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For the Evansville BAs - Tin Man

Discussion in 'Great Lakes' started by Chaney, Jan 29, 2013.

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  1. Recently, my wife and I went back to see family in the Evansville/Henderson area (the area I'm from). I had been so excited to visit a new brewery in the Evansville region called "Tin Man" that I had personally been following with much great interest and excitement from it's very inception. We went to this beautifully constructed place and were totally impressed with the decor, layout, the robot sculptures, etc. However, once we ordered the beer, it was a completely different story. Seriously, it was so ridiculously bad that we only had one each and then drove down the street to Turoni's. We even joked and laughed to each other that even the employees we spoke with seemed to know it was bad and tried to pass the brews off as "session beers."

    The badness didn't stop there. We did lots of beer shopping in town, and with question, the beer shops' overall opinion wasn't good. Also, I learned that the brewers' philosophy is "if you don't like it, you're a 'beer snob.'"

    Normally, I don't like to bash a brewery, but if they have this much disdain for their intended market, I have not problem letting people in on their racket.

    I know many of you Evansville peeps have been chomping at the bit to sound off about your new brewery that seems to hate beer geeks and all that they stand for. Here is your chance. GO!!!!!
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  2. I'm rolling with the motto "it is what it is". Do I like their "converter series" beers? Absolutely not. That being said, I'm still trying too be positive with my outlook on Tin Man. They do seem like they look down upon Evansville beer culture like we're all a bunch of redneck, Bush drinking, dip spitting individuals that have no palate for craft beer and that's very frustrating. In the end people will vote with their $$$$. Fortunately there certainly is no shortage of awesome choices for beer that I enjoy drinking at Wintree, Frontier, Liquor Locker, Turonis. We can all hope that Carson's will not be afraid of beer packed with flavor!
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  3. Amen, bro!
  4. Just a little nugget to throw out: A lot of peeps have stated stuff along the lines of "they're new and we'll give them a chance to come into their own" and "they're new and we'll let them 'work the bugs out.'" Maybe I'm missing something, but is Tin Man planning on changing their yeast strain or hop profile once people have "caught onto craft?" Do they make a conscious effort to produce an IPA that tastes like sandpaper? A stout as thin as Richard Simmons at a Bikram yoga retreat? A Pilsener made with ale yeast? Pretty stupid. That being said, I understand that a person in Evansville is positive about the outlook of "Tin Man." They have to be. It's them, Carsons, Turoni's, or bust. "Tin Man" is letting down the Evansville community and I pride myself on being one of the first peeps to call them on it.
  5. Sadly, I don't think they give a shit what anyone with a negative opinion thinks. In their minds nothing is better than Tin Man beer. With that attitude I say GOOD LUCK!!
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  6. Unfortunately, I truly believe you're right bro. However, the big "Tin Man" challenge is in front of them when they have to sell their canned product. Once, you strip away that awesome building, the robotics, and the state of the art brewing facility, what is left? Nothing. Imagine walking into Winetree and seeing Alloy, Alpha King, Schlafly Tasmanian, a couple of Sierra Nevada entries, a couple of New Albanian entries, etc sitting next to each other. Maybe a couple of people in the area who recognize the name brand with buy "Tin Man" at first, but that novelty won't last. Without at least some of the craft community, Tin Man won't last in the world of bottled/canned products.
  7. drevim

    drevim Aficionado (190) Indiana Oct 12, 2012

    I gave them the same chance, even after reading the thoughts of people I respect. I can say without a doubt in my mind, that Dry Cell was the worst beer I've ever drank.

    They are releasing a fresh batch of beers this weekend, and it will probably be their make or break for the craft community. I'd be curious to know what people at Winterfest in Indy thought of their stuff this weekend. I hear those festivals can be pretty brutal.
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  8. elNopalero

    elNopalero Advocate (740) Texas Oct 14, 2009 Beer Trader

    My sister-in-law is from the area and I was going to ask her to pick something up for me on a visit. After reading this I'll ask her to scrounge up some other goodies instead.
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  9. Let me know what you hear dude. "Tin Man" seems to have this thing in their mind that beer geeks like ONLY hop bombs and over-the-top stouts. Truth be known, I truly have to be in the mood for those types of beers and most of what I drink is the "session-style" ones that "Tin Man" professes to brew. Once again, let me know what you hear. I saw their Facebook activity pertaining to the event, but that doesn't tell much to my mind.
  10. bookerandy

