Founder's Breakfast Stout??

Discussion in 'Northwest' started by ColinStClaire, Dec 11, 2012.

  1. Anywhere in the Portland area where I can find this? I'm having an "end of the world" party (12/21/12) and we will be having breakfast at midnight. What better go with a midnight serving of pancakes and bacon than some Breakfast Stout??!! If no, any recommendations for other good coffee-like stouts?
    Thanks guys
  2. John_M

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    Your best bet is to try to trade for it, as Founders is not distributed in PDX. However, there are a ton of good coffee-like stouts available in PDX, including the Abyss. If that's not coffee-like enough for you, New Belgium just recently released an imperial coffee Stout in their Lips of Faith series. I'm sure there are others... maybe do a topic search under "beers".
  3. Just had The Abyss last weekend. Delicious. But to me it's too expensive to buy to share with people who probably won't like it. I'll check out that NB coffee stout though.
  4. guajolote

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    You could try Hopworks 7-Grain Survival stout. Or if you can find a place doing growler fills, get some Boneyard Backbone stout, which is an excellent chocolate/espresso stout. Both are reasonably priced too.
  5. My friend & I homebrewed a FBS 'clone' last month, but I haven't tried it yet to see if it's even close to that delicious beer! :)

    Trading may be the 'best' option (although 10 days is a pretty short time frame); otherwise try Oakshire Overcast Stout (not as good as FBS, but it'll do) or Laurelwood Espresso Stout (tho' I'm not sure if it's in their rotation right now).
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    The Laurelwood is out of season at the moment. the Oakshire Overcast or New Belgium Chocolate/Coffee Stout are probably the best locally-available options, at least as far as bottles go. FWIW, Terminal Gravity bottles their Breakfast Porter. There's no coffee in it (as far as I know), but it has "Breakfast" right in the name.
  7. John_M

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    I was thinking that there might be some local that has some they're willing to part with. At leat out this way, the beer is fairly easy to find, so I'm sure folks trade for it all the time. Have to think there's someone in PDX that has a bottle or two they wouldn't mind trading for a wothy cause.
  8. I think that Alesmith Speedway stout is made with coffee. It's really tasty.
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    Too expensive? It's the end of the world bro
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  10. Ahhhhh good point! ;)
  11. I forgot about Oakshire Overcast!!! Is the 7 grain more of an oatmeal stout or coffee stout? I guess it doesn't matter cause they both go well with breakfast!
  12. John_M

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    Excellent recommendation. I forgot about Speedway.
  13. BillHilly

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    speedway or IBB
  14. BuckeyeOne

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    If it's still available and you can get a growler of it, pick up some Big Time Breakfast Cereal Killer Stout. It's brewed with coffee and oatmeal just like FBS except it also has about a dozen different breakfast cereals too.

    Also not mentioned is Elysian's Split Shot Espresso Milk Stout.
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  15. That big time sound great! Yeah the split shot is really easy to find so that would be a good bet.
  16. CA_Infidel2o9

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    Upon trying to think of a good recommendation, i've realized i haven't had an awesome breakfast coffee like stout in a long time...

    Kinda makes my liver sad...
  17. NWer

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    KBS my choice
    Your liver must be punished
    Oops wrong thread my bad
  18. CA_Infidel2o9

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    Finally beat out the hoarders and picked up 2 abyss!
    My liver will surely take a beating tonight!
  19. distantmantra

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    Good luck with that. I've never been able to convince anyone at Big Time to do a growler fill of Breakfast Cereal Killer Stout.
  20. Good call, johnmichaelsen.

    OP- I have 1 bottle of FBS and 2 bottles of KBS that I wouldn't mind trading you. Here's the disclaimer, though: the FBS is from '09, 1 bottle of KBS is from '10, and the other is from '11. I'd enjoy helping out a fellow BA, so shoot me a message if you're interested...
  21. Smurf2055

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    Big Time won't fill growlers of anything they serve in a tulip or snifter. Occasionally other bottleshops get a keg of it and let you fill growlers of it there though. Split Shot was still available at the breweries last time I was there. Hope they make it a year round.