Food and beer suggestions for Jolly Pumpkin - Traverse City

Discussion in 'Great Lakes' started by drummermattie02, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. drummermattie02

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    My mom is in the area visiting family and asked me whether I had any recommendations. Having never been myself, I figured I'd check here first to see a) whether there's any food they are well known for (e.g., pizzas rock, skip the sandwiches, steaks are surprisingly good for a non-steakhouse, and the like) and b) what kind of beers they typically have available. The online menu lists a couple, just wondering if there's a more up-to-date list/first-hand knowledge out there.

    Thanks in advance, ma appreciates it.
  2. MarcatGSB

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    I'm not certain on food at the moment, however everything they do is very, very quality. Their menu rotates seasonally. I will however say, if they have Noel De Calabaza, she has to have a glass of that. It's the perfect beer for the season, great chestnut flavor, not too funky, but nice.
  3. tommyz

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    I second the post above..Noel de Calabaza is fantastic
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  4. drummermattie02

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    Awesome, thanks guys.
  5. psykosis

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    Probably too late, but...

    They have almost all the JP beers at the pub, but they tend to be a couple dollars more than you'd see them in a store.

    Their food is REALLY good. My goto there is the cheesy BLT with truffle fries. SO good.

    If your mom is looking for suggestions for other food, I can give you some of those as well, just let me know what she likes.

    And if she is going to get bottles for you, have her go to The Beverage Company, where she can load up on things fom Founders (they have a lot of Bolt Cutter left), Dark Horse, Shorts, or whatever else. Their staff is helpful usually and could help her pick things out.

    Any TC questions, just drop me a BM. :)
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  6. Steimie

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    White Pizza. Seriously.
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  7. drummermattie02

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    Not too late, she's actually going this evening. Thanks for the helpful suggestions, I suspect a good time will be had.