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Forgotten Bottle Panil Barriquee Batch #8

Discussion in 'Cellaring / Aging Beer' started by Holiday1072, Mar 2, 2013.

  1. Holiday1072

    Holiday1072 Savant (275) Michigan Nov 18, 2008

    This is a 2007 bottling and I flat out forgot I had it in my cellar. Does anyone have any idea how this is holding up, or do I now have vinegar? I will probably just open it and find out but was curious to see what the input was of BAs.
  2. I'd be interested in hearing about this too as I have a 2009 bottle.
  3. chuckycheese

    chuckycheese Aficionado (170) Maine Feb 18, 2010

    Drank a single digit batch [3?] few weeks ago, superb.
  4. Holiday1072

    Holiday1072 Savant (275) Michigan Nov 18, 2008

    Nice, thanks!
  5. gzaIPArza

    gzaIPArza Disciple (65) Indiana Mar 5, 2013

    I've also found some of the old batches recently and they are holding up just fine. I think the body is a little light for the style, if I recall correctly, but the flavor is fine.
  6. Nice, going to crack open mine soon.