Founders Frangelic Mtn Brown

Discussion in 'Great Lakes' started by jegross2, Jun 27, 2012.

  1. dmsulli

    dmsulli Savant (315) Illinois Jan 30, 2012 Verified

    Now that my friends and I were able to secure our bottles, I'll pass this along. South Loop Market on 235 W. Van Buren has about 6 bottles left in their beer coolers for $13.99.
  2. dmsulli

    dmsulli Savant (315) Illinois Jan 30, 2012 Verified

    If this happens to help someone out that's willing to trade me a Founder's CBS for some different stuff, keep me in mind! ;)
  3. Steimie

    Steimie Initiate (0) Michigan Jan 7, 2012

    Now that I've got mine, I'll tell the rest of you where you can find. Oh yeah, and if you can trade me a CBS for some unspecified beers, that'd be great.

  4. dmsulli

    dmsulli Savant (315) Illinois Jan 30, 2012 Verified

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  5. reyolb

    reyolb Savant (250) Minnesota Feb 23, 2005

    Took their last bottle last Wednesday morning!
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  6. JoeySchlitz

    JoeySchlitz Savant (265) Colorado Jun 1, 2008

    Anyone think that there might be any around - still on shelves - in Northern MI (Traverse City area) or near Shorts (Bellaire)? Am traveling through the area on vacation today - would be great to grab a bottle.
  7. drgarage

    drgarage Initiate (0) California Aug 19, 2008

    Just got the last one at Cardinal's in Chicago. $14.
  8. MordorMongo

    MordorMongo Initiate (0) Jul 19, 2009

    Surely this does not surprise you? It is the new advocacy! ;)
  9. steebo777

    steebo777 Advocate (580) Michigan Jun 30, 2009 Verified

    The new advocacy can suck the big one.
  10. MordorMongo

    MordorMongo Initiate (0) Jul 19, 2009

    100% agreed.
  11. aasher

    aasher Poobah (1,160) Indiana Jan 27, 2010 Verified

    I'm drinking one now. Fantastic beer!
  12. exitmusic00

    exitmusic00 Savant (290) Oregon Mar 15, 2010

    Selfishly, I'm somewhat eager to see the reviews on this one skew downward when folks realize its limited trading potential. I apologized to Founders once and I'll do it again...I fucking love you guys! But this one is a misstep. If 'Founders' and 'Backstage Series' weren't on the label, this one would be a solid 80 average. Without hype, there's no way there are THAT many people out there that love faux hazelnut flavor.
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  13. MordorMongo

    MordorMongo Initiate (0) Jul 19, 2009

    If you put it in a plain brown bottle and told me I was about to drink a hazelnut coffee flavored brown ale I would still like it just as much. And honestly why people would only buy a BROWN ALE in hopes it has trading potential is beyond me.....regardless of brewery. Not a whole lot of hyped brown ales out there. I honestly think people's biggest problem with it is they WANT it to be something it isn't and was never advertised to be. It was never advertised as aged on real hazelnuts and it was never intended to be a cellar worthy big stout. I do not like hazelnut coffee at wife drinks it everyday and we have two coffee makers to solve our dilema...but this beer I like because it was exactly what I thought it would be. Smooth, refreshing and delicious.
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  14. I can't stand hazelnut coffee, so I didn't care about missing out on this one. Now that a fellow hazelnut hater said it's good, I'm back to square one. Dammit!
  15. MordorMongo

    MordorMongo Initiate (0) Jul 19, 2009

    For me the hazelnut was more in the nose than taste. Sure it is there, but not nearly as much as I feared. And it really melded well with the coffee/brown ale flavors so it didn't DOMINATE the way it seems to in most hazelnut coffees I have had the horror of trying. Everyone is different and some seem to say it has way too much "faux hazelnut" to it, but I really didn't think so at all. YMMV but I'd say it is worth a shot.
  16. exitmusic00

    exitmusic00 Savant (290) Oregon Mar 15, 2010

    Interesting, sir...well shit, to each his own! I love your posts, by the way...tried to quote one, but I do believe it got nuked! And obviously, nice fucking avatar. With friends like these, Gary......
  17. jegross2

    jegross2 Champion (750) Illinois Jan 3, 2010 Verified

    Vas liquors has devil dancer and FMB if you ask about FMB. Also have angry beast, fruet, and some other goodies like 4 packs of the vanilla stone smoked porter
  18. chanokokoro

    chanokokoro Advocate (590) Illinois Jan 31, 2012

    I've been highly critical of this brew and I totally agree with you that every brew Founders has put out until this point is exceptional. Founder is a brewery I hold in the highest regard. However, as far as FMB goes I agree with you 110% without apologies. I'd be just as critical no matter what brewery it came from. This beer was already rated at least a 90 on BA before it was released because it was a limited release from Founders. I've never had a beer that has tasted more fake and artificial. At an 80 average I would still consider it to be overrated.

