. I he an issue with beer pouring foamy. I have done all the research on why it could be happening but I'm not sure any apply to me. My question is because of a consistent problem of beer leaking from the post when the coupler is hooked up I've stopped hooking it up other then when I need a pour. Could this potentiAlly be my foam problem, my thinking is maybe my system is treating every pour like a first pour because of the constant unhooking of liquid coupler?

    Any feedback would be appreciated. Thank you.
  2. VikeMan

    VikeMan Champion (820) Pennsylvania Jul 12, 2009

    What happens if you pour another one immediately following the first?

    First Pour Foam is a function of temperature, usually due to the lines in a tower being warmer than the beer.
  3. billandsuz

    billandsuz Savant (450) New York Sep 1, 2004

    first, fix your system. beer shouldn't be leaking anywhere. fix that. if it is a new retail purchase, please also go back to the seller for assistance. we do help, but they have your money.

    then, if needed, we can begin to discuss the 15 or so other things that could possibly need attention.
  4. The beer is foam for the first 2-3 seconds. I do have a tower cooler but maybe I'm not using it properly?
  5. I plan to but, I'm sick of dumping money into this travesty. Kegging has been brutal to me. As Vikeman pointed out a few weeks ago I think my cheap plastic couplers keep getting scratched on a mishaped post or two? They are cheap enough but I've already replaced them less then a month ago. Do they make stainless couplers for cornies?
  6. VikeMan

    VikeMan Champion (820) Pennsylvania Jul 12, 2009

    But is it just as foamy as the first pour? (Don't know how long the first pour was foamy.) Bottom line... if each subsequent pour gets less foamy, it's temperature.
  7. Is the tower cooler supposed to be placed at the bottom? I kind have it shoved up there quite a bit for sturdiness. Think I would benefit with moving it down?
  8. I don't know what sort of tower cooler you're using (I'll assume it's a simple fan). Is there an escape route for the warm air that the cooler is trying to displace? It would be ineffective otherwise.
  9. This I didn't know. Its kind just hanging out in there. I didn't think the minimal amount of warm air displacement would effect a cold keg.
  10. The tower cooler doesn't do anything to the keg. Its purpose is to keep the tower, lines, and faucet cool, minimizing the amount of heat the beer picks up on its way to your glass (warm beer tends to foam). There's warm air in the tower. If the warm air can't get out, then the cold air can't get in, and it's a wasted effort.

    Note that I'm still assuming this is a simple fan. If not, then disregard what I've said.
  11. I got the tower cooler from kegkits.com, supposedly it is a good one. If it sucked I'd be none the wiser. I've felt the tower when the fan is on and it is certainly cold. My guess is warm air is being displaced effectively.
  12. If the tower is cold, then that's probably not the issue. You need to eliminate some of the 'standard' foaming causes:

    Is the beer, perhaps, overcarbed? (what's your serving pressure/temperature? Consult the charts)
    Are your glasses impeccably clean? (dirty glasses = more foam)
    Are your glasses cold? (warm glasses cause foam the same way that warm lines cause foam)
    Are you pouring with the faucet wide open? (a partially open faucet creates turbulence, which results in foamy pours)
    Are you pouring down the side of the glass?
    Try rinsing the glass with plain water before pouring.

    I would also strongly recommend fixing your leaking post problem. While I doubt it's related to your foaming issue, it's just not a good thing. You want everything working properly.
  13. Maybe.
    Not this , foaming before the glass.
    Not this.
    Not this...

    And yes I plan on doing that, next time I get around to the LHBS.

    Most likely the beer is overcarbed. I might need a new regulator if I can't get it squared away soon. I'm serving at 10 PSI.
  14. nedvalton

    nedvalton Aficionado (160) Alabama Dec 29, 2012

    I serve at 12-14psi (high i know) but it has the perfect head. I had bad foaming issues and swapped to actual 3/16 beer line. 10 feet maybe a little more on each tap. Plus went to perlick 525ss and would never go back.
    How long are your lines?
    Inside diameter?
    Wall thickness?
  15. I have about 5' of 3/16. Not sure of the thickness
  16. Just as a side note , I decarb the keg over a day and a half and set to 9 PSI the thing is pouring like a champ.

    Thanks everyone - now I'll just have to try some bigger o rings to fix my leak (I'm using Danco #10s) or get a couple new posts and couplers.