Forum Upgrade: April 2, 2013

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  1. Todd

    Todd Founder (1,650) Colorado Aug 23, 1996 Staff Member

    Please note that early on April 2, 2013 (between midnight and 2am EST), we'll be applying a major update to our forum software that will include: user/admin feature improvements, bug fixes, security improvements and greater forum stability.

    During this period the forums (and possibly the rest of the site) will be offline while the patch is applied and tested. I'm estimating that this will take no longer than 30 minutes, but we'll provide updates if it takes longer than anticipated or impacts more than the forums.

    For updates:
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  2. Todd

    Todd Founder (1,650) Colorado Aug 23, 1996 Staff Member

    Maintenance complete. I'll run through the updates in the morning and post anything noteworthy for users, but most of this was bug fixes and improvements under the hood.

    Thanks for your patience during the downtime.
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