For the Love of Hops (Stan Hieronymous) warning: shameless plug

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    Another great book from the guy who is rapidly becoming my favorite beer writer. My copy of Brew Like a Monk is as dog-eared as a southern baptist's bible, and FotLoH looks to be just as good. I bought it yesterday, flipped through it last night, took it to work today and read a page or 2 whenever I got a chance. I like his diligent research, writing style and obvious love of beer. It's 300 pages, full of technical information, cool anecdotes and tidbits of hard-won knowledge you just can't get from a textbook or how-to article. Buy this.

    (I have no financial interest in the book. In fact, I paid full retail for it in a shop so I didn't have to wait for it to arrive).
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  2. Just finished reading another 30 pages; fully agree.
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    Ditto. Found it very useful (Technical aspects and stories), and entertaining... read it cover to cover the first night I got it and have since reread it a couple times.
  4. An excellent writer. Very good book.
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    I'm enjoying it. I'm not sure that how it will alter my homebrewing, but am interested in it nonetheless.