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FT Churchills Finest Hour ISO BCBVS + inside

Discussion in 'ISO:FT (Beer Only)' started by MaltMilkshake, Mar 3, 2012.

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  1. Black Note or Dark Lord 2010 or Darkness 2010 or Westy 12 x 2.
  2. chase2634

    chase2634 Savant (315) Pennsylvania Nov 10, 2009

    Are you looking for BCBVS + BN, or DL10, Westy12x2 or are you saying it could be any one of those mentioned for 1 Churchill? Just trying to get some clarification.
  3. cpinto6

    cpinto6 Savant (365) Georgia Feb 25, 2010

    Pretty sure he wants bcbvs and then any of the other ones. bcbvs has to be included in the trade.
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