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FT Brandy Vanilla Dark Lord '11 ISO: List

Discussion in 'ISO:FT' started by jbuddle, May 23, 2013.

  1. jbuddle

    jbuddle Initiate (0) New York Feb 24, 2010

    ISO: Bottles below adding up to 9

    4 Mimosa
    4 Cable Car
    4 Peconic
    3 Black Raspberry Lambic
    3 Rare
    3 50N4E
    3 DDG
    1.5 BCBVS
    1.5 BA Abraxas
    1.5 CBS
    1.5 T25
    1.5 Flora B2/B3
    1 Mornin Delight
    1 Pre-Kentucky Brunch
    1 King Henry

    1 new Brandy Hunahpu

    Please BM me. Especially if you don't like my style and want to tell me about that.
  2. jefeld

    jefeld Aficionado (230) Illinois Mar 31, 2010 Verified

    baller! get it done! although, vanilla beers begin to lose significant flavor within 4-6 months.
  3. scotv

    scotv Advocate (550) New York Jan 8, 2013 Verified

    I like your style and if I could get a Rare, SHBRL, BCBVS and CBS for one bottle I would personally drive said bottle to that person's house.

    In all seriousness though, good luck... (totally not meant to sound like that guy from the Taken movie... but that's how it just came out in my mind as I wrote it... haha)
  4. Just had this beer at DLD last month...it's still unbelievable, don't worry.
  5. Duffman929

    Duffman929 Savant (380) Illinois Nov 27, 2010

    I'm going to put in an offer! Come on offer!
  6. jbuddle

    jbuddle Initiate (0) New York Feb 24, 2010

    Thanks for the numerous generous offers. I believe I have this wrapped up with the first person who messaged me (12 minutes). If you sent me a message, I will get back to you.

    EDIT - Yes this is done.
  7. Boilerfood

    Boilerfood Savant (445) Indiana Jun 5, 2012

    I would just like to add that I really like how you posted your ISO. Laid out how bad you wanted certain things, without seeming like you were asking for a ton of stuff. Well done.
  8. brian4beer

    brian4beer Savant (405) Indiana Jan 27, 2013 Verified

    he is top notch
  9. jbuddle

    jbuddle Initiate (0) New York Feb 24, 2010

    Cant say that I invented this in any way, stole it from SpeedwaleJim who got it from someone else (who probably got it from someone else). But it is helpful to do it this way I think.