    I love your posts as well. Unlike you the artfiicial hazelnut flavor really bother me. I agree that Founders never advertised it to be aged on real hazelnuts. It was my assumption that real coffee and real hazelnuts would be used since they use real coffee and real cashews for Cashew Mountain Brown. However, Founders, all craft breweries for that matter, have the practice of using the the highest quality ingredients and the "real" stuff for lack of a better term. Most, including Founders, promote the ingredients they use as a source of pride. Using artificial flavors or artificially flavored ingredients is a huge departure for Founders and would be for any other craft brewery of which I am aware. I posted this in another forum and never got any responses, but would Cantillon ever start using artificial fruit flavoring in their lambics? Of course I'm not directing this question directly to you. It does raise a lot of questions regarding the use of any artificial ingredients in craft brewing both on a philosophical basis as well as in terms of taste and quality.
  19. xsists

    xsists Aficionado (215) Wisconsin Dec 31, 2007

    Was just at Founders last night and they had a ton of it on the shelf. Had it on tap, not all that impressed. It's not bad, in fact it's pretty good, just over hyped due to the "special release".
  20. jverdo1

    jverdo1 Aficionado (155) Illinois Apr 5, 2012

    Bolingbrook Binny's stills has FMB but you have ask for a bottle - be prepared for the questions "Are you buying other beer and did you get a bottle from me yet"... Wasn't hard to find something else to purchase since Stone's Smoked VB Stout was on the shelf, limit 2.

    Guys was a little strange however - made me leave the beer cooler section before he would go in the back and grab me a bottle. Said he had a lot left but didn't want the place turning into a zoo just to have the beer sold on ebay. After a brief conversation he named numerous other beers in the back and asked if I wanted any of those also.

    To be honest, the selection was very good and a few whales could be found just sitting on the shelf...
  21. Anyone still looking for some?
  22. Mjmoser

    Mjmoser Savant (420) Illinois May 6, 2012

    There is a place in Wicker Park with a few left. BM me if interested
  23. apocalypsezombie

    apocalypsezombie Initiate (0) May 12, 2012

    What else did they have in the back? Seems kind of strange to continue to hold all the beer in the back.
  24. loki993

    loki993 Savant (250) Michigan Apr 16, 2009

    I buy me beer to drink not to trade. Though I do agree with you.

    As for the Fake coffee and Hazlenut, I was under them impression that its artificially hazlenut flavored coffee. ie real coffee but artificially flavored. Im sure they mush have a good reason for this.

    As with people pumping up the ratings to trade could people also be overly critical because the the artificially flavored coffee in it and band wagoning a bit. Seems like a lot of people are piling on about the artificial flavoring used, I just have to wonder how many have actually had it. Im sure my palates not the best. I don't know this is the first mountain brown I've had so I cant compare but I really like that taste of it. Im not getting anything that tastes overly artificial out of it.
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  25. steebo777

    steebo777 Advocate (580) Michigan Jun 30, 2009 Verified

    I fully support and agree with everything in your post.
  26. mike409

    mike409 Savant (305) Michigan Jan 25, 2012 Verified

    i think it taste great and i hate coffee. it reminds me of nuttela. i think founders went this route to make YOU there consumers happy by making the large amount they did so more people would have a chance to try it. had they used real hazlenuts it would have cost a shit ton of money and may not have been able to make enough to bottle
  27. mdfitz

    mdfitz Zealot (95) Michigan Oct 28, 2010

    We are tapping a keg of Mountain Brown in Holland at The 8th Street Grille on Friday at 8pm. We will have entertainment and Happy Hour pricing from 9-10pm with some fun swag. We have 27 other taps of great craft beer. Check out our App that was just released for Apple and Android. It has our complete list at all times, specials, events, menu etc. Search 8th Street Grille at the App stores. Also we should still have Devil Dancer this weekend too. Check our our list, we would love to see more BA people if you are in town. Just 2 blocks from New Holland Brewing too.
  28. I think it is a very good beer and I could care less what label is on it. I liked it on KBS Day and I like it still today.