    bookerandy Savant (315) Indiana May 6, 2012 Beer Trader

    Hey guys, I invite you all to come to the brewery/warehouse for the Warehouse Party. I know I have personally contacted a few of you, but am extending the invite to you all on here as well. We will start tours of the brewery, warehouse, and facility at 2pm on this Saturday, Feb 2. Tours will be limited to 20 people per tour and we will have at least 3 tours. The tours will allow you to connect with the brewery. We will be releasing our Bourbon Rye Dry Porter at 6pm. The Bourbon Rye Dry is a Harrison Indiana bourbon barrel aged rye porter. It has been blended three times to give a very complex and rich flavor. Although, higher in alcohol, it is not a bomb. This beer has a pronounced bourbon and oak character. The rye adds a spicyness that is accentuated with Whitbread Goldings hops, which is also spicy. Rye Dry finishes dry instead of sticky sweet to insure you'll stick around for glass number 2!! Also starting at 6pm that time will be live music. Prizes will be given away as well. Also, growler fills of each beer will be officially available. A lesser known release will be at 1pm that I will share with you all is the release of our DIPA v.1. This brew tips the scale at 134 IBUs. This brew contains a boat load of American hops- Columbus, Cascade, Centennial and Chinook which in return gives a complex citrus hop character. There will only be 10 gallons of this beer available and is expected to go fast. DIPA v.1 will be the first of 4 Double IPAs released in the next couple of months and we want YOUR feedback. The Double IPA with the best feedback will get scaled up and brewed on our HEBS and will be released in the tasting room for all to enjoy.

    Now to address the thought that Tin Man hates and has no regard for the beer geeks/nerds of Evansville...it's not true. I am one of the biggest beer geeks around and no one beats me or locks me in the cellar. I am kidding, but all joking aside, we really do care and want you guys in there. I have met many fellow geeks at the bar and love to chat about what they like, hate, and hope to see us do in the future. Many changes are upcoming to allow for better service and less waiting for beer and food. This is all due to the contructive feedback from customers that we have listened to and are doing everything possible to make the Tin Man experience as close to perfect as possible.

    I am sincere when I say that I really do hope to see you all there and hopefully you will have a great time and enjoy all of our offerings!
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  11. drevim

    drevim Aficionado (190) Indiana Oct 12, 2012

    Thanks for chiming in Andrew. While I didn't have a positive drinking experience, I look forward to trying the new offerings, and hope the new batch of Porter will bring them around.

    Thats why I was curious about Indy. If the new batches made their way up there, and were a success, that is a positive that should be pointed out. On the flip side, if the reception was a bit cold, maybe it will be a wake up call, that the craft community locally aren't just beer snobs, and want them to succeed.

    By no means am I directing this at you, Andrew. This is more to the owner and brewmaster. While the idea of an entry level beer tier was a solid one, I think the execution of product was poor.
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  12. CWBlues

    CWBlues Savant (385) Indiana May 4, 2011 Beer Trader

    I tried a couple at the Winterfest, and...well...I'll say that I'm a lot less excited about them than I was. Those I was with shared the same thoughts, but I can't speak for everyone.
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  13. Unfortunately, their IPA was the worst beer I had at Winterfest
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  14. NickDavidson

    NickDavidson Aspirant (35) Jan 29, 2013

    I see and hear the word "beer geek" & "beer snob" thrown around a lot when talking about us, and I'm not sure how that got started. I'm one of the owners (my wife, my dad, & my mom are the other 3), and I wanted to reach a hand out and address an outlook we've been attributed with, but do not actually hold. We are most definitely listening to the craft beer lovers, and we have never used those terms in a derogatory way. No one here thinks they're better than the craft beer community and we like to think we are a part of it.

    The Converter Series, our beginning line-up, are beers created to be good representations of their style. Does that mean we think Bell's Hopslam suck's, hell no! It's just not the kind of beer we are brewing now. We wanted to create some great session beers first. Have we succeeded yet? No, but we're working as fast as we possibly can and we've gone far in the 3 months that we've been open.

