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Great Britain Food Fight Club

Discussion in 'Europe' started by EmperorBevis, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. Oh it included
    with a battle setting
    Jennings Sneck lifter up against Kernel Extra Stout :O
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  2. Haven't seen but Jamie usually has decent beer. I remember noticing Kernel in his kitchen once, and Tomos Watkin when he was in Wales.
  3. Listening to Take That whilst making love
    makes it an Orgy
    Because you add 5 more twats to your night of passion
  4. his choices were a bit squiffy
    included Innis & Gunn Rum
  5. This was in a category of flavoured beers
    I do believe the appropriate internet phrase is

    Also on FB having a lovely mature and heartfelt chat with the manager of a Belgian brewery
    really does make this aspect of the show seem very immature.
  6. "Right best dark beers... *pulls out a Jennings Sneck Lifter* Oh dear.
  7. "How do we make a beer as complex and deep as a Belgian ale? Lots and lots of hops!"
  8. well we don't do it by pandering to
    'British beer is warm and flat and tastes of Dishwater'
    and we don't do it by turning our back on our own brewing traditions
    and those who put in the hard work and took the risk for Camra by starting brewing in the 70's and 80's
    and rely solely on the New Kids like Camden.
  9. Camden aren't bad but i'd like to think they (and Innis and Gunn) got chosen because they slipped channel 4 a few quid. If it was me it'd be
    Pale Ale - Kernel
    Dark Ale - Kernel
    Strong Ale - Kernel
    Fruity flavoured ale - Kernel (hop plants basically count as flavouring :p )
    Abbey ale - do a deal with a bishop and make Kernel head brewer a bishop, with the brewery as his diocese

    or just do, as you said, our own styles of beer, and get one of each of these
    Pale Ale
    Vintage/Strong Ale

    done and done.
  10. Also I dislike the mass grouping of all Belgians. "Belgians are beer connoisseurs." "English beer? Warm, no flavour, dishwater."
  11. Camden are noise makers and beer makers and good at both
    but they are not the be all and end all of British beer,
    they are at the moment the
    a footnote to a chapter in the working.
  12. Best moment so far: Jamie: "they've gone for the world famous, Westmalle Tripel". Cuts to shots of a man holding a bottle of Westmalle Dubbel and people drinking Westmalle Dubbel

  13. Wasn't overly impressed by the Camden Pale, might give the hefe a go next.
  14. I thought it was decent exposure really, I was surprised by the comments from the "Begiums" regarding British Beer though, I usually find them quite open to and respectful of other beer cultures.
  15. Rule 14 of popular TV production: where there is harmony, sow discord. cf. Big Brother et al.
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  16. That's why the went to the most popular Belgian bar, not the best.