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Freezing Hops

Discussion in 'Homebrewing' started by Rizalini, Jan 19, 2013.

  1. Rizalini

    Rizalini Savant (365) Nevada Jan 20, 2011

    I was looking into buying organic hops (locally grown), that have been dried, vaccuum sealed, and frozen. Is it ok to freeze the hops, or will that affect the lupin?
  2. yinzer

    yinzer Savant (395) Pennsylvania Nov 24, 2006

    It's actually preferred for long term storage.

    The only negative thing that I've heard is someone mentioned that they live in a humid area and found freezer burn in what they themselves had packaged. This of course won't pertain to your case.
  3. I'm lucky enough to have access to an industrial grade vacuum sealer, I haven't gotten any hops off of my own vines but whenever I have partial amounts left over I seal them and freeze them, I keep them in their packaging so I have the variety and AA% info right there; In the past I have used Zip lock vacuum pump bags with good results.
  4. AlCaponeJunior

    AlCaponeJunior Champion (810) Texas May 21, 2010

    I don't even have a vacuum sealer or CO2 purge, but I have found that if you squeeze the air out and freeze them immediately after use, there is no discernible loss of quality, even over months. I just used hops that were at least six months old, they taste just fine in the finished beer. Never considered freezer burn, but I guess it's possible if it's super humid when you store them.
  5. I've kept hops for several years in vacuum containers in the freezer and noticed very little degradation. The hop variety will play a fairly large role in addition to oxygen levels and temperature. Some just store better than others.

    Enjoy those local hops, Rizalini!
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