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FT: 2xRareR ISO: Rare+, Cable Car+, Partridge, and more

Discussion in 'ISO:FT (Beer Only)' started by HaveUSeenMyCellar, Dec 31, 2012.

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  1. I had a trade fall through for 2 RareR Growlers from the recent release for 1 bottle of Rare and another bottle I will not menton in case it is not proper etiquette to mention specific trades (if you're reading this and are still down, I'll take this post down if you BM me).
    As a note, I was lucky enough to score 4. Of the 2 outside this post, I am drinking one and am going to save the other for a bottleshare (trying my best to be on some people's good sides and BIF). Reason I am mentioning this is that if you REALLY "NEED" 3, the 3rd bottle is yours and I'll just have a small taste when I share this as I'd be happy/thankkful to be fortunate enough with just a sip (point being, plan has always and will continue to be to share this whenever we finally have another local tasting---hearing 1/20 at Grape and Grain...Adam was so nice to me and my girlfriend that I have this and another bottle I want to share to thank him for showing my gf and I that BAs can be nice and that not all older BAs with all the beers and money are here to bring the newbies down or hate on them for honest mistakes...thank you Adam...wait to be a decent guy who enjoys his hobby as much as I do). :)
    Enough with my BS, Here's some of the things I'm looking for:
    Cable Car+
    BA Dark Lord
    BA Hunahpu
    Iced Eclipse
    Veritas 004, 005, or 007
    Grey Monday
    BA Speedway
    Armand & Tomme (may go 2:1)
    Upland Lambics or Sour Reserve (looking for a "SOLID" Contact)
    Stomaktsporter (regular or Kaggen!)
    2TD (if BA 2:1)
    BA Speedway
    GI BCBS Cherry or Bramble or Vanilla
    Funky Buddha Maple Bacon Coffee Porter (looking for a "SOLID" contact)
    Bar Fly
    Cantillon LP Gueuze
    Bottleworks XII
    Papier or Coton
    Coolships from Allagash
    Cuvee de Castleton
    1:3s or more: check my wants and make an offer.
  2. Chris, you really shouldn't post what your previous trade might have been as it is not relevant to any future trades. Other than that, good luck with your ISO.
  3. Exactly why I noted that I did not want to be specific. But, I did want to hint at what I was most interested in and what was a fair offer IMPO.
  4. clear your inbox and BM me...had a personal question.
  5. Check my profile page.
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