    I also find it comical that you are pointing out about how people over value it because of the label, but if it didn't say that it was atrifically flavored with hazelnut flavor, like you would be able to tell (I am sure you will try to convince everyone otherwise). So my guess is that you are beating it up over them artifically flavoring something you probably would not know the difference of, but yet you are calling out other people for liking it for something else the label says. Whatever, just enjoy the beer or don't drink it, problem solved.
  29. This is actually a pretty fair point. I see plenty of people complaining about limited distribution for other brews. Maybe this isn't an A+ beer, but lots of people seem to like it very much, and it's really not that hard to get a bottle if you tried. As already mentioned, maybe there is some hype that bumped the rating up, but it's also possible that those on the negative side are bringing it down. I haven't cracked mine yet, so I can't comment (though I have a feeling I'm going to like it).

    In the end, it's a new, interesting brew from a great brewery that most of us have the chance to try. Isn't that part of the fun?
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  30. CWBlues

    CWBlues Savant (375) Indiana May 4, 2011 Verified

    I agree with this 100%.
  31. bozodogbreath

    bozodogbreath Advocate (520) Indiana Oct 19, 2006 Verified

    I heard that Bolt Cutter will be full of artificial ingredients. ;)
  32. szmnnl99

    szmnnl99 Advocate (740) Michigan Apr 3, 2006

    Paid $18 in Milford, hope its good.
  33. gustogasmic

    gustogasmic Savant (315) Michigan Jan 13, 2012

    No longer on tap at Founder's as of 10 minutes after I got there.... still got 'em at the taproom store for $13 apiece
  34. Eriktheipaman

    Eriktheipaman Champion (795) California Sep 4, 2010 Verified

    Not sure if this was answered somewhere else but a friend of mine pointed out, that they probably advertise it as artificial in case anyone out there has nut allergies so they are still able to drink the beer.
  35. So I has mine last night - overall enjoyed it, not amazing, but certainly good. Pretty much exactly what I was expecting, though I wish it was a bit cheaper.

    But what stood out to me most is how much it reminded me of ST Pumking (I'm on the Pumking-lover side of the fence). To me, Pumking has a strong baked-good quality. It's the warm, inviting, straight from the oven quality that makes that beer taste like pie, and it's a flavor I haven't found in any other beer, until now (is there a word for it?). The warm hazelnut in FMB reminded me exactly of that (minus the coffee of course), so much so that I wonder if Pumking uses the same stuff to obtain that flavor. Any one else get that?

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  36. Lansman

    Lansman Advocate (500) Illinois Mar 19, 2011 Verified

    Having experience brewing a Pumking clone, the key ingredient in the homebrew version of ST Pumking is Graham Cracker Extract to give that 'baked-good quality' that you reference. It would make sense then that a similar 'Hazelnut Extract' would be an ingredient added to Secondary that would give a similar flavor, if indeed that is what Founders would use to create this brew.
  37. Graham cracker! That's the descriptor I was looking for. Love that stuff.

    Anyway, I guess it's different ingredients, but still tasted very similar to me. Am I still the only one? Haven't had a pumking in a while, but maybe I should to refresh my memory.

    Btw, how did the clone come out?
  38. Lansman

    Lansman Advocate (500) Illinois Mar 19, 2011 Verified

    Agreed that it is somewhat similar in terms of mouthfeel, but the final product is in an entirely different class of brew, so it is difficult to directly compare the two.

    As for the clone, it came out delicious and has aged quite well what with the high gravity. Only issue is price - cloning Pumking isn't cheap - that is one complex brew!
  39. BeRanger

    BeRanger Advocate (510) Michigan Dec 11, 2011 Verified

    if anyone is looking for one around the Royal Oak MI area, shoot me a BM. There is a crappy party store that has a few in the backroom for an obscene price of $20. Perhaps if you call them out, they will lower it - I just didnt bother and walked away since I had already gotten a couple.
  40. steebo777

    steebo777 Advocate (580) Michigan Jun 30, 2009 Verified

    Screw that place. $20 is a ripoff.
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