FT: 50/50 Imperial Eclipse Set (6) ISO: Inside

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  1. slentz

    slentz Savant (320) Pennsylvania Mar 20, 2010

    Ok So I am going to try this again. I haven't had many offers but I am definitely willing to negotiate here. Let's be honest these beers are expensive at $28.99 each. So about $174 in beer. I'm looking to go close to $4$ but am very negotiable here. If you're interested at all go ahead and make an offer and we can go from there. Ideally I'd like to trade all of these at once but that isn't absolutely necessary because I know they are expensive and a trade this large is difficult. Thanks in advance!

    FT: All bottles are 2011 vintage.

    Imperial Eclipse Stout - Brandy - Burgundy Wax
    Imperial Eclipse Stout - Elijah Craig 12 y/o - Purple Wax
    Imperial Eclipse Stout - Elijah Craig 18 y/o White Wax
    Imperial Eclipse Stout - Four Roses - Red Wax
    Imperial Eclipse Stout - Grand Cru - Copper Wax
    Imperial Eclipse Stout - Heaven Hill Rittenhouse Rye - Green Wax

    These are the bottles I am most interested in:

    King Henry
    Bourbon County Stout
    Bourbon County Coffee
    Bourbon County Rare
    BA Naked Evil
    BB Pt5
    Arctic Devil
    BA Blackout
    Other interesting sours and barrel aged beers
    wants / should be wants / etc
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.