Fresno/Clovis bottleshare

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  1. Headed to Clovis this weekend from SD anyone down for a bottleshare???
  2. CenCalMario

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    Might be down to bottleshare again, not sure yet though. Last one was fun. I know a few more BAs that may participate.
  3. Trio2shine

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    I'm game, when and where?
  4. Trio2shine

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    Looks like this fell through. Fresno strikes again.
  5. snoori

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    I'm down next time if I am in town again. Last time was good!
  6. Bummer I didn't see this sooner.
  7. Wish I would've seen this sooner. BTW fresno people, new bottle shop just opened. Das Bierhaus in tower on olive. Went in there for the first time and it was great. Best selection in fresno by far. Good service too.
  8. Yeah it fell through because apparently you cannot check beer in your luggage on Greyhound. I had about 7 bottles and a growler I had to have my buddy come pick up because they seached my bag and wouldn't let it on
  9. anyone down to get a mini bottle share going next month? I'm in Fresno for a night or two and wouldn't mind bringing some bottles to distribute once my work is all done.
  10. Trio2shine

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    Count me in.
  11. alright sweet. lets get a few others and find a place. Then I will lock down the days I will be up there.

    p.s. It will be somewhere between monday-Friday... sorry
  12. I need more specifics before you can count this guy in. I work nights.
  13. Hey people I need your help... First off, I am looking at the 11th and 12th of June so if anyone wants to share a bottle or grab some beers let me know.

    Also, what is a good area to stay? Is there a "downtown" section with a holiday inn or something close by? I will be in Fresno, Visalia, and Auberry for work during the day, but would like a walkable area to stay in for the night. thoughts and ideas are welcomed.
  14. walterfredo

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    if you stay in Visalia for a night, stay at the Downtown Marriott, lots of great walkable options downtown.
  15. I was planning on staying in Fresno since it is central to the areas I will be going to tuesday afternoon nd Wednesday morning. But if Visalia is the better option with a downtown area I guess I can change the plan... especially since there isn't a plan yet.
  16. walterfredo

    walterfredo Savant (310) California Nov 22, 2011

    I'm a bit biased as I'm not really a fan of Fresno (can't say as I love Visalia too much either), but I think Visalia is a much more quaint and comfortable community with plenty of beer options. I'm sure the Fresno locals would argue otherwise...but I think Visalia has more to offer. That said, if Fresno makes more sense logistically then I'm sure a local will chime in with some input. Hopefully it won't be 109 degrees for you.
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  17. I hear ya... i have a week or so to do some research so I will see where I end up. I should be done with my day by 3ish so that leaves me plenty of time to enjoy the finer things in life. my fear is 2 hours from Visalia to Auberry, that might hurt a bit. I'm a fan of small nice downtown areas (think old town Orange, if you've been)... so just trying to learn a few things before I book the hotel.
  18. Trio2shine

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    Avoid "downtown Fresno" at all costs. One issue you'll run into is that you're going to have to drive from your hotel pretty much to any decent beer establishment. There aren't any hotels that are within walking distance to BC's, Spokeasy, or Eureka that I can think of. There is a decent hotel in downtown Clovis which has a nice little walk able downtown area (doesn't really compare to old town Orange) but is within 2 miles or so from BC's. There's another good string of hotels off of Herndon and Fresno Ave. in North East Fresno that has a ton of shopping/restaurants nearby (Yardhouse, Ruth's Chris, P.F. Changs, I know BC's is friendly to bottle shares as is Spokeasy, maybe some other BA's in the area can speak to other spots that might be.
  19. thanks for the info buddy, thats a huge help. Out of curiosity, why should i avoid the downtown area at all costs? grimey?
  20. Trio2shine

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    Grimey indeed, some BA's from Fresno might not agree but I only go to downtown if I'm forced to. There is another area not very far from downtown known as the tower district that has a brewpub (Sequoia) a great bar (Spokeasy) and an upcoming bottle shop (Das Beirhaus) that I frequent even though its a 10 min drive via freeway to get there, a little run down in spots but no chain restaurants or retailers.
  21. I live in Visalia and am the beer buyer for our new BevMo. one of the only selections of craft beer here in town, actually. There is a World Market very close to us that has some stuff as well, albeit a much smaller selection. Visalia's downtown area has a very 'hometown' feel to it, the locals pubcrawl our few blocks of downtown every weekend, and we have 1 brewpup called Brewbakers, thats always a nice stop. Upstairs outdoor balcony/smoking area where you can sit and have a flight of their stuff.
  22. I think I may end up in Visalia. It is easier to get home the next day and I can just pound out the Fresno, Auberry work the first day. I am thinking the Comfort inn that just so happen to be around the corner from Brewbakers... completely accidental actually haha.
  23. walterfredo

    walterfredo Savant (310) California Nov 22, 2011

    or the Marriott, which is across the street from the Comfort inn.
  24. true story, but I am close enough. point being I am walking distance to some beer haha.

    with that being said, anyone in the Visalia area want to grab some drinks and/or food in the Main St. area Wednesday night? (June 12th)
  25. Don't want to hijack this thread but I know Fresno is void of a lot of good beer establishments but I will be down the end of the month and be willing to meet up with any locals for some beers and if anyone wants to trade anything just let me know. I'm coming from Washington. Cheers everyone
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    Lets dust off this thread and start again.
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