    We also happen to be brewing with a mash filter, which only a few craft breweries in the US are using (besides us it's Full Sail, New Belgium, & Alaskan Brewing I believe). If any of you are brewers, you know that scaling a recipe up from a small test system to a large system is not always the easiest task, especially when you've only brewed on it once or twice. Throw in the fact that a mash filter replaces the lauter ton in the brewing process, this becomes a way more difficult task. There is no equation to do the scaling up required, so it is naturally going to take us a minute to get the recipes exactly right. I know there were some people out there that expected us to be perfect out of the gate, and I'm sorry that was not the case.

    It's not my intention to offer a bunch of excuses, I just wanted to remind everyone that we've been open for a few months, we're listening and working as hard as we can possibly work. Our head brewer, assistant brewer, and cellarman are all great guys and have been working their butts off to get the recipes where they were on the test system.

    By the way, Winterfest in Indy went really well, we had overwhelmingly positive feedback.
  15. TheodorHerzl

    TheodorHerzl Advocate (535) Indiana Mar 30, 2007 Beer Trader

    I wish them the very best, as it looks like they are really trying hard, but all marketing aside the end product must be good. I had their pils at winterfest and it was a butter/diacital bomb. I won't write them off yet, but I hope they turn things around.
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  16. First of all, Andrew, it's nice to meet you. I certainly don't want you to think anyone is teaming up on you. I only come into town every so often to visit family and had been looking forward to Evansville getting a brewery for a long time. The establishment is top notch, I actually think BBQ is a good idea for a beer place, and the swag is some of the best in the biz. That said, I'm sure it's obvious by now what most beer geeks think of the beer. It's not that it's just bad in the sense that "it's just not my cup of tea." The degree to which it is sub-par is just staggering.

    Perhaps the most important point, and the reason I created this post, is because of the attitude displayed to us "beer snobs" by the higher ups has been one of contempt. You said that we have it all wrong and that Tin Man wants people like us to be happy. Well, say I give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you're right. Then, Tin Man's biggest problem is their bad press. Every single beer-related establishment (store, bar, etc.) all said the exact same thing: "Tin Man doesn't care about the 'beer snob' and is trying to convert the Bud Light crowd by making and serving beer that is another version of Bud Light. Also, anyone who doesn't like their beer is dismissed as a beer snob" I know you said that is not the reality, nevertheless, this is the image of your company that is out there right now.

    Years ago, a brewery named "Weyerbacher" had quality issue with their beer and most people thought it truly sucked. Instead of blaming the customers for not liking it, they listened, asked the right questions, and with the help of the right people, they re-vamped every single one of their beers. Now, they make some pretty damn good beer. This is the story I'd really like for Tin Man, but they've got to humble themselves a bit.

    Wish I was in town bro. I would definitely take you up on the tour and the bourbon rye porter. Hopefully you'll get a good turnout.
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  17. NickDavidson

    NickDavidson Aspirant (35) Jan 29, 2013

    Chaney, I am the highest up at Tin Man & I'm telling you no one here is dismissing the "beer snob". We are listening. We have heard the criticisms from the craft beer lovers, and we agree, we need to improve. If you give us more than the 3 months time period that we've had so far, i'm sure you will see the improvement. And by the way, no one here uses the term "beer snob", you keep using that term specifically. We endearingly use the term beer geek, on occasion, but never as an insult.
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  18. Fair enough. Thanks for chiming in...... totally respect that! I will say, you guys have the coolest swag on the planet! :)
  19. NickDavidson

    NickDavidson Aspirant (35) Jan 29, 2013

    Thanks, & hopefully soon you'll like the beer too. Next time you're in Evansville again please stop by and give us another try.
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  20. Snowrs

    Snowrs Savant (425) Indiana Oct 10, 2009 Beer Trader

    Nick you may want To look at is how questions are answered on your FB page as well. I was personally led astray and not given straight answers on yeast strains and fermenting temperatures on your "pils". Before I get dismissed again you might want to ask some of your staff about my efforts on the Evansville craft beer scene.
  21. Snowrs

    Snowrs Savant (425) Indiana Oct 10, 2009 Beer Trader

    "People are going out of their way to get the biggest, hoppiest, booziest bombs they can get their hands on - with almost no regard for the tradition of beer. Now don’t get me wrong, those beers have their place and they can be delicious, but that is only a part of the essence of craft beer. I did not want our main line of beers to be this kind of beer. They only appeal to a few and usually come paired with an elitist mentality - which I think is opposite what beer really is. "

    This quote is what brought the initial heat, accusing those especially on this board and others like it of not appreciating beer history, and being elitest. Then taking a historic name of a beer and not producing a true honest pils, but passing it off as one.
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  22. pilzen1

    pilzen1 Aspirant (45) Indiana Dec 10, 2012

    I heard from my neighbor (who helped you open, and knows you and most of your staff) that you guys were getting negative feed back on the beers, but considered anyone who didn't like them a beer snob and you didn't care; so the message is coming from your staff.

    Don't get me wrong, I want you guys to succeed. We need more breweries in town. I was very excited when I found out you guys were going to be opening a canning line. That should make it much easier to broaden your distribution, and I'd love to have a local microbrew to take camping.

    That said, your beer leaves much to be desired. When I questioned the staff on the beer quality and the lack of flavor across the board, I was told they were brewed weak on purpose to introduce Evansville to craft beers. I don't know if that's really the case, or it was an excuse to cover for problems with your mash filter. If it was problems with the mash filter, I'd have preferred an honest answer. If you're really on a mission to introduce craft brew to Evansville, that seems like a fairly condescending mission. This isn't 1980. Microbreweries are not new. Turoni's has been here for many years, and most people have traveled outside Evansville and visited breweries elsewhere

    When I challenged your staff that the pilsner they had just poured me wasn't fully carbonated because it had zero head on it, the answer shouldn't have been "don't worry, it's fully carbonated", it should have been, you're correct, let me pour you a different beer.

    You can probably dismiss the "beer snob" crowd from the standpoint that it's a very small market share; but we probably make up for our numbers in our influence. Most people who know me use me as a resource when they're asking about beer. People have asked me my experience at Tin Man, and I've had to tell them my negative experience. To the best of my knowledge, none of those people have stopped by. And about 1/2 of them are fellow homebrewers dying for more local microbrew in town. But they haven't heard anything to make them want to come down and try your beers. I hope that changes in the future.
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  23. pilzen1

    pilzen1 Aspirant (45) Indiana Dec 10, 2012

    I don't have a problem with Tin Man not going for over the top IPA's out of the hoop. I'd like them at some point; but unless you're in a microbrew hotbed, you don't lead with them. However, I was hoping for Turoni's + a bit more body and hops; not beers that were closer to Bud Light then Turoni's.

    I will agree with you though, calling their pils a Bohemian Pilsner with a thick head, is about as far off base as one can get. I was stationed in Germany for 3 years and lived 1 1/2 hrs from Pilzen, Czech Republic. I spent many a weekend in Pilzen drinking unfiltered Pilzner Urquell and the real Budweiser. Fruity and Bohemian Pilsner should never be in the same sentence.
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  24. NickDavidson

    NickDavidson Aspirant (35) Jan 29, 2013

    Ryan, we brewer's aren't always hanging out on Facebook to answer questions, sorry. I eventually gave you a straight answer to your question. Our marketing person is not a professional brewer and answered the question the best they could. I'm sorry you took offense to the blog post, it wasn't intended to insult anyone. You & I have a difference in opinion in what makes a beer true to style. I don't think which yeast strain is used is more important than the flavor profile. That being said, we're working on improving all of our beers. We've only completed 2 full rounds of beer on our brewhouse, and we're getting way more familiar with the system.

    Brian's Neighbor, please believe me when I say (the third time in this thread I believe) that we do care, we don't think any of you are "beer snobs" and we're working on improvements. What your neighbor said we said, isn't from our collective mouth, it was from his. Also, please don't start your post with I want you to succeed and then proceed to tell me how you tell all your friends not to visit my brewery.

    I'm releasing a Double IPA this weekend and I invite you both to come out and give it a try. I brewed it on our small system so we only have about 10 gallons (it'll probably go pretty fast). If it sucks, let me know. If it's alright, but needs a little work, give me some feedback. If it's good, please let me know. But at this point I'd say I've made it pretty well known that we are listening and appreciate your opinions.
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  25. pilzen1

    pilzen1 Aspirant (45) Indiana Dec 10, 2012

    Just to clarify, I did not tell people not to visit your brewery, I gave my honest impression of your beer and told them hopefully it will improve in a few months.

    Unfortunately I'm traveling this weekend, or I'd stop by to try the double IPA, sounds interesting.
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  26. Snowrs

    Snowrs Savant (425) Indiana Oct 10, 2009 Beer Trader

    So you have no problem brewing a lager with ale yeast and still calling it a pils, and then in the same breath telling me Because I enjoy some of the bigger beers I have no apprecation for the history of beer. Can you explain to us why you had a "Black Ale" on tap before your core stout? Or why you put out beer that was literally on the verge of undrinkable. I am sorry but you come into this thread under the guise of hat in hand and we get more of the same attitude.
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  27. Snowrs

    Snowrs Savant (425) Indiana Oct 10, 2009 Beer Trader

    Here is the easiest question I am going to ask, could you enter Circuit as a Pilsner into a BJCP competition?
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  28. CSQ1111

    CSQ1111 Savant (330) Kentucky Jan 10, 2010

    Nick, as one business owner to another...I would say that you will never win their hearts and minds by defending your business principals on a forum such as this. But the great news for everyone here is A.) We the Beer Geeks/Snobs/Advocates of the Tri-State Area (I'm including So. IL in this discussion as well), all want terribly to see you and your business succeed.

    And B.) You seem willing to listen to constructive feedback and are working very hard to improve not only your beer offerings but the consumer's overall experience as well.

    I for one, look forward to trying your Double IPA this Saturday as well as the Bourbon Rye Porter. After all, one can only eat so much sauerbraten and Blue Moose IPA was getting a little boring.

    Cheers everyone!
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  29. Since I am the one who created this thread, I guess I will be responsible of either advancing it or putting an end to it.

    First of all, CSQ111, I disagree that winning the hearts and minds of us beer geeks is a lost cause on here. Actually, what Nick said on here touched a chord in me (and hopefully many BAs) and I'm now a bit sympathetic to Nick's plight. He answered the tough questions overall, and I never even imagined someone in his position doing that, much less even coming one here to field the fire. Went a long way to my mind in term of public affairs for Tin Man.

    The narrative I heard about previously: "Tin Man hates beer snobs, loves their own crappy beer, and makes no apologies about it." This is something that Nick and his PA team is going to have to deal with. To be honest, Nick came into the BA "snake pit" and gave it his all on that front. I'm thinking now that narrative pertaining to "Tin Man" is only partly true to my mind. Evansville BAs, chime in!

    That being said, the beer my wife and I tried at the brewery totally was the worst we ever tried (still have questions about the ale yeast-infused pilsener) Hell, I've never owned a brewery, know nothing about what it takes to own one, and want to see Nick and his peeps totally rock the Evansville world in the craft beer forum.

    My entire family lives in the area and I'm about to send my brother on a mission this weekend to try the DIPA and porter over the weekend. Totally want "Tin Man" to be successful. My family (craft beer peeps in the Henderson area!) who still lives in the area, is rooting for them too.

    I truly hope your new brewing system works out Being an avid home brewer myself, I know beer can sometimes be a cantankerous thing.

    I'm going to back off of "Tin Man" now and give them some space to get their act together. I hope all the BAs in the area will do the same....

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  30. drevim

    drevim Aficionado (190) Indiana Oct 12, 2012

    I agree, Brandon. Walking into a situation that had/ has a potential of turning into a shit storm and addressing his side of something he clearly feels passionate about is admirable. Although I think his attitude may have been a bit offputting, although its tough to read a person on a forum, so again, I'll give the benefit of the doubt.

    Since I'm not an IPA/ DIPA guy, I will probably not make it for the afternoon session, and have other commitments on Saturday evening. I hope to get out on Sunday to try the new release porter and second batch offerings. It would be great to be able to chat Nick, if you are in then. I tend to read a persons comments better after I speak to them in person.

    I had seen the "elitist" comment when it was originally posted, and took it as a bit of a slam on the craft community, maybe I ( and apparently many others) read too much into it. Again, the Internet lost in translation. I will take you at your word, and let you prove you are worthy of it.

    We as a beer community are still in the stone ages, compared to many of the cities around us, and we all need to work together to create growth. Tin Man is at the forefront, you opened first, and are trying new innovations. Once Carson's and Basketcase get going and producing in larger quantities, it will be up to all of us where we go.
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  32. Nice stuff, bro. Nick needs momentum now and I'm more that willing to change my reviews (I feel a bit guilty on some of them after learning of "Tin Man's" plight with their new brewing system). I think they know now that they need to make progress on that front. That said, Nick know's we're holding them accountable for it!

    Go Tin Man!

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  33. Snowrs

    Snowrs Savant (425) Indiana Oct 10, 2009 Beer Trader

    If they are true to their word and work these beers to be what they say they are and not watered down and really just names, I am all for giving them a shot. I was excited as anyone that we had a brewery coming to Evansville. I was hoping for a Champion of the craft brew movement which is what we really need in Evansville. Here is what is needed.

    Your current crop of into beers need to be good representations of the styles. That means the IPA need to be hoppy, the pils needs to be crisp clean and free from any fruity esthers. The stout and porter needs some body. If you want beers that appeal to the everyman make a Cream Ale, a Wheat beer or an American Lager. Bring in a rotation of taps that feature other brewers doing great things in brewing preferably Indiana breweries. Doing these things will garner you much respect and help you gain an awesome foothold in this area and from there you can work on expanding. DO NOT can until these beers have much improved.
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  34. Shagtastic

    Shagtastic Savant (345) Indiana Jul 30, 2011

    Did you review the beer honestly and fairly? Unless the beer got drastically better there is no reason to redo them. People come here looking for honesty and if you pad reviews then it hurts more than it helps. I am all for a new brewery doing well in Indiana as long as their beer is good.
  35. Snowrs

    Snowrs Savant (425) Indiana Oct 10, 2009 Beer Trader

    He was absolutely honest in the beers he received and was one of the few that did a good tasting review. My thoughts on the first beers reflect his in a lot of aspects. I have held off posting my ratings allowing for growing pains. They have a long way to go if they hope to compete like a top 100 craft brewer which is one of their stated goals.
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  36. Shagtastic

    Shagtastic Savant (345) Indiana Jul 30, 2011

    That is really all you can do at this point. Hope that things get straightened out and that we've got another great Indiana Brewery on our hands. Looking forward to swinging by next time I'm down there
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  37. Snowrs

    Snowrs Savant (425) Indiana Oct 10, 2009 Beer Trader

    As you can probably read now is the vibe they have given off to the general beer community is definitely not one of warmth and welcoming. Really that is the second biggest item they need to work on. They made another good step here recently in reaching out to the local home brew club.

    It's that type of thing as well as being open and honest about the states of their beers, the struggles they are having and how they are going to continue to improve that will get the beer community on their side.

    Being hush hush and blowing off critics when the criticism is valid is just going to alienate those who most want to support them, and write them off as another place jumping on the beer band wagon without a care for true craft beer.
  38. I meant I will be willing to change the reviews once they change their beer and I re-visit them. I guess I wasn't clear on that. As of right now, my harsh reviews will stay.
  39. FlussigkeitMut

    FlussigkeitMut Savant (250) Indiana Sep 30, 2011

    NickDavison I applaud you guys. As a homebrewer, I'm sure I would have incredible difficulties brewing my beers using a virtually unheard of mash filtration system let alone scaling them up to the proper batch sizes. That alone would frustrate the hell out of me and yet you guys have to suffer through assholes like me spouting constant negativity about your beers without fully understanding your efforts and struggles.

    I'm finally getting the sense that you guys are genuinely devoted to making good beers. Why else would you be tinkering with a DIPA and a BA Porter rather than just continuing to produce your Converter Series? (Ha, I probably would have called my first throw-away batches part of my "Converter Series" as well)

    So I say good luck to you guys. I'm sure by the not to distant future you guys will be producing beers that beer geeks would thoroughly enjoy.
  40. Jkoeneman

    Jkoeneman Aficionado (180) Indiana Jul 30, 2010

    1) How long did the Rye Dry porter age in those Harrison barrels?
    2) At which stage did you blend to get three blendings done